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HRH Queen Elizabeth II - Diamond Jubliee
6 years ago

Elizabeth II wearing the Imperial State Crown and fur cape and holding the Sceptre with the Cross and the Orb at her Coronation (2 June 1953).



Accession and Coronation
6 years ago

Accession and Coronation

After her marriage in 1947, Princess Elizabeth paid formal visits with The Duke of Edinburgh to France and Greece, and in autumn 1951 they toured Canada.


Princess Elizabeth also visited Malta four times while Prince Philip was stationed there on naval duties, and enjoyed the life of a naval wife and young mother.


This way of life was not to last long, as her father's health was deteriorating.


In 1952, King George VI's illness forced him to abandon his proposed visit to Australia and New Zealand. The Princess, accompanied by Prince Philip, took his place. 

View three films from the archives charting the death of King George VI and The Queen's Accession and Coronation.


Part One, The King's Death:              [Video]


Part Two, The Queen's Accession:   [Video]


Part Three, the Coronation:              [Video]


On Wednesday, 6 February 1952, Princess Elizabeth received the news of her father's death and her own accession to the throne, while staying in a remote part of Kenya.


The tour had to be abandoned, and the young Princess flew back to Britain as Queen. She was greeted by Prime Minister Winston Churchill and other officials at the airport.


The Coronation took place in Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953. It was a solemn ceremony conducted by Dr Geoffrey Fisher, Archbishop of Canterbury.


Representatives of the peers, the Commons and all the great public interests in Britain, the Prime Ministers and leading citizens of the other Commonwealth countries, and representatives of foreign states were present.


Crowds of people viewed the procession all along the route, despite heavy rain. The ceremony was also broadcast on radio around the world and, at The Queen's request, on television for the first time. 


Television brought home to hundreds of thousands of people around the Commonwealth the splendour and significance of the Coronation in a way never before possible.


The Coronation was followed by drives through every part of London, a review of the fleet at Spithead, and visits to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

6 years ago

Thank you, Ray, absolutely stunning!!   The Queen was a beautiful young lady very poised and stately.    I thoroughly enjoyed these posts and the links.

6 years ago

Queen Elizabeth II was coronated just before TV sets came into being in the U.S.  I remember sitting in the living room with my parents listening to her Coronation Ceremony.  To now see pictures of how she looked is so wonderful.  Thank you, Ray and I know there is more of her Jubilee to come.

6 years ago

Linda and Diane, I know from Linda's post that Linda has not seen the Coronation as the TV's had not arrived in the US, after some browsing around I have obtained the complete Coronation, this is in 7 parts as listed below from youtube.


Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second in 1953 (Part 1/7) 

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second in 1953 (Part 2/7)

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second in 1953 (Part 3/7)

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second in 1953 (Part 4/7)

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second in 1953 (Part 5/7)

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second in 1953 (Part 6/7)

Coronation of Queen Elizabeth the Second in 1953 (Part 7/7)


I do hope yourselves and all other members enjoy these video's just as much we Brits do.


6 years ago

Ray, please know that I appreciate seeing these videos.   I KNOW the US and the Brits have a strong unbreakable bond.  


Your research is remarkable, Ray!

6 years ago

Ray, excellent and very hard work went into this and you have at least one very grateful person here.  Since discovering the proof that I have English, Irish and Scottish heritage, it has rekindled even more of a desire to know more about these 3 countries.  A good place to start has been making friends with you and learning about UK politics.  Now to learn more of Queen Elizabeth through her jubilee is also of so much value.  Learning about Margarat Thatcher has been a pure job.  


Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you will continue  to educate me.  

The Queen's working day
6 years ago
The Queen's working day
A Day in the Life of The Queen

The Queen has many different duties to perform every day.


Some are public duties, such as ceremonies, receptions and visits within the United Kingdom or abroad.


Other duties are carried out away from the cameras, but they are no less important. These include reading letters from the public, official papers and briefing notes; audiences with political ministers or ambassadors; and meetings with her Private Secretaries to discuss daily business and her future diary plans.


Even when she is away from London, in residence at Balmoral or Sandringham, she receives official papers nearly every day of every year and remains fully briefed on matters affecting her realms.


In front of the camera or away from it, The Queen's duties go on, and no two days in her life are ever the same.








Linda and Diane, please go click on links: Morning, Afternoon and Evening this tell us the working day of the Queen.


