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"The Feel Good Pond", Play-Date, Part 7..con't..
3 years ago
| Cool

    Thx. for being my friend

RIP. 1990 ~2006 Mommy's Girl ~~
3 years ago

   Daisy MaeHad to re-post this photo of my Special dog, as I did such a terrible job in Part 1.  There is always one dog or cat or horse that stands out more in your life than any other ever could. This is mine. Daisy Mae. Good thing Dottie can't read.

Time to go Shopping for the party..
3 years ago

           Bunny Shopping

Woo0Hoo, party-time..
3 years ago


             Who let the dogs out - Baha Men

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Have a Brewski...
3 years ago

                           Open Bar   Take it easy. Remember, it's a weekday. I've gone to work with a Hangover once or twice. Huge mistake.

Puppy S. RIP..
3 years ago

  Puppy S.Passed away from Parvo, at only 4 and 1/2 months. Was a puppy mill pup I foolishly bought from a Pet store.

3 years ago

           Queenie  Gysele's doggie who was kidnapped by evil neighbors. Thank God she got Queenie back. So pretty. Also welcome my new friend Gysele folks.

Kiki the cat...
3 years ago

           Kiki..  My other new friend's  Kitty, Kiki who is about 14 years old and Gail says maybe a little tubby, may need to diet or exercise.

Old Baby Dottie ~~
3 years ago

 Dottie Howling   Howling like the Wolf that she is at the Firetrucks and Police cars going by. She is about 8 years old here, now 14 years.  A lot of the dogs in the neighbourhood howl and the Coyotes too.

3 years ago

Enjoyed all the pictures Vinnie, thanks for posting them, very cute!!

3 years ago




3 years ago

great pics Vinnie for sharing

so glad Gysele got Queenie back

3 years ago

thanks for posting Queenie

Ryan's dog was stolen by a disgruntled emplloyee

went half crazy till he found him

moved away from the state almost immediately

Our fur babies control our lives more than we even realize till they are missing.

hugs to everyone,and my Big sis,from fyre and me

now in the mountains

fyre heard we were playing,he's mad!
3 years ago

Well, give him a Bisquit....
3 years ago

 Couldn't send greenstars to you Junee, Sweetie and Sis, so this is for yous guys ,  So glad Ryan Surfs got his doggie back.  So now, you're in the Mountains ?  I can't even afford gas to go to the Job center, which is where I am now, but nothing for me unless I can lift 80 LBS.  or stand 8 hours which I can't.  I think Fyre looks forlorn like he is already missing Sweetie who left on vacation or holiday as they say in the U.K...Will, comment on Fangs later if this severe thunderstorm misses us if not then tomorrow, Sis.  Sun Ah, said she thinks the Play-Date is relaxing so I'll continue to post photos and let's just have fun. Thanks to all my friends who have made my Birthday Party so Special. Huggles from me and auld Dottie sends woofy smooches to Fyre, Mollie, Kiki, Queenie and all Fur-Babys. xoxoxoxox

Ring around the Rosy..LOL..
3 years ago

     dogs running into bush

Here, Kitty, Kitty ...LOL..
3 years ago

                baby white tiger    Baby white tiger only about three months old. Look at the size of those Claws. At Big Cat Rescue in Wisconsin, where my friend Matthew took me for my birthday a fews years back but not in April because the weather was sucking as usual. . As he works construction so then he got busy so we ended up going on a gorgeous cool October day. The guy would not let me pet the baby because he said, " Even if he was playing, he'd rip my arm half off".  And indeed a worker got hurt bad just last month by a huge Tiger who was just playing. So sad he can never be released into the Wilds..Man, I really wanted to just Cuddle him.  As I said,  "Peek a Boo",  he whipped around his house and leapt up on that fence in about 1 & 1/8 seconds Whoa,  there little Kitty !!   It was sooo Awesome.. Enjoy this cutie. Unsure if I already posted this picture. Senior Moment.

