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6 years ago

Change, Change, Change: The Obama Transformation is Here 8 hours ago 8 hours ago ... If the world seems chaotic to you, you're not alone. President Obama promised “ change” during his first campaign for the presidency, and in ... Jim

Change, Change, Change: The Obama Transformation is Here
6 years ago

Jim's post


Change, Change, Change: The Obama Transformation is Here



We are five days away,” the future President famously said in October of 2008, “from fundamentally transforming the United States of America…”

So how does Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” look to you now?

If the world seems chaotic to you, you’re not alone. President Obama promised “change” during his first campaign for the presidency, and in less than one full term he’s delivered.


American foreign policy, historically devoted to protecting American interests and championing liberty, is now focused on “outreach” to people who want to destroy us. But the “transformation” has not just impacted America’s place in the world.


Your private world – your day-to-day environment and the cultural norms that order that environment – is changing as well (so is mine). And while it’s difficult to measure people’s changing attitudes, there is clear evidence that Americans are increasingly developing a negative attitude towards work, productivity, and success.



Depending on what poll you’re reading, roughly half of the American population agrees with President Obama’s assumption that “rich” Americans need to be taxed at a higher rate. Concerns about undermining people’s incentive to achieve just don’t matter to many of us – making “somebody else” pay makes a lot of us feel better.


There also seems to be a change in Americans’ attitudes towards working.


And while there are far too many of us who are earnestly trying to find work and cannot, there nonetheless appears to be growing numbers of us for whom working is just not a priority.


The reality of Americans choosing to not work – or, at a minimum, choosing to work less – would seem to be a very intentional consequence of President Obama’s agenda. Indeed, it has long been the belief of the President’s science adviser John P. Holdren that the world would be a better place environmentally if “Americans worked, produced, and earned less.”


This may seem counter-intuitive, yet the numbers don’t lie.


As the unemployment rate has recently dropped a bit, so also has the “labor force participation rate” – the statistic that represents the ratio between the labor force itself, and the overall population.


Assuming that the Bureau of Labor Statistics is telling the truth, participation in the labor force has dropped to a 30 year low, as roughly 1.2 million Americans recently chose to exit the labor market.

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6 years ago

Unfortunately, some believe that we have raised a generation of impaired young people who have unearned self esteem and a significant entitlement mentality.   Yes, of course, they would agree with President Obama that the rich better damn well share their wealth and enjoy doing so.


Those young people fortunate to be raised by personal responsibility parents who may or may not have been career military are of a different mindset and work ethic.


Of course, this is a generalization as they are always exceptions.


Even Obama said himself that he is "lazy" and he believes in sharing the wealth!   He's their role model.

6 years ago

Jim, we thank you for the post regarding CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE:  The Obama Transformation is Here and Ray, thank you for helping Jim to get the link straightened ou.  Guys,this is an excellent thread.


Diane, it is reality and it is sad; we have raised a generation that believe that going to college is all it takes to be guaranteed a job, home, high income, medical benefits and all the creature comforts and that their time in college is what entitles them to this; just another form of entitlement.  No one discredits their efforts and determination to get that education; but reality says that regardless, we all have to start at the bottom and through hard work make our way up the ladder; and reality says that no one owes us anything, it is by our own efforts; nothing has changed, it was that way for our parents and their parents and it is still the same today.


The fact that they put their trust in someone that admits to being lazy and that the wealthy should share what they have worked hard to accomplish with everyone else is the biggest mistake they could have made.  


I certainly am not nor have I ever been wealthy, but I have never expected the wealthy to owe me anything.  We are not a socialist country, every man and woman is responsible to make their own way in life and it is that effort that makes the accomplishments more enjoyable and rewarding.  I hope that the young people will learn quickly that they were misled and then that they will get busy and discover the sense of accomplishment in making their own way.

6 years ago

Ray, several of us have been trying to email you and your emails are coming back from both addresses with error message.  Not sure what to do but wanted you to know.

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