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rat info 3
3 years ago

Question RatI have two male rats that are around a year and 8 months. After cleaning their cage today I gave them their routine bath in the sink with a kitten shampoo. When bathing one of the rats, I noticed he had a brown dot on his tail. It's only about a millimeter or two in diameter, so at first I thought it was just dirt, and tried to gently rub it off. However, when I looked closer, I noticed it looked like a tiny mole on his tail. He had about 4 others nearby, all within about a couple inches from the base of his tail. The rest are smaller, and most aren't raised up like the largest one is. I'm not sure whether rats can even get moles. The males I have are brothers, as I got them from a friend who had a litter of rats. 6/7 of their sisters recently developed benign tumors, so I'm not sure if this might also be a tumor, though I know tumors are much more frequent in females than males. I'll attach an image of his tail. Should I take him in to a vet to have an exam done, or is it just a mole or something to that effect? Answer Abscess. Clean it off with some hibiclens (walmart) and try to pick that scab off a bit. I bet my last dollar you get lots of gooey pus out of that thing! Once you clean it, put some neosporin on it. NO need for a vet unless you cant get it to heal up

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