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Changing the Guard
6 years ago

Linda and Diane, yourselves are aware the Changing of the Gard, is another colourful sights everything is explained in detail on the Video on the web-site, I do think in my opinion it is an education in itself.

 Changing the Guard


Royal Events and Ceremonies

Changing the Guard will take place at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle on the following days in February, March and April 2012:

Buckingham Palace 



March - odd days, ie 1, 3, 5, etc.
April - even days, ie 2, 4, 6, etc.

Windsor Castle
NB - Changing the Guard does not take place on Sundays
March - even days
April - daily, EXCEPT 6 April and 8 April. Please note that there is no musical support on 22 April and 29 April

Changing the Guard or Guard Mounting is the process involving a new guard exchanging duty with the old guard. 

The Guard which mounts at Buckingham Palace is called The Queen’s Guard and is divided into two Detachments: the Buckingham Palace Detachment (which is responsible for guarding Buckingham Palace), and the St. James’s Palace Detachment, (which guards St. James’s Palace). These guard duties are normally provided by a battalion of the Household Division and occasionally by other infantry battalions or other units.


When Guardsmen are on duty, the soldiers are drawn from one of the five regiments of Foot Guards in the British Army: the Scots Guards, the Irish Guards, the Welsh Guards, the Grenadier Guards and the Coldstream Guards.


Change of the Gard   [Video]


Please read more on the website


The Queen's birthdays
6 years ago


The Queen's birthdays
Her Majesty The Queen

The Queen celebrates two birthdays each year: her actual birthday on 21 April and her official birthday on a Saturday in June.


Official celebrations to mark Sovereigns' birthday have often been held on a day other than the actual birthday, particularly when the actual birthday has not been in the summer. King Edward VII, for example, was born on 9 November, but his official birthday was marked throughout his reign in May or June when there was a greater likelihood of good weather for the Birthday Parade, also known as Trooping the Colour.


The Queen usually spends her actual birthday privately, but the occasion is marked publicly by gun salutes in central London at midday: a 41 gun salute in Hyde Park, a 21 gun salute in Windsor Great Park and a 62 gun salute at the Tower of London. In 2006, Her Majesty celebrated her 80th Birthday in 2006 with a walkabout in the streets outside of Windsor Castle to meet well-wishers.


On her official birthday, Her Majesty is joined by other members of the Royal Family at the spectacular Trooping the Colour parade which moves between Buckingham Palace, The Mall and Horseguards’ Parade.



Trooping the Colour
Royal Events and Ceremonies

The Sovereign's birthday is officially celebrated by the ceremony of Trooping the Colour on a Saturday in June.

This year Trooping the Colour took place on 11 June 2011. The Queen's Colour of the 1st Battalion Scots Guards was trooped.


View a gallery of images from the 2011 Trooping the Colour ceremony.

In 2012 Trooping the Colour will take place on 16 June.


The tradition of Trooping the Colour:View BBC archive footage of The Queen (then Princess Elizabeth) taking

the salute for the first time in 1951:     [Video] 


This military ceremony dates back to the early eighteenth century or earlier, when the colours (flags) of the battalion were carried (or 'trooped') down the ranks so that they could be seen and recognised by the soldiers. 

View footage of Major Nana Twumasi-Ankrah, an officer in the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, talking about taking part in the parade:



View footage of Trooping the Colour 1986: [video]

6 years ago

When reading Ray's posts on the respect for England's Queen and their military it shows me how far below that level of respect America has gone.   The UK seems to have maintained a loyalty to their roots.   I know the UK has their social problems, etc but they are by and large a very proud country steeped in tradition.

6 years ago

Diane, that is what troubles me the most.  I remember growing up with when there was no question of a person's respect for the U.S.  We recited the Pledge of Allegience at school every day, we stood and covered our heart with our right hand when the flag was in motion and when we said the Pledge and sang the National Anthem (which, by the way, is not militaristic or full of blood and gore or whatever, it is based on deep significant meaning based on the history of the U.S, Mr. Obama), and so many other things.  We had the sense of respect and love of our Country and it's traditions, as young as it is, that you see the people of the UK still maintaining today.  


We need to get that back; we have to wake up the adults of this Country and let them see how they have failed their kids.  Maybe saying the Pledge and singing the National Anthem are not allowed in school now, but we can still train our children at home and encourage them to love their Country.  We need to resist the element in our society in the U.S. that is trying to strip these values from us and our children. 

