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Rare Frog PETITION from Nancy Black ~
4 years ago
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TAKE ACTION: Protect rare frogs and wet meadows from increased grazing in the Fremont-Winema National Forest.

Here at KS Wild, we know it's important to protect the great diversity of plants and animals in the Klamath-Siskiyou, from large mammals and birds to small amphibians. Today, you can help us protect one of the rarest and most at-risk species on the West Coast – the Oregon Spotted Frog. This rare frog has been in decline as introduced invasive bullfrogs have taken over their habitat. In recent years, dam construction, over-allocation of water, and excessive livestock grazing have all reduced the clean shallow water the frogs need to survive. The frog is now a candidate for the Endangered Species Act. You can learn more about the Oregon Spotted Frog and listen to the frog's unique song here

This summer KS Wild was shocked to learn that cattle grazing in southern Oregon’s Winema National Forest trampled frogs in their small stream habitats. Your help is needed now to stop a proposed expansion in public lands cattle grazing from damaging even more stream and wetland areas home to our amphibian friends.   

TAKE ACTION: Protect rare frogs and wet meadows from increased grazing in the Fremont-Winema National Forest.

4 years ago

Thanks so much, Vinnie. Appreciate your posting.

4 years ago

Thank you for sending a message urging urging the Fremont-Winema National Forest to protect the wet meadows and rare frogs of the Jack Creek watershed from increased grazing.

4 years ago

Thank you, Vinnie Petition signed.

news at C2NN
4 years ago

Speak Up For Rare Frogs 
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 Tj - 21 minutes ago - 

This summer KS Wild was shocked to learn that cattle grazing in southern Oregon's Winema National Forest trampled frogs in their small stream habitats. Your help is needed now to stop a proposed expansion in public lands cattle grazing.

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4 years ago

Thank you, Tj. ; signed !!

4 years ago

Signed and Shared to Facebook

4 years ago

Thanks Fruddy-Buddys for Signing petitions. Glad you're back Terry    as I'll be very busy with taking care of crap in my life. Darn Government Links for Medicare still not working right. Lost more Food stamps and some medical procedures. Lost settlement over my Brother's death. Now have to find another lawyer in Texas via computer from way up north here in Wisconsin. Will probably have to shovel myself out of my home tomorrow as we are under Winter Storm Warnings. Have to make sure those air vents are clear and my truck before the snow freezes into ice on my windshield. Junee, did you notice I took your cute Welcome and framed it and added it to our Billboard here. I have to center it more, but too sleepy now. Fruddy Hugs to all from me and Dottie. xoxo

4 years ago

Thank you Vinnie, TJ!   Signed and noted.

4 years ago

Signed, tweeted, and shared every petition. Sorry to hear about your troubles, Vinnie. It would appear that rain clouds are following you around. Hope they go some where else, and life starts treating you better. Give our love to Dottie. Hugs,Nancy and Mollie.

dinnae ken if this will work.........
4 years ago


al try this 

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4 years ago

Dear Iain,
I am pleased to wish you a Happy New Year and deliver you some wonderful news to start your year: In 2011 SAVE THE FROGS! initiated a campaign to block the construction of a 12-story condominium complex that was planned to be built on top of endangered Fowler’s Toad habitat in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada. Yesterday the Town of Fort Erie, Ontario announced the project has been cancelled: we saved Lake Erie’s Fowlers Toads!

Over a two-year period, SAVE THE FROGS! supporters sent 3,118 letters to the Ontario and Fort Erie Governments and the developers. We produced 4 YouTube videos about the issue, held two phone conferences with Ontario government biologists, and one with the Mayor of Fort Erie. We also held four SAVE THE FROGS! Academy classes about the issue, actively involving eight students in the campaign. Thanks to all who helped us SAVE THE TOADS! and please lend your support to future campaigns so that we can send out victory notices like this all the time!

Lake Erie Fowlers Toads

A note from toad defender Marie Janicke, Ph.D.

