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7 years ago

Eco Ego:

This cute game shows kids how everyday choices effect our carbon footprint. You guide an adorable elfish like creature through the day. It's up to you whither he rides a bike or drives a car, turns up the AC in his tree home, or recycles his trash. A meter on the side of the screen tells if your being overly wasteful. The game only lasts for six minutes then the screen changes to show you how to make smart decisions that will have less effect on the environment.


7 years ago


This click to give trivia game was created by an 11 yr old girl who wanted to help animals but was too young to volunteer at her local shelter (check out her blog FreeKibbleKids). With the help of her dad she came up with the idea of a site where you answer a dog related trivia question and no matter if you get it right or wrong 10 pieces of dog food will be donated to a shelter in need. The food is payed for by ads for pet products on the side of the page. The game became so popular that they added a special trivia page for cats.

7 years ago

Recycle Roundup:

This game from National Geografic Kids helps kids identify what trash is ok to recycle or compost and what is just plain garbage.


7 years ago

DoSomething Recycle Game:

In this game play as a recycling bin with legs. The goal is to catch as many plastic bottles and cans to get to the next level, but watch out for falling food that will push you off course. Sponsors for pay to offset an hour computer or TV energy for every item you collect. Each time you make it to a new level you can choose to improve one thing about the gloomy wasteland in the background. See if you can create a green paradise. (click on the picture or the bold words in blue to play)


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7 years ago


Save your island from trash washed up from a nearby garbage gyre while saving dolphines and parrots from harm in this enviroment friendly facebook game designed specially for the Greenopolis movement. Greenopolis is a recycling system that rewards points for products that are recycled with there kiosks (an ATM of sorts for plastic, aluminum, and glass bottles). The points can be redeemed for cupons, charity donations, money (if you live in a state that has passed the Bottle Bill Legislation), or Oceanopolis game points.




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