Regional and overseas visits to mark the Diamond Jubilee, 14 December 2011
6 years ago


Regional and overseas visits to mark the Diamond Jubilee, 14 December 2011
Latest News and Diary




Her Majesty The Queen, accompanied by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, will mark The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a series of regional visits and engagements throughout the United Kingdom during 2012.


The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, supported by other members of the Royal Family, will be travelling as widely as possible across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


The Queen's Jubilee Itinerary:


8 March,- Leicester


23 March, City Day

Manchester and Salford

29th -March - North London

Redbridge, Walthamstow, Harrow


26th - 27th April -Wales

Cardiff, Margam, Merthyr Tydfil, Aberfan, Ebbw Vale, Glanusk Park


1st - 2nd May - South West England

Sherborne, Salisbury, Crewkerne, Yeovil, Exeter


15th May - South London

Bromley, Merton, Richmond


16th - 17th May - North West England

Burnley, Accrington, Warrington, Chester, Liverpool


13th - 14th June - East Midlands and East Anglia

Nottingham, Burghley, Corby, Stevenage, Hatfield


25th June - South East England



2nd - 6th July - Scotland (Holyrood Week)

Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dunbartonshire, Renfrewshire, Perth


11th - 12th July - West Midlands

Hereford, Worcester, Birmingham, Shropshire


18th - 19th July - North East England

Sunderland, South Tyneside, North Tyneside, Gateshead, Durham City, Stockton-on-Tees, Leeds


25 July - South East England

Cowes, Isle of Wight, New Forest, Hampshire


In addition, members of the Royal Family will travel overseas representing The Queen throughout the Diamond Jubilee year, visiting every Realm as well as undertaking visits to Commonwealth countries, Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories.



Page 1 



Please note: As the information from the Royal Website was made in December 2011, I had needed an updated latest list of Counties in England the Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh will be visiting I did by way of the 2 websites been the BBC and Royal Website


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6 years ago

Members Royal Family will travel overseas representing The Queen throughout the Diamond Jubilee year, visiting every Realm as well as undertaking visits to Commonwealth countries, Crown Dependencies and British Overseas Territories.

Her Majesty has asked that these visits include the following:


The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea


The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall: Channel Islands, Isle of Man

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge: Malaysia, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu


Prince Harry: Belize, Jamaica, The Bahamas


The Duke of York: India


The Earl and Countess of Wessex: Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Gibraltar, Grenada, Montserrat, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago


The Princess Royal: Mozambique, Zambia


The Duke of Gloucester: British Virgin Islands, Malta


The Duke of Kent: Falkland Islands, Uganda


Further details of the regional and overseas visits will be announced in due course.


Page 2


The Queen's Diamond Jubilee - celebrations and events
6 years ago


The Queen's Diamond Jubilee - celebrations and events
 Royal Jubilees
  • the first British monarch to mark 50 years on the throne in a significant way was George III
  • the only other British monarch to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee was Queen Victoria in 1897
Portrait of The Queen, taken in 2002 © John Swannell/Camera Press

To mark 60 years of The Queen's reign the Diamond Jubilee will take place in 2012. The celebrations will centre around an extended weekend in 2012 on 2, 3, 4 and 5 June.


Find out what is being planned to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and how you can take part.


60 years of The Queen's reign
The Queen came to the throne on 6 February 1952 and her coronation took place on 2 June 1953.


She celebrated her Silver Jubilee (25 years) in 1977 and her Golden Jubilee (50 years) in 2002.

Diamond Jubilee website

A Diamond Jubilee website, including two new photographs of The Queen, has been launched by the Royal Household. It features the latest news, photographs, announcements and historical information about The Queen's 60-year reign. Visitors can also send a congratulatory message to The Queen.

Regional and overseas visits to mark the Diamond Jubilee

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will be visiting England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2012 to mark Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee.


Other members of the Royal Family will also travel throughout the United Kingdom and overseas this year.  Further information is on the British Monarchy website.

Bank holiday

The late May bank holiday has been moved to Monday 4 June 2012 and an additional Jubilee bank holiday will take place on Tuesday 5 June 2012.


The extra bank holiday and extended bank holiday weekend also applies to Scotland.

School closures

Schools in England and Wales will be able to close on Tuesday 5 June 2012 for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.


