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Acheivements & Milestones ~ Part XV. ~
4 years ago
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 A new home for three bears in Poland

Wania, Misza and Borys have made it:
After decades of being kept in cages on the area of a private animal shelter, the three brown bears were finally able to move to a better home. On the 4th of November, we brought them to the new outdoor enclosure at the zoo Poznan.

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   Good News for Bears..

Good News for Tigers & Bears, Oh My !!
4 years ago

 Six German circus tigers have arrived at LIONSROCK

On the 4th of November, we transferred six tigers of the ‘Starlight Fischer’ circus from Weilburg, Hessen to our big cat sanctuary LIONSROCK.

They are currently exploring their new nature-resembling home at LIONSROCK, without bars and under the open sky.

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4 years ago

So glad to hear that !! Thank you, Vinnie

4 years ago

Awesome news!!  I love to see when good things happen to these poor babies.  Thank you so much Vinnie!!

4 years ago

You made my day, Vinnie. I always feel better when humans are heroes instead of villains.

4 years ago

Wonderful news, thanks Vinnie!!

Success from EARTHJUSTICE ~~
4 years ago


Bison. (Mike Liu / Shutterstock)


For years, the few wild bison left on the Great Plains were harassed and slaughtered whenever they ventured outside Yellowstone National Park. Court decisions in our favor this year gave these magnificent creatures more room to roam outside park boundaries and cleared the way for their return to tribal lands.

IMPORTANCE: Our victory allows an icon of the American West to roam more freely on its historic range.

2nd Success story ~~
4 years ago


Two stories to enjoy after you wake up from eating turkey, if you celebrate Thanksgiving Day, Fruddy Hug





Earthjustice represented the Moapa Paiute tribe in its fight against the Reid Gardner coal plant, the tribe’s notoriously polluting neighbor. This year the Nevada legislature voted to retire the plant and develop more clean energy instead—a move that will help clean up haze at national parks throughout the region.

IMPORTANCE: Our efforts helped close a plant that has rained pollution on a nearby community, taking a terrible toll on residents.

The Reid Gardner coal plant. (Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)

4 years ago


4 years ago

Thank you for sharing, dear Vinnie

OMG, Nancy ~~
4 years ago

You bought back some memories calling me Winnie.. One of my nephews when he was a little boy couldn't say Auntie Vinnie. He always said, Auntie Winnie. Well, I remember taking a picture holding him when he was a baby and I was wearing Teeny-Weeny Hot-Pants  "Back in the Day". Now he just graduated Collage. Man do I feel old.   And thank you for the encouraging words. I wish I could do more but I've really been sick. I try to do a little every day. Thank you all Fruddys who enjoy and comment on the Good news, I feel lifts our Spirits.   Fruddy Hugs from me and old Dottie to Mollie, and all Fur-babys. xoxoxoxo

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4 years ago

Here's a wish that you get better and back to your old speed, but half of Vinnie is better than 100% of anyone else. Have a great Sunday and week. Happy Paws from Mollie to Dottie and you.

4 years ago

caught up Vinnie thanks very much for sharing, hope you are feeling better



4 years ago

Well worth looking in archieves sometimes

4 years ago

Montana's Highest Court Clears Way for Return of Wild Bison 
Environment  (tags: bisonIndigenous PeoplesconservationprotectionSupreme Court ) 
 Tj - 23 seconds ago - 

OLD NEWS MISSED - HOO-RAH The Montana Supreme Court cleared the way for the return of wild bison to their historic prairie habitat on the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation, reversing a lower court ruling to transfer bison to the Fort Belknap tribes
OMG VINNIE - I found them
4 years ago

"teeny weeny hot pants" LOL


4 years ago

Thanks for posting about Montana my friend. No, somehow I missed that. Well, if it came in my Hotmail, then I did because Outlook has screwed up everything, from Mail to Contacts. I wish they'd just leave things alone. No, no, Terry, Tinier even and blue jeans.   When I have money someday, I'll see if I can find that picture and get a few more together and go to Walgreens where I can Scan them and get a CD that I can load into my Photos.  Fruddys. Justice your Cows picture that you posted in the Play-Date cracked me up so did you Tj. Where did you find them ? xoxo

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Happy Lab Animals in India...
4 years ago



Breaking News

Dear Vinnie,

We have exciting news to share! Following a campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India and its international affiliates PETA U.S. and PETA U.K., India ended tests on animals for household products and their ingredients! Click here to read all about it.

4 years ago

Great development of this success thread, Sis.

I see you finally got the fangettes to join, fruddies with fangs , wouldn't that make them snakes, lol?¿

Hope Dot is doing better, and of course fruddy. Hugs to everyone from the fyredog, and his Mommy

4 years ago

Sis, Snakes ? or VAMPYRES. Fruddy Hugs to all and Mollie and Fyre from old Dottie. xoxo

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