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rat info 2
4 years ago

Question My 8 month old male rat has an open wound on his belly that we discovered yesterday morning. I took him to the vet this evening, and she did give us some anti-biotics and suggested that we put him in a separate cage from his brother. I do not know how he got this wound. It's about a bit less that a centimeter in diameter, and is not bloody or oozing. My questions for you are 1) should we separate him from his brother? I don't really think his brother caused this wound. 2) I saw another answer from you from a couple of years ago with a similar question, and you advised administering neosporin to the site. My vet had said no topical antibiotic, but your advice sounds reasonable to me -- can it do any harm that you no of? And finally, with the other person a couple of years ago with a wound that sounded similar, you asked if there was a mass under the wound or just the wound. My rat has a mass beside the wound. The vet thought it could be a swollen lymph gland. Any advice you could give will be appreciated. Get the answer below Answer Please go to my website, or just go to this URL here: Scroll down till you come across where it says "Ew, what is that!" LOL Its about abscesses. That is more than likely what your boy has. My site will tell you what to look for and how to treat it rather than me go into a big spill here since that is the main reason I have Critter City, to educate rat owners on rat care. Let me know after you read it if it sounds like what your rat has. As for taking him out and keeping him solo,I dont not recommend this either. Taking a rat from his cagemate is very stressful for them and could actually cause any illness to accelerate since stress can impair the immune system.

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