If a school is already closed on 5 June for half term or another reason, it will be able to close on a different day.


Scotland and Northern Ireland will be making their own arrangements.

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The Queen's Diamond Jubilee - celebrations and events
6 years ago

Events before the Jubilee Weekend

Diamond Jubilee Pageant


Dancers, musicians, military and equestrian displays from around the world will come together for three nights in the private grounds of Windsor Castle on 

10, 11 and 13 May.

Parade and Muster at Windsor

On Saturday 19 May nearly 2,500 troops from the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force will parade through Windsor Castle and town before Her Majesty and The Duke of Edinburgh.


They will then muster in the castle grounds for a unique event before an audience of more than 3,000 Armed Forces personnel, their families, and veterans. Further details will be issued shortly.

The Central Weekend 2-5 June 2012
The Epsom Derby

On Saturday 2nd June, The Queen will attend the Epsom Derby. For further information visit the Epsom Downs website.

Big Jubilee Lunch

The fourth annual Big Lunch will take place on Sunday 3 June 2012.

So anyone who would like to celebrate and commemorate the Queen’s 60 year reign can do so by holding a Big Jubilee Lunch!

Concert at Buckingham Palace

A concert organised by the BBC will be held at Buckingham Palace on
Monday 4 June 2012.
It will be attended by The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh and other Members of the Royal Family.
10,000 tickets for members of the public were made available through a national ballot, which has now closed. Successful applicants will be notified at the end of March; unsuccessful applicants will not be notified. Further information is available on the BBC website.
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee - celebrations and events
6 years ago


Service of Thanksgiving


The Queen and other members of the Royal Family will attend a national Service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul’s Cathedral onTuesday 5 June


A Prayer, written at The Queen’s direction by the Chapter of St Paul’s Cathedral in honour of the Diamond Jubilee, will be used in the service.


Churches around the country and Commonwealth are also welcome to use the prayer.

Museums and galleries

In 2012 the Royal Collection will hold exhibitions at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse and elsewhere in the United Kingdom to mark the Diamond Jubilee. 


The National Maritime Museum will open 'Royal River: Power, Pageantry and the Thames' in April 2012. It will explore the relationship between the Queen, the City of London and the River Thames.


The National Portrait Gallery will stage ‘The Queen: Art and Image’, a touring exhibition of images of the Queen.


The Victoria and Albert Museum is holding an exhibition of portraits of The Queen by photographer Cecil Beaton, which will tour around the UK.


A new charitable Trust, 'The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust', has been launched. Members of the public are welcome to make contributions.


In November 2010 the Big Lottery Fund launched the Jubilee People’s Millions Competition. This will grant £3.6 million in award money to local community projects. The winning projects were announced in July 2011.

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee - celebrations and events
6 years ago

Holding your own Diamond Jubilee celebrations

If you want to arrange your own Diamond Jubilee street party, advice is available. And the Big Lunch can help you organise an event.


Your local council may have details of any local events. Communities can apply to the Big Lottery Fund for funding through the Awards for All Scheme.

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Volunteering Award

The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Volunteering Award 2012

A new award has been launched to honour the efforts of charities and voluntary organisations that undertake projects at a national level this year, including groups which are supporting the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Members of the public can nominate a voluntary group or organisation until midnight on 9 September.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal

An official medal has been commissioned to mark the Jubilee. Those in the Armed Forces, emergency services and prison service personnel, are among those eligible to wear it.

Thames River Pageant

At high water in the afternoon of Sunday 3 June 2012, up to a thousand boats will muster on the River Thames in preparation for Her Majesty The Queen to lead the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant.

Jubilee beacons

Thousands of beacons will be lit around the world on 4 June 2012 to commemorate Her Majesty The Queen's 60 year reign over the UK and as head of the Commonwealth.

Thousands welcome royals to Leicester
6 years ago

Diamond Jubilee: Crowds mark start of Queen's tour

The Leicester visit is the first of many the Queen will make until July 


Cheering crowds waving union jacks have greeted the Queen in Leicester, the first stop on the monarch's Diamond Jubilee tour of the UK.


BBC Report



Thousands welcome royals to Leicester

Thousands of people in Leicester have crowded the streets to catch a glimpse of the Queen, Prince Philip and the Duchess of Cambridge at the start of the monarch's Diamond Jubilee tour of the UK.





