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Abscesses are pretty common in rats
4 years ago

Abscesses are pretty common in rats & some individuals seem to be more prone to getting them. If your girl keeps getting them in the same place, it could be that the abscess doesn't completely go away so it fills up again. Rats usually heal quickly & the wound can close over the infection. This can be helped by making sure the area is kept clean & that it doesn't close up til the infection is 100% gone. You can reduce the possibility of an abscess by making sure there are no sharp corners, wires or anything else your rat can jab herself on, both in her cage & when she's out to play. Also, it's very possible that Maggie is scratching herself with her claws, so you may want to trim them if possible. The healthier Maggie's immune system is, the easier it will be for her to stave off infections. Feed her the healthiest diet that you can, keep her environment clean & stress-free. SInce Maggie is getting vet care when she needs it, I suspect you take excellent care of her already. Source(s): We've lived with lots of rats & have had to have a number of abscesses treated although most of our little guys have never had one. We're currently having 1 of our males treated for a facial abscess, probably caused by his cage mate climbing over him.

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