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Acheivements & Milestones: Part XVI ~
8 months ago
| Cool

Dear Vinnie,

We have exciting news to share! Following a campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India and its international affiliates PETA U.S. and PETA U.K., India ended tests on animals for household products and their ingredients! Click here to read all about it.

Jackie Chan is The Man !!
8 months ago


Sneak Peek: Jackie Chan Stands Up for Rhinos

African Wildlife Foundation is excited to bring you an exclusive, first-look at our newest demand reduction PSA starring Jackie Chan and Spike the rhino.

The PSA launched in London today, as international leaders gathered to discuss new measures to counter wildlife trafficking…and you’re the first to see it!

Jackie Chan behind the scenes   "If you are buying rhino horn you may be paying for more than just the horn…you are paying for the life of a beautiful creature." 

Happy Valentines............
8 months ago
Feeling the LOVE...

vintage valentine image girl w heart on wrist

Complete Valentine Friend..

A friend is like a Valentine
She has a loving heart.
You share with her your feelings;
Her listening is an art.

A friend is like a Valentine;
Like candy, she is sweet.
And that description fits you, friend;
You make my life complete!

By Joanna Fuchs 


Friendship Valentine Poem

Friendship is a wondrous thing;
There's so much happiness it can bring.
I’m really glad that you’re my friend,
And I hope our friendship will never end.

Happy Valentines Day friend!

By Karl Fuchs


thinking of you on valentine's day 

8 months ago

Glad that India led the way; too bad we haven't met the standards of India and show we value the lives of our animals.

8 months ago

The little cares that fretted me,           
I lost them yesterday
Among the fields above the sea,
Among the winds that play,
Among the lowing of the herd,
The rustling of the trees,
Among the singing of the birds,
The humming of the bees.

The foolish fears of what might pass
I cast them all away
Among the clover-scented grass,
Among the new-mown hay,
Among the hushing of the corn,
Where drowsy poppies nod,
Where ill thoughts die and good are born-
Out in the fields with God.

Copyright - Please credit author.
8 months ago

Out In The Fields 

by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

8 months ago

sorry-thanks tj.

Hiya Fruddy-Buddys..
8 months ago

And Fellow Sheddys. We have a new Member and I've Posted one Petition and some Cool stuff. Long time no see, but if you could at least stop by and Welcome our new Sheddy, I would really appreciate it my friends. Do ya feel guilty yet ?    No ?  Gosh, I must be losing my touch.   BTW..Have you checked out that Video with Actor and Master Kung-Fu "Kick ur Butt" in about two seconds, Jackie Chan ?  I remember seeing him in his first movie back in the early 1970's.  It's Cool.. xoxo

4 Happy Doggy Tales ~~
8 months ago


In the dead of winter, expect one eternal truth – where there’s a frozen river, a dog will want to play on it. The problem, however, is that...

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Good News from China, finally ~
8 months ago

China Crushes Illegal Ivory Stockpile

China started 2014 off in a big way by crushing six tons of confiscated ivory in Dongguan on January 6. In late 2013, AWF, along with partners WildAid and Save the Elephants called on China to raise awareness about elephant poaching and reduce the demand for ivory. AWF's CEO Patrick Bergin said, "We commend the Chinese government for taking this important first step and hope it signals their sincere and growing commitment to help end the elephant slaughter in Africa."

> Read the joint statement

8 months ago

caught up Vinnie thanks for sharing

8 months ago


Hooray ! for Japan Times Newspaper..
8 months ago

pick of the week This Is a First: Japanese Newspaper Op-Ed Condemns Taiji Dolphin Hunt pick of the week Calling the cove slaughter inhumane, The Japan Times argues the annual culling must be stopped.

8 months ago

Great news, THANKS Sis

so glad you made this success thread♥

Good news for Lonely Elephant..
8 months ago


The dream of a former caretaker at the Franklin Zoo in New Zealand is finally being realized with the sweet introduction of two elephants, Mila and Mary....