Diamond Jubilee: Queen rededicates herself to UK
6 years ago

Diamond Jubilee: Queen rededicates herself to UK

Highlights of the Queen's visit to Parliament event to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee


The Queen has said she is rededicating herself to the service of the UK and its people as she celebrates her Diamond Jubilee.


In a speech to both Houses of Parliament, she said the commemoration of her 60 years on the throne was a chance "to come together in a spirit of neighbourliness and celebration".


The Queen also praised Prince Philip for his "constant strength".


A stained glassed window commissioned for the Jubilee was unveiled.


Hundreds of dignitaries, including Prime Minister David Cameron, his deputy Nick Clegg, Labour leader Ed Miliband and Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams, assembled for the speech, which was greeted with a standing ovation.


BBC Report




Queen addresses Parliament to mark Diamond Jubilee


The Queen has made a special address to both Houses of Parliament to mark her 60 years on the throne.


She spoke to an audience of party leaders, MPs, peers and dignitaries in Westminster Hall.




MP's delight as the Queen unveils her Jubilee window
6 years ago

MP's delight as the Queen unveils her Jubilee window

Diamond Jubilee window
The window designed by British artist John Reyntiens has around 1,500 pieces of glass

Michael Ellis' dreams have been realised.


The Queen has addressed MPs and peers in Parliament's Westminster Hall, to mark her Diamond Jubilee.


Queen Elizabeth II also thanked her audience for their gift of a stained glass window depicting her coat of arms.


This is the very window that the MP for Northampton North and the all-party parliamentary group on the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, commissioned.


As first blogged on 9 January, Michael Ellis, who is a man with a great interest in all things constitutional, was dismayed to learn that plans were not already in place to mark the Queen's anniversary.


Now he's thrilled.


"I was absolutely delighted with it, made in London in the traditional way," Mr Ellis smiles.

"It's important because it's a way of Parliament and parliamentarians expressing their respect and affection for the service, the dignity, the integrity and the honour that the Queen has brought to her office over the last 60 years."

Respect and honour

And in case you're wondering, he was adamant that the money should not come from the public purse.


"We were very clear that we didn't want any tax payers' money going on this gift.


"We managed to raise the money for the window in two months."


"It is right opposite her late father's coat of arms on the south side of the hall."

And we are reliably informed that: "Her Majesty's now going to have something in common with King Henry VIII because she will be the first sovereign to have their arms in that window since his time."


I bet you're glad you know that.


The last British monarch to celebrate 60 years on the throne with a speech to parliamentarians was Queen Victoria in 1897.


The window, paid for by members of both Houses, will be installed inWestminster Hall later this year.


“Start Quote Michael Ellis

It's important because it's a way of Parliament expressing their respect and affection for the service, the dignity, the integrity and the honour that the Queen has brought to her office over the last 60 years ”

Michael Ellis MP (Cons)Northampton North
6 years ago


The Queen has said she is rededicating herself to the service of the UK and its people as she celebrates her Diamond Jubilee, her speech clearly shows the respect and honour that she shows for the UK and her people, including myself, is without doubt un-questionable, the speech in full 


there is only one other Queen too celebrate their Diamond Jubilee, this as you maybe aware Queen Victoria  Victoria (r. 1837-1901), I did find that reading Queen Victoria  Read extracts from Victoria's diaries (pdf, 180k was very interesting indeed.


I am very pleased see and hear that the Duchess of Cambridge is now on her own now, in her first Public speech.


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Queen opens BBC's new base in Salford
6 years ago


Queen opens BBC's new base in Salford

The Queen met some familiar BBC characters at Salford's MediaCity


The Queen has visited Salford and officially opened the BBC's base in the MediaCity UK complex.


Earlier, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh opened hospitals in Manchester after arriving on the royal train at Manchester Victoria Station.


At MediaCityUK, she was taken on a tour of the BBC's studios and watched Football Focus in rehearsal.


Later, the royal couple will attend a lunch at Manchester Town Hall, hosted by the Lord Mayor of Manchester.


The visit is part of the Queen's tour of the UK to mark her Diamond Jubilee.


Hundreds of schoolchildren cheered and waved flags when she arrived at the BBC's home in the MediaCityUK complex, with one child handing her a home-made greeting card saying "Welcome to Salford".