“A huge and sincere thank you goes out to Dr. Kerry Kriger and the entire SAVE THE FROGS! community for all it has done to save Lake Erie’s Fowler’s Toads. It has been a long, difficult struggle, but STF! never gave up and never backed down and, in the end, helped win this battle: stopping a senseless condo from being built on critical Fowler’s Toad habitat. We in Crystal Beach are delighted to now have the opportunity to make it a prototype of how humans and amphibians can and should co-exist. We will fight to keep buildings from encroaching on the dunes. We can preserve the beach’s sand, help keep the water of Lake Erie clean, and protect our special local endangered species in their natural home. Chalk this up as a victory toward teaching the world that when we save the frogs, we save the planet. I’m so happy to be able to hope now that my grandchildren will be able to enjoy, as I have enjoyed, watching Fowler’s Toads come out on the beach as the stars come out late at night. Each time we save a special spot for an endangered amphibian, we save something that is precious to the human soul. Keep up the good fight, everyone!

Let me say one thing to anyone out there with frogs or toads to protect: NO ONE will fight for your frogs or toads like SAVE THE FROGS!. We went to so many environmental activism organizations with our struggle to save Lake Erie's Fowler's Toads, which are supposed to be protected by Ontario Law but were falling through the cracks in the system. The other organizations sympathized with us, and even wrote some letters, but NO ONE came close to STF's dedicated, tireless, committed action. There's a tendency for other organizations to be a bit more practical… to choose the fights they think they can most likely win. But Kerry Kriger and STF are not jaded and cannot be intimidated. Frogs are their true passion. I have been astonished and inspired to see the intelligence and fervor with which this campaign to save Lake Erie’s Fowler’s Toads has been conducted by STF. STF is a personal labor of love. I'm sure that Dr. Kriger would fight with his entire heart and soul for the frogs for free if he could. In fact, I'm pretty sure he does do a lot of what he does without funding. The point, though, is this: you can feel very confident that every penny of your contribution to STF will be well spent. Thank you, and Happy 2014!"

The link works find - heres just an example of what you'll find
4 years ago

In July 2013 we led our inaugural SAVE THE FROGS! Belize Ecotour. We had an amazing time, visiting rainforests, tropical savannahs, beautiful Caribbean beaches and colorful coral reefs. From birds, to bats, to bugs, we saw many fascinating animals, including 16 frog species!

See 205 amazing photos from the SAVE THE FROGS! Belize Ecotour here.

We will be returning to Belize this June, and we still have openings. If you like to travel and you enjoy seeing incredible wildlife, please consider joining us June 19th to June 28th, 2014. Save $200 with early-bird registration, which ends January 31st, 2014!

Learn about our June 2014 SAVE THE FROGS! Belize Ecotour here

Hey Fruddy-Buddys ~~
4 years ago

Hi Fruddys..Been in bed for a few days with allergies. Ain't feeling too tough now but had to check in. Martina mi amiga, que gusto a ver te otra vez. Como Estas ? I like your new Avatar. Peaceful looking. Terry I love that bright Tocan bird. I spelt that wrong. Right ? Can't think. to all. Thanks Nancy for the kind words, I may have some good news to share soon, I think.   and Fruddy Hugs from me and Goofus, I mean Dottie to Mollie and all fur-babys. xoxo

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4 years ago

Hi.Signed petitions.Will help where I can.

4 years ago

Glad to know things are improving, Vinnie. Iain and Tj thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures and good news. Take care and have a great week.

4 years ago


Hi KK,so Vinnie sis finally got you to be a fruddy!!
4 years ago" border="0" width="550" height="426">

4 years ago

And Holly and Justice too, Sis. Fangettes rule. Fruddy Hugs from me and old Dottie who went down this morning when I let her out and I had to go in the fridgid air to go pick her up. Brrr. But that's my old fur-baby. xo

4 years ago

Signed and shared.

4 years ago

Hi,everyone.I believe that I signed all of these.Hugs!

3 years ago

It was still open so I signed it Vinnie.

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