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A Message from Vinnie
4 years ago
| Vinnie

Hello Everyone, Vinnie wanted me to let everyone know that she is experiencing some computer problems and cannot post to any groups. Let's hope she is back with us soon!! 

4 years ago

thanks Sarah

4 years ago

I was just about to pm Eric

other people I know are also locked out??

are you going to tell him ,Sarah?

i just happened to look at my page but gotta run,thanks

fruddy hugs

I hope they get their sh*t together ,this is infuriating

4 years ago

I believe she was able to get a message to Eric already. She was able to get through to my page as well, so apparently the problem is somehow related to groups.

OMG !!!!!!!!!
4 years ago

I'm Back !!   First I couldn't Upload photos. Then my Flat Screen died and it was a weekend so I couldn't go to the Job ctr. or Library, so I had No computer.  Seen my neighbor kid, (teen-ager) across the street and asked him if he had an extra screen and he did and hooked it up for me too, for some Pink Lemonade and a ton of cookies. Then my Techie guy in Town bought me over an old 1980's type monitor screen and it works and it was free because his Job was throwing them out anyway, but when I finally made it to Care 2, I had No Messages, Mail or 8,800 green stars and couldn't Post a Comment on Feedback and Suggestions. No Submit button anywhere. I couldn't send messages except Eric's Homepage which I didn't like doing but seen other folks there too. I was hoping someone would come thru and you did my friends. So has Eric and the Care2 Team. Will thank them later as I have a Doctor appt., to get a Flu shot. Yuck.. And they found all my Butterfly credits that I needed to go shopping on the 9th of Oct., which was the 1st anniversery of my Brother's death. btw.. Silly Sarah, I meant for you to let folks know in our Horse Group that I couldn't get on. Ha, ha, thanks so much also Sis. Soooo tired, from me and Dottie.xoxo

4 years ago

Oh, well, for some reason I had the impression that you couldn't get in touch with anyone in Frogs! Anyway, glad you're back.

Oh, Sarah dearest..
4 years ago

No Sarah my friend, I couldn't get on anywhere. I had no Reply or Submit buttons working. But Eric got it all fixed up and Zen Whispering Tree too. If you have problems they have Posted their E-mail addresses at "Need Help in Care2, ?".  Thanks Sis and when I post those photos for Fyre tomorrow or today really later, you'll see that are we not only soul sisters  but our doggies are connected too. Got your curiosity up yet ? . Sarah, as the bestest co-host. And everyone else   too.

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