BBC director general Mark Thompson and Peter Salmon, director of BBC North, accompanied the royal party on a tour of the buildings.


They visited the studio where Match Of The Day and Football Focus are filmed, watching a rehearsal featuring ex-Liverpool defender, now pundit, Mark Lawrenson and German former player Didi Hamann, an ex-Liverpool midfielder.


Presenter Dan Walker explained how Football Focus was constructed before the Queen was escorted to the Children's TV studios where CBBC and Newsround are broadcast.


There the Queen was greeted by children's show presenters Chris Johnson, Ore Oduba and Cerrie Burnell.


A puppetry performance was given by the characters Hacker T Dog and Dodge T Dog, with help from Phil Fletcher and Warrick Brownlow-Pike respectively, who present the links between children's shows.


"We thought you might bring the corgis with you?" Hacker T Dog said - before the puppetmasters appeared from beneath the desk to reveal themselves with a bow.


"That's very good, isn't it?" the Queen said.


John Whittaker, chairman of Peel Group, developer of the site, spoke before the Queen pulled the cord to unveil a plaque for the official opening.


He said Queen Victoria opened the Manchester Ship Canal, on the banks of which MediaCityUK now stands in 1894, and the exact spot used to be Dock 9, opened by King Edward VII in 1905.


The Queen also started the BBC Sport Relief Mile for 600 participants from quayside at the complex.


Earlier, she had opened Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Saint Mary's Hospital and a new wing at Manchester Royal Infirmary.


There they met staff and patients and listened to a specially-commissioned musical work by the Royal Northern College of Music.


After lunch, the royal couple will visit a Jubilee garden in the town square, before attending an "urban garden party" at Manchester Central.


Royal tours in maps

The Queen with a map of the UK



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Queen joins wedding party at Manchester Town Hall / Queen opens BBC's new base in Salford
6 years ago

Queen joins wedding party at Manchester Town Hall

Bride Frances Canning along with some of the wedding party
The Queen and the Duke were attending a lunch at the same venue as the Cannings' wedding

The Queen dropped in on a wedding at Manchester Town Hall, while touring the city as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.


Along with the Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen met newlyweds John and Frances Canning who had booked the venue before the royal visit was announced.


The Monarch even posed for pictures with the couple.


The Cannings, from Prestwich, decided to go ahead with their wedding despite the Jubilee events.


The meeting came as the royals attended a lunch at Manchester Town Hall, hosted by the lord mayor.


Earlier The Queen visited Salford and officially opened the BBC's base in the MediaCityUK complex, where she started the BBC Sport Relief Mile for 600 participants.


The royal couple also opened Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, the Royal Eye Hospital, Saint Mary's Hospital and a new wing at the Royal Infirmary.


The visit was part of the Queen's tour of the UK to mark her Diamond Jubilee.


Queen opens BBC's new base in Salford


The Queen has visited Salford and officially opened the BBC's base in the MediaCityUK complex.


Earlier, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh opened hospitals in Manchester after arriving on the royal train at Manchester Victoria Station.


At MediaCityUK, she was taken on a tour of the BBC's studios and watched Football Focus in rehearsal. Judith Moritz reports.



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Diamond Jubilee: Queen visits three London boroughs
6 years ago

Diamond Jubilee: Queen visits three London boroughs

Queen visits Redbridge
The Queen was greeted by thousands of residents in Redbridge

The Queen has received a rapturous welcome from thousands of London residents during her Diamond Jubilee tour of the UK.


Schoolchildren, parents and pensioners waved union jacks as the monarch and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Valentine Mansion, in Redbridge, east London.


The royal couple then went on visit Waltham Forest and Harrow.


Tory leader of Redbridge Council Keith Prince said the Queen's visit was a "great privilege and honour".


When the royal couple first arrived, they were greeted with a huge cheer and the Queen and duke walked along a path to the mansion stopping briefly to meet some of the well-wishers.


Some of the residents welcomed the Queen by decorating their houses with large flags and bunting, hung from rooftops.


'Good humour'

Philip showed that despite his recent health problems he had lost none of his blunt sense of humour when he joked with a disabled man about his mode of transport.


He walked up to David Miller, 60, and gesturing to the four-wheeled mobility scooter he was sitting on, he asked "how many people have you knocked over this morning on that thing?".


Mr Miller, a trustee of a charitable trust that runs the Valentine mansion, has difficulties walking, due to a spinal problem.


