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The Feel Good Pond~Play-Date: Part 8..Relax ~
5 years ago
| Cool

                Precious Babies, because they are so rare and Endangered. These Cuties are the hope for the future of China's Panda Bears. But a treat for all the World. We must make sure they don't go Extinct, Animal Avengers ! as my friend Sun Ah, would say. Fruddy Hugs from me and Dottie. xo

5 years ago

So Cute Vinnie, thank you!

Whisper ~ RIP...
5 years ago

               This was Whisper. Ronni G.'s precious, cutie doggie, who passed away and that's why she hasn't been on. She has the Avatar of a Polar Bear on a small chunk of ice. So if you know her, keep her in your thoughts. I know I didn't even have to ask you, my Near and Dear family here. Fruddy Hugs.

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Maria P., Horses ~ RIP
5 years ago

             These were our friend, Maria P., from our Horse group's  Hoofy babies. In the background was Fairhill Kara Lee.  And in the forground is, was MacBeth, whom she just had to send to The Rainbow Bridge the 27th. So now you know why is hasn't been around. Hoofy Hugs and Prayers to you my dear friend. from me and Dottie. xo

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5 years ago

So beautiful, and so sweet. Maria, I am so sorry for your loss; I understand, I have been in your situation.

he's gonna turn 5 on 10/12, wow time flies
5 years ago

5 years ago

So sorry for your losses Maria, they were certainly beauties.

And Tasunka, what a beautiful picture of Fyre, time flies too fast. What a face!

5 years ago

Awwwwwwwww ma favourite dug. Hiya Fyre buddy...Great pic Siouxz


Hope wan of ma other favourites... Auld Dottie, is doing ok Vinnie


Sorry, no been in fur a wee while, jist huvnae got the time fur awe the groups am in! Love ma fruddy buddy's tho' and will always pop in when a can...


Here's a link tae the "Scottish Panda's" who we hope that Tian Tian is pregnant. Great wee video tae watch............enjoy 

5 years ago

Great wee video Iain, hope she's pregnant!

5 years ago

me annaw Penny.. 

Thx. Sweetie..
5 years ago

How cute video. Looks like we have a Pandamic going on here.  Fruddy Hugs to all from me and old Dottie and she says woofs to Fyre and can't wait for his birthday so she can bring him some treats. xoxo

For Prince George ~~~
5 years ago


     Who can forget Boy George. He was a Hoot !!


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Too Cute ~~
5 years ago


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Happy Birthday Fyre ~~
5 years ago

         How wierd is this Sister ? I just lost this whole post and had to do it again. But Fyre is worth it. I started out a few hours ago to do this one thing only, but got side-lined by petitions. Anyhoo, I looked far and wide for the perfect present for Fyre, and came across this with my beloved Daisy Mae's Name on it. I thought, OMG !!   Even our doggies are Connected. A "Chilled bowl of Green Pea soup with "Bone De Jour".    I know he was treated like royalty, . btw.. speaking of Royalty; did you check out the video by Boy George for Prince George?  Bought back old memories. So glad to see all my Fruddy-Buddys again. Fruddy Hugs to all from me and auld Dottie. xoxo

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This Couch is Taken...
5 years ago

                       but Sherri, our friend says she just snuggles herself in between them. Sounds divine,  warm and cozy.. Hope your back gets better soon Sherri. Dottie says woof-woof to Binky, Kyra and Lucy.,.  I hope Ronni G., feels better soon too so she can come see her photo of cutie Whisper whom she misses terribly.  Fruddy Hugs from me and Dottie. xoxo

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5 years ago

Thanks again sweet Sis, fyre is very thankful

Another connection? 

Wow, the writing on the wall obviously says that we are heavily connected, and for that I am sooooooo happy; )

Happy Hallowed-Eves Night..
5 years ago

         Altho I don't celebrate Halloween, I wish you of those who do a safe, happy fun night in your alter-ego costumes. Fruddy hugs from me and Dottie. xo

Whisper ~~ RIP ~~
5 years ago

         Another photo of cute little Whisper, who is now at The Rainbow Bridge. Ronni G., doggie, which is why she hasn't been on. My heart goes out to you my friend. Oh, look at all those toys. How spoiled. My doggies have every toy ever invented too. How we love to spoil our Fur-Hoofy-Babys.  Fruddy Hugs from me and Dottie. Whisper is probably "Up to No Good" with my Daisy Mae, right now.

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5 years ago

Cute lookin doggie, and yer right Vinnie, they'll be up there chasing each others tails! Emoticons


Happy November Fruddy Buddies

I love the pandas.just had to share w/fruddys
5 years ago

5 years ago

Too funny Siouxz, love the picture! Hope you and Fyre are having fun!!

5 years ago

aye, that's wan cute furry lookin frog Siouxz!

Well, Sis...
5 years ago

The Pandamic: To Be Continued in Part 9... It's a Panda Video from our Nancy Black. Fruddy Hugs from me and Dottie then .

5 years ago

Sorry a huvnae been in as much as a wid like Vinnie, but I think that wee devil of mine!!

().... is just taking a wee rest at the moment ... It's on overtime, trying to keep secrets from ma wife! She has a special birthday party on Saturday and who knows what might happen!!!!!!!!!!!


Fruddy hugs tae you and auld Dottie, Siouxz and Fyre, Penny and Sarah

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