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Non-Amphibian, Petitions/News: Terry's Thread ~
4 years ago
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Animals  (tags: Indochinese TigerEndangered SpeciesAnimalWelfareanimaladvocates,animalcrueltyanimalrightsanimalsconservation,


wildlifePetition ) 
 Desanka - 4 hours ago - 

These Beautiful Tigers are being slaughtered at a rate of 1 per week, they are already an Endangered Species. Please sign this petition and hopefully those Governments concerned will take heed and do something about these poachers before it is too late.
4 years ago

Just signed. Thank you, Tj

4 years ago


4 years ago

Signed!   Thank you, Tj.

4 years ago

Peviously signed, tweeted and shared. tweeted to all of my twitter friends asking for signing.

4 years ago

I signed it.Hi!

4 years ago

Please do bring petitions here to share with the group, if it's important to you it'll probably be of interest to some other members too ....

Only Genuine petitions please No Spam / sales / advertizing ....

4 years ago

already signed

4 years ago

gladly signed.

4 years ago


Thundering Paws Pet Resort

Animals  (tags: dogskennelspetsrescuedanimalwelfaregood cause ) 
 Tj - 18 days ago - 
We are striving to start a much needed kennel and training facility in the Columbia, South Carolina area. There is only one kennel in the area attempting to provide the level of care, exercise and diet that we will provide.

4 years ago

Hey,how do you start a click to donate,do you know????Is it possible to start one to raise money for this????Just asking.

Click to donate - good thinking - but NO
4 years ago

GOOD QUESTION - & if ya don't ask, you'd never know.

Very easy - set one up to buy me some new socks if I had mind to ... lol

Getting the sponsers / Advertizers to make it pay - not so easy!!

Getting people to CLICK, even if its for something more important than new socks? I'd be dead, before I got my socks.

35,000,000+ members at care2 - be lucky if just 1% Click here at care2 or even know where to find Click to donate pages.

Like your thinking Kaya - but if, who host Thundering Paws site can't raise the money with / for them, a click to donate has No Chance.

But again Thank you for Asking & showing interest.

4 years ago

Any way we could donate butterfly points? Lately, I have been donating to the kitty Paws in Florida; I can only afford one at a time, but I am willing to give butterfly points.

VIRAL ACTION NEEDED Ban the Big, Bad Bullfrog 1/30
4 years ago

VIRAL ACTION NEEDED Ban the Big, Bad Bullfrog

4 years ago

Voracious, exotic bullfrogs are destroying native wildlife ... 

Invasive species are doing varing degrees of damage all over the planet - thx to mans stupidity and careless attitude to nature.

If we didn't move them, they'd be no need for action, once again a creature must suffer for mankind.

I'll not sign for the termination of any spicies except my own - best solution for the planet as a whole me thinks - we certainly seem to fail at every turn to look after it.

4 years ago

Signed ! Thank you, Kelly.

4 years ago

Noted, tweeted,shared, tweeted, shared and signed. This one is a Catch 22. We need to stop the frog to protect other species, but the reason we need to stop the frog is we destroyed its habitat. If we don't stop the frog it will destroy other species and mess up the ecosystem. Bottom line, we screwed up, and we will probably do it again by stopping the frog, but this is a case where I place the many over the one.

4 years ago

Sadly, the Bullfrog is not the only animal that mankind has introduced to where they don't belong then disaster follows. Look at what the Rock Pythons are doing to our Florida Everglades. And when Aussie killed all their wolves, they were over run wuth mice. Now because of cattle from Europe here some States are killing our Wolves who are indigenous to this Country. Fruddy Hugs to all and  for all who have Signed. Terry, I already Signed the Tiger one on the group "Our Voice Helping Endangered Wolves and Wildlife" that I co-host with Kelly. But glad you're getting out of your slump. I think we all fall into depression sometimes. God knows I have but my "Little Family" here and on other groups have kept me going. Thanks for all you do Fruddy-Buddy. xo

4 years ago

Signed, thank you Kelly.

One for the dog lovers ....
4 years ago

 photo pitbull.jpg

4 years ago

signed it.thank you.

About Breed Specific League...
4 years ago

Terry I have a Fight BSL, Moving photo in "Our Voice Helping Endangered Wolves", on the Billboard, that I co-host with our Kelly. Go check it out folks. No neeed to Join. I worked really hard on her Billboard and she loves,loves, loves it she said. xoxo

Petition for Beautiful Swans ~~
4 years ago


action alert!

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) plans to kill all of the 2,200 mute swans that call New York home by 2025. Please sign the petition today!


take action
4 years ago

okay folks
4 years ago

FYI ... I am watching as much as I can, mostly my PM's for shouts of help, but running round groups as and when .....

Real life run around .... I have now ( Thursday lunch time ) lost my mother who I have been nursing for sometime - so I guess once I have affairs in order, you'll all get quite sick of me as I'll need something to fill my time.

Thx for the pic's & links & idea's & just for posting ...

4 years ago

TJ. I am very sorry about the loss of your Mother. Words aren't too helpful in situations such as this. It doesn't make a difference how old we are and how old our parents are; it is never a good time to lose them. Suddenly, you are a child and an orphan. But, allow me to give you my complete sympathy upon your loss, and hope before soon your thoughts are of the good times you spent with her instead of the last days and moments. God bless you and her, and you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Vinnie, I signed, tweeted, and shared your petition for Mute Swans. So depressing to think humanity can destroy a harmless creature of beauty. Take care, hope you and Dottie are Okay. Mollie and I are sending positive vibes to you both.

4 years ago

All signed!   Thank you.

4 years ago

Dearest Terry, for your Mother. What a shame. Was she ill or just very old ? Ran into an old friend in Town when I went to refill my Meds and she just lost her daughter to drugs that has been dealing with that problem for years. Sadness all around but you know you have my deepest Sympathy my old friend. Take care of yourself first and just do a little at a time as I've been doing. Fruddy Hugs from me and old Dottie who is driving me crazy with her barking fits. The Vet said it was old age. Oh, well, what can I do ? xoxoxo

4 years ago

Old dogs are like old people, but they are more loving and kind. I know all of my old dogs made more mistakes, barked more, but followed me around constantly because I was their world. Loved me unconditionally; so hard when they have to leave us, but until them, we enjoy the love.

As silly seems to be the order of the day ....
4 years ago

4 years ago

Hello friends so nice to be here. What a lovely group you have there. Glad to be part too. 

All petitions signed 

Hello Kate K.
4 years ago

I hope you not been sat here all alone .... Bless 

Hey Vinnie - Popping in - gone - board still up, all as you wanted ???

any changes give it a go: or drop a PM on me ... got all info saved in hidden thread so if it goes wrong  .... I got your six

TTFN on the run ....  .... Troll hunting .... 

4 years ago

No Terry, I'm afraid to touch my Billboards now. I'll wait another week. Just popped in quick and have to go to bed, need to go fix that damn truck the morrow. Thanks for all your hard work but take it easy my friend. How's the weather in Oxfordshire now ?  We'll be up to *23 degrees tomorrow. Whoa ! a Heat Wave.   xo

This is sure to warm you up,at least on the inside.Beautiful.
4 years ago

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