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London calling to the Far-Away Towns, for War is declared and Battle Come Down
5 years ago
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To all of my FruddyBuddies, Wolf Pack Members, and Fellow Defenders Or because the Beastie Boys said it, "You've Gotta Fight, For Your Right, To Deeee-FEND". When you read the webpage I include you have to bear in mind that this is one of the reasons I rant. I AM this Snake's Defence Counsel, I have 'baby sat' friends' snakes, I believe this snake is being framed, and some vile human is responsible for this crime. Snakes are NOT 'serial killers', THEY DO NOT 'go postal', they only kill other life to feed. I first heard this on the BBC World Service radio station; and my Kiki forgive them for the amount of their broadcasts that have made me start awake in the early hours with a "WTF!", and thereby disturbing HER sleep.

Thanks Gail..
5 years ago

I seen it on ABC World Nightly News with Brian Williams.  The story is fishy I believe too, because if the Python or was it a Constrictor, would eat one boy but how could he kill both without anyone hearing them screaming. I can go for one kid but two ??  Still sad. I do not approve of people having Exotic animals for pets. Thanks for the Article my friend.

5 years ago

It is on the internet also. Guess we will find out the truth soon. Parents should have been watching their children in a pet shop. Hope it is just an urban myth since on "American Has Talent" they had an act involving a snake handling handling a python, and someone wanted to punk us. Hope you have a good Friday.

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