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Say What ??
3 years ago

          choc.Lab    Whoa, Back the Bus Up.  She said What ?   "Oh no, she did not even go there, did she"?  Ya gotta be kidding me.. *  Sometimes you can almost read their faces, ain't ?

3 years ago

Sooo cute Vinnie, thanks for all the pics!

3 years ago

wrong Ryan,

meant Ryan the fang

it's been awhile ,I'm sure you remember him


3 years ago

Ring around the Rosy..LOL..


Canny help but watch this a few times when a visit this's sooooo funny Vinnie


Hugs tae you and auld Dottie pal............

Yes, I remember ..
3 years ago

Ryan our fourth member in Fangs.  Sweetie so happy you're back. I like that picture too. Makes me crack up. Will post more pictures when Care2, fixes the Photos problem. Can't keep my eyes open anymore. Fruddy Hugs to all from me and auld Dottie. xoxoxoxo

Lions & Bears & Coatis, Oh My! but no Jaguara..
3 years ago


Wild & Weird: Lions, Coatis and Bears (Oh My) -- Watch Video

CoatiLast year, in hopes of spotting a jaguar, Center staff installed wildlife cameras in remote canyons in southern Arizona. Well, we haven't seen a jaguar yet, but plenty of other clients have posed for our cameras. We've edited a compilation of some of the photos and videos we captured. You'll see a coati stroll by, as well as a few mountain lions and deer; you'll also spot several bears so curious that they put their eyes, snouts and rear ends right up to the camera lens.

Watch our video now.

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3 years ago

caught up on the cute pics + watched the video   thanks for sharing Vinnie

3 years ago

I Don't Think That Is How You Drink Milk

Colourful Frogs,
3 years ago
3 years ago

wow, whit cute weird, funny, tiny wee froggies


Thanks fur sharing

Dyeing Poison Dart Frog
3 years ago

Photo: Yellow-and-black frog


Poison dart frogs, members of the Dendrobatidae family, wear some of the most brilliant and beautiful colors on Earth. Depending on individual habitats, which extend from the tropical forests of Costa Rica to Brazil, their coloring can be yellow, gold, copper, red, green, blue, or black. Their elaborate designs and hues are deliberately ostentatious to ward off potential predators, a tactic called aposematic coloration.

3 years ago

Great pic June and thanks fur the info

3 years ago

Huv a fab September fruddy buddy's

Thx. Junee....
3 years ago

That's a great photo story of Doug and Charlie. . So sweet. .. I see I lost my photo of my Baby White Tiger too here. I've lost photos off my Homepage Billboard which I will now have to re-do. So many problems with the Photo Albums. Been sick and sleeping but will try to do some stuff tomorrow before the thunderstorms roll in.    Fruddy-Buddys from me and Dottie. xoxo

The Royal Court...
3 years ago

              dogs Royal     The Royal Doggies sent to greet the new Royal Half-Breed Baby.    Prince George after all is half Blue Blood and half Red Blood..

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2 years ago

          This was Whisper, our friend Ronni's doggie who just passed away a few weeks back. Tomorrow I will post the pictures of her Horse who died a few months ago and Shai-Mare who she had to put down yesterday. She has the Avatar of a Polar bear on a small piece of ice. If you know her, please send your condolences. I told I'd post her Fur-and Hoofy babies for her, but she's not up to being on jusy yet. Tight Hugs for you my friend Ronni and God Bless you in these hard times. Fruddy Hugs from me and Dottie. xoxo

Oops, my Mistake...
2 years ago

This is one photo of Whisper, Ronni's dog. I will post another in Play-Date, Part 8, which my birthday is over but people have told me they enjoy the Play-Date and Newer Members can post pics of their Fur-Babys. Was trying to beat thunderstorms and got mixed up. The Horses I'm posting in Part 8, belong to our Maria P, from the Horse group. to be con't..Fruddys. xoxo

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