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Napolitano Gives Muslim Brotherhood U.S. Security Clearance. Ignores Terrorism
6 years ago

February 17, 2012 by V2A

Napolitano’s Homeland Security department claims to ramp up efforts at identifying potential terrorists, a new report reveals, yet ignores the fact that the Secretary has hired at least one Muslim radical and given him secret security clearance to US intelligence.

Jim Kouri for writes,

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano’s latest contribution this week to the protection of Americans appears to ignore the most deadly and destructive groups on the planet — Islamic terrorists — say security and law enforcement experts.

A Department of Homeland Security report released on February 2 compares terrorism to “ordinary crime” in metropolitan U.S. cities and omits the radical Islamic factor, instead finding “significant variability in the ideologies motivating terrorist attacks across decades.”

Pamela Geller of the blog Atlas Shrugs writes,

Back in October 2010 I warned of the consequences of naming a stealth jihadist with ties to Islamic subversives whose stated goal is “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabatoaging its miserable house.” More here

Secretary Napolitano named the devout Muslim Mohamed Elibiary to the Homeland Security Advisory Council (Department of Homeland Security).

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6 years ago

Perfect sense to me, yes, perfect sense.  Now, if she was thinking that "you keep your friends close but your enemies closer" she certainly could not have kept them closer, right?


What a foolhardy thing to have done.  Why don't we just publish our intellegence for the whole world; after all, she has now shown that security clearances are not of any importance.  I have an idea, how about replacing all our Secret Service men/women that guard the President with Islamic terrorists.  That might be rather interesting, but please, someone grab the Red phone and the special brief case first.  


Would it not make as much sense?

6 years ago

You have to realize that many "progressives" and the majority of this administration do not think that islam is a threat at all. Hey, the Ft Hood shooting was "work place violence" no matter what the good Major said, was linked to, or even yelled when he was shooting. At best you have the "enemy of my enemy" (both hate Western Civilization, Christianity, Judaism, and capitalism) mindset but the fools on the left fail to look at the history of islam with its 1400 years of aggressive attempts to dominate all others and somehow think that they will be able to defeat it when the common "enemies" are wiped our or subdued. What they fail to realize that in addition to a truly alien approach to life, the islamists believe they have "allah" on there side and their "virgins" are just waiting for them. Not sure what the females think they are getting, though. since that isn't too clear. If you look at the majority of islamists you have a bunch of sexually repressed males that are looking for their post puberty romp in the "after life". Sort of sick!

6 years ago

One may recall that the same thing happened with communists in decades past.  Joseph McCarthy has been ridiculed something fierce, but no one wants to talk about the fact that CIA documents declassified in more recent years prove, not suggest, but unequivocally prove that he was correct.

Re: the 72 Virgins etc etc
6 years ago

I think I've mentioned this on this board in the past but that was when I was just starting out chatting with all of you and I think you out on some type of HIATUS or something: whatever it was, is not important to this disucssion though:

As for the 72 Virgins, I joke around about those JERKS who believe that kind of crap and I tell everyone that they've misunderstood what the real truth of the matter is: It's not Vrigins that they will meet up with in the hereafter, it's Vriginians - you know who I mean; guys like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and the likes of them.

Carole and I a very good friends with a family of Muslims in New Jersey and when Saef heard me talking about the GREAT REWARD for the Martyrs he cracked up . I asked him what wa so funny, isn't that what they are promised? and I honestly believe that my Muslim friend wold tell me absolutely nothing but the truth. He's straight as an arrow, does believe in the REAL MUSLIM FAITH, but not the new rehashed version but he did explain to me that the majority of those that you will find doing the martyr duties have no fear of anything, death in particular. First of all they are basically ILLITERATES with no knowledge of anything but what is told to them by an older person. When they are told of the Virgins and of the Paradise in which they will live immediately after committing murder on the so called "INFIDELS" they actually look forward to dying because they believe every word of the stories that are told to them. Many are promised that their families, Moms, Dads, Sisters and Brothers will be rewarded huge sums of money and will live exceptionally well for ever after. So with all of that in their favor, the TERRORISTS can draft all the illiterates that they can handle and there is a never ending supply just waiting to be called.

The stories that he tells me are unbelievable. He's got two children one of who is just a year and a half away from College Graduation, (Business) and the other who will graduate high school at just about the same time.

So whomever will tell you that the West will end this war had best think again. If the Good Lord in whom we believe is unable to stop the Middle East from fighting thus far for over 2000 years, what will the Western Nations do to stop it? Rub a lamp until the 3 Wish Genie arrives and grants wishes for whatever we want? I think short of that happening neither you nor I nor our kids or grand kids or great grand kids are going to be able to stop those animals.


6 years ago

Jim, it is also interesting to note that none of the old scholars who are filling the youngsters' heads full of this business are going out and detonating themselves.  If they really believed that, I would think that they would be the first in line--much like if Al Gore really believed in Global Warming...

6 years ago

Jim, that is the heart of the matter right there.  We are not going to change a thing in he Middle East, it is their problem.  No, we hate to see inhumanity of any kind, but the history of the Middle East is such that their conflicts will continue; that is their way of life.  At least they have a reason for blindly following what they are told; they can't read for themselves; what is the excuse for people in this Country where education is available and there is no excuse to not read and learn; no need to depend on others, yet they still follow blindly.

6 years ago

Linda, the best I can offer is that no amount of literacy or education can fix stupidity, which is why we have so many problem people here.  For example, how much education does it take to understand the concept 'There is no more' (as opposed to running up deficits that make those incredibly frightening ones of the last decade seem small)?

6 years ago

David, excellent point, can't argue with you at all on this.  

6 years ago

The Muslims who blew themselves up actually believed that when they died they met 13 virgins.   I mean, what kind of religion is that?   So, what does a dead man do with 13 imaginary virgins?   Ludicrous.    This is a religious war and there's nothing we can do to change the way they think.   We've learned that the hard way and we've lost many brave young men and women and yet nothing has changed.   

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6 years ago

Jim: A couple things; first the virgins thing was exploited back in the 11th Century when the Old Man on the Mountain used that ploy to entice his Assassins who then were dispatched to kill those who paid the Old Man for a hit. It wasn’t just non-believers either since even Saladin was threatened and ended up paying off to get them off his back. Second, islam is the only modern alleged “religion” that encourages martyrdom via suicide as long as it is directed toward some “enemy” of the alleged “religion”. Also, keep in mind that deceiving the “non-believers” with false statements is part of the doctrine. The facts of islamic aggression, persecution of their enemies (not limited to non muslims since those of other tribes, sects, political alliances are also included), suicide martyrdom, and criminal activity against others is a matter of historical record as is the reluctance of “moderate” muslims to challenge those actions.

6 years ago

Piece of work, isn't it, JohnC?   I can't imagine a mind that accepts this bizarre religion.  Imagine citizens of the US persecuting people of different religious beliefs by killing, multilating, gasing and cutting off their hands if they are caught stealing.   We are a new country for a reason.   We must always remember why we are Americans.

6 years ago

So true, Diane, why people choose to ignore history and current events (even with a questionable media 'reporting') is always a mystery.

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