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Rick Santorum And His 2 million dollar house in VA
6 years ago

Article on Drudge today on Drudge Report


"How Santorum got a 2 million Virginia Estate!"



So I guess the time has finally come for someone to vet Santorum.  I found the article interesting especially since Santorum tells everyone who will listen to him about how he's "just a blue collar guy".  Talks about his old PU truck and is constantly blasting Romney for his money!  Also, interesting to note the house is in Virginia not Pa. 


Might be worth your time to check it out. 

6 years ago

   I'll be sure to look this up tomorrow morning before I leave to vote.   Is there no perfect candidate out there?


Sadly, not.  All we can do is go with one of the four choices we have that's the closest to our ideal.  Some are a bit closer than others.

6 years ago

What I found is that Santorum actually owns two homes, one in Penn Hills, PA which he lists as his residence and then the one in Leesburg, VA where he and his family live most of the year.  The one in Leesburg was purchased after he was elected to the Senate from what I was able to find out.  In that case, I would think he is no different than any other Congressman.  Those that can, prefer to buy a home in the Virginia area near D.C., as they spend so much time during their term of office in D.C.  However, their actual residence is still maintained in their home state.  If this is the case, there would be nothing wrong with this however, the value of both homes makes is rather hypocritical of Santorum to attack Romney for his money, as it takes a lot of money to afford to maintain two expensive homes like the Santorums.  


And, not knowing how the rest of you feel, but I hardly find any attorney who practices in a high end practice to be "just a blue color guy".  He is as "white color" as they come and needs to own that one.  I don't know of any attorneys that can consider themselves "blue color", unless they happen to be working pro bono all the time or as a public defender.  Let's remember, blue color significes the laborer or typically non-professional worker and white color is the professional.  So that one doesn't fly with me at all.

6 years ago

Well in looking further I find that Santorum also owns seven houses in the PA area.  They are rentals for which he receives money.  And both his parents worked for the VA.  And he was raised in Gvt housing near the VA hospital.  Do we call that an "entitlement". 


I still say there is more to Mr. Santorum's story!

6 years ago

Wow...I didn't know this. Thanks Tara Jane. Have any of you read the book Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer? I just started reading it and haven't come across the low down on Santorum, but if I find anything I'll let you know. It explains how politicians go to Washington not rich and come out with all kinds of money. At least, that's the beginning of the book. Have a great day all!

6 years ago

Is this enough to have me change my Unless there's more in the next hour, I'm voting for Santorum this morning. They're all flawed candidates. I just happen to think he's less so. I'd perhaps vote for Gingrich if things were looking better for him at this point in time.

FYI: Ok, I found this on Santorum a few minutes ago. Not good, but I still have the same four candidates to choose from. None of them are pure as the driven snow. That's why there's chocolate & vanilla. Obama is going to have a hay day with whoever is the candidate, so whoever that candidate is has to go on the offensive. There's more than enough fodder on Obama.


Still don’t like Romney.

6 years ago

Joan, thank you for the information and please fill us in as you read the book as I would love to hear more.

6 years ago

Sandy, I appreciate your providing the information about the schooling issue.  I had read it but had decided not to post this information as I didn't want to appear to be picking on Santorum.  However, since you have here is my comment.


"Some relatives moved into the Penn Hills house, but Santorum continued to use it to claim residency in Pennsylvania, where he voted by absentee ballot."  If this is the case, it smacks at dishonesty in my opinion.  He no longer resides in the home and the address belongs to another, therefore, where I though he used it to reside when in PA, apparently that is not the case.  Therefore, he has forfeited eligibiity to run for the Senate as he has no permanent residence in that State.  I know of only one other Congressman that has done this and he resides in Oregon and has not resided there for 90% of his term in office and it is equally wrong.  All others maintain their residence in their home state.  Even Hilliary Clinton moved to New York and maintains a residence there.  Those that do not, IMO have lost eligibility and to remain in office under those conditions is dishonest and I can't support a candidate that is doing something so blatantly dishonest.


Then to make it worse, we get into the actual school issue.  He claims to home school his children however he enrolls them in a PA charter school; all the time residing in Virginia and receiving a great deal of money for the charter school tuition.  That makes it worse.  


I realize this sounds judgmental, but it hits the core of my issues with religion. When you make that a major focus as Santorum has, then he has the added responsibility to present a squeeky clean life.  If it isn't, he needs to come forward immediately with any issues that cloud this.  Why, because much more is at stake than a presidency, it could be the religious welfare of another. Much more is accomplished with the way one lives their life and the manner in which they treat others than the words that come from their mouth; you can tell me you are anti-abortion as killing is a sin and against the will of God, but if you are cheating in other areas it will discredit the potentially good that the other position could have.  


So, in this case, he has undermined my confidence in him for more than just the fact that he has cheated and lied; that he has used a residence in which he does not live nor would be available for him to "go home and live for a month" as a means to cheat which in itself is bad enough, but he claims such a strong Christian faith and these issues also put Christians in a bad light as it is one more outspoken Christian failing the test of non-Christians or those on the fence.


It is worse, for me, than flip-flopping, it is blatant disception that has been acted out.

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