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8 months ago

Happy News!

8 months ago

kool.thanks for sharing that. nice to have some good news for a change.

8 months ago

What a lovely video about Mila thank you for sharing Vinnie

8 months ago

Thanks so much for sharing, Vinnie!

this is interesting, can't make it though.....
7 months ago

Please forward this letter to your friends and colleagues! Turn Display Images On! SAVE THE FROGS!

SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center Grand Opening Celebration

Dear Iain,

Please join me Saturday March 29th for the Grand Opening Celebration of the brand new SAVE THE FROGS! Education Center, located at 2524 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702..

Please RSVP here.

If you cannot attend, I encourage you to donate to support our efforts.

Our frog-filled extravaganza will commence at high noon with a two hour frogging expedition to find and photograph native amphibians in the Berkeley hills. All afternoon at the Education Center we will have presentations about California's native amphibians, local and global conservation issues, and the history and future of SAVE THE FROGS!. There will be activities for kids, including origami frogs and frog art lessons.. Our favorite frog art and photos will be framed and on display and available for donations. From 730pm until late we will have amazing live music by myself and some of my most talented musician friends on an array of instruments from around the world. And of course we will have our eco-friendly SAVE THE FROGS! merchandise for sale, all proceeds to amphibian conservation. Please reserve your spot.

Save The Frogs Berkeley

Save The Frogs Grand Opening Celebration
"Best of luck with the new center. I am certain it will be a game changer that helps you go even further in your mission".
-- Jessica Kratz, Staten Island, NY

7 months ago

Thanks for sharing Iain. Lots of good information.

CLICK on Photo of Manta Ray for Story....
7 months ago

Manta Rays Now Fully Protected in Indonesia’s Waters


CLICK on Photo for Story..

Tough Old Bird, like us Gals ..
7 months ago

If you found yourself in the right place at the right time, would you have the courage to stop a crime? One brave 60-year-old Englishwoman named Elle...

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CLICK on Photo of SHARK for Story ~~
7 months ago


7 months ago

This woman walks the walk as well as talks the talk. Kudos to her and her dog.

Japan ends Whale Hunt ~~
7 months ago

  In the landmark decision, the International Court of Justice has ruled that Japan's Antarctic whaling program is "unscientific" — and as such, has demanded an end to any further whale hunts under this program.  Japan ending Whale Hunts..

130 Bears Rescued...
5 months ago
5 months ago

   CLICK on the Photo of the Bear above for the whole story. Yippie !!  One Victory at a time..Hiya Fruddy-Buddys,

Lucky old Stray dog...
5 months ago



Some colleagues informed me of a little stray griffon-like dog, wandering outside work. The only move she made was to wag her tail when spoken to.

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Another Lucky Stray doggie..
5 months ago

A couple staying in Montenegro make a hasty U-turn when they discover a frightened Doberman hiding between two busy tunnels.

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5 months ago

Thanks, Vinnie for sharing good news instead of bad. Of course, that is who you are.

5 months ago

Another great story Vinnie, thank you.

5 months ago

thanks for sharing good news

31 min ago


Remember the heartbreaking story of Andra Grace, the young pit bull who was cruelly dragged behind a pickup truck for two miles in late October 2013? If...

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28 min ago
Another Victory: Virgin America Drops SeaWorld

After hearing from PETA, Virgin America, the U.S.-based airline that serves several popular cities across North America, removed SeaWorld from its rewards program. Virgin America joins a growing number of travel companies, including Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and STA Travel, that have made the compassionate decision not to promote SeaWorld. However, Virgin Group—the conglomerate that formed Virgin America—is a separate company, which is why we still need to urge Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Group to stop promoting SeaWorld.

Take Action

4 min ago

I sent him an email, he was my neighbor in the bvi for many years

I hope he realizes what a hypocrite he looks like.


thanks for this thread...I must have missed it lately

Fyre had to take another valley fever titer blood test,,on pins and needles till he gets the all clear