He said later: "That is just typical from the duke. He is renowned for his humour but no offence was taken, it was all in good humour.


"I told him 'no, your Royal Highness' - I had not knocked anyone down."


At the 17th Century house, they viewed paintings by artists including Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon and David Hockney.


As the Queen left the building, she came across artist Jason Rose painting a portrait of his teenage son in the lobby.


She asked his son if he had a day off school and when he said he did, she asked: "Why are you wearing your school uniform?"


The 14-year-old made her laugh when he said: "I managed to get the day off because I told them I would wear my uniform."


Catering courses


Before leaving, the Queen opened Valentines Diamond Jubilee Dry Garden - laid with plants that need little watering - surrounded by cheering crowds.


The Queen and duke then went to Waltham Forest Town Hall for a lunch attended by mayors from the 32 boroughs and the City of London.


In Walthamstow, crowds of at least 2,500 schoolchildren gathered in the sunshine to meet the Queen.


She talked to 28-year-old British kickboxing champion Ruqsana Begum, who trains in Bethnal Green, in east London, and will be carrying the Olympic flame this summer.


The kickboxer said later: "The Queen asked me if it's painful. I said it is but you don't feel it because of the adrenaline."


The silver service lunch was prepared by Indian chef Cyrus Todiwala, assisted by cooks from top London hotels and served by students from catering courses from across the capital.


Business leaders, community workers and religious leaders also dined.


Later, the royal couple were cheered by on by 1,500 Harrow residents, including 400 members of uniformed bands including Scouts and Air Cadets.


They visited the Krishna Avanti School where they viewed dance and musical performances by schoolchildren and local groups.


Queen hands out Maundy money at York Minster
6 years ago

Queen hands out Maundy money at York Minster

The tradition of giving Maundy Money goes back hundreds of years



The Queen has handed out traditional Royal Maundy money to 172 people during a service at York Minster.


Thousands of people gathered outside the minster and cheered as the Queen arrived for the service.


The Dean of York said the minster was honoured to have been chosen to host the service, which was last held in the city in 1972.


York is one of the few cathedrals outside London to have been asked to hold the service for a second time.


As the Queen arrived at the minster, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh and Princess Beatrice of York, people could be seen toasting her with champagne in windows overlooking the street.


Dressed in grey tweed overcoat and aquamarine hat, the Queen had to touch a ceremonial sword and mace before passing through the 12th Century gateway to the walled city, Micklegate Bar.


To mark her Diamond Jubilee, the Queen handed out money to people from all of the UK's 44 Christian dioceses.


Usually, the Maundy money is given to people from a single diocese.


But this year, 86 women and 86 men - one for each of the Queen's 86 years - received the money in recognition of their services to the Church and their communities.


The royal party was greeted with rapturous applause and cheering as they emerged on to the steps of the Minster following the hour-long service.


The Dean of York, The Very Reverend Keith Jones, said the Queen had specifically requested that this year's service was a large one reflecting the celebrations for her Diamond Jubilee.


"We are given to understand that this service is very important to The Queen," he said.


Dean Jones said those receiving the Maundy money were all aged over 70 and had made valuable contributions to their neighbours, community and church.


Alf Patrick, 90, from York, who played for York City Football Club in the 1940s and 50s is one of the men selected to receive the Maundy money.


Mr Patrick said he had been "dumbfounded" to receive the invitation.


Recipients will received two purses from the Sovereign, a red and a white one.


The red purse contains a small amount of money in lieu of food and clothing. The white purse contains silver Maundy coins consisting of the same number of pence as the years of the sovereign's age.


Royal Maundy

The Queen at Micklegate Bar
  • Royal Maundy is a religious service in the Church of England held on Maundy Thursday
  • Historically it involved gifts of food and clothing and washing the feet of the poor
  • The Royal Family has taken part in Maundy ceremonies since the 13th Century

Source: The Royal Mint

At the scene


Tim Dale, BBC News


Crowds began gathering outside York Minster in the early morning sunshine in anticipation of the Queen's arrival.


The mood is very good natured, no pushing or shoving to get a place, with people waving gloves and hats to attract the attention of friends elsewhere in the crowd.


With bells pealing, a round of applause greeted the Yeoman of the Guard as they marched into the Minster in their traditional uniforms emblazoned with 'ER'.


One group of Royal watchers were determined to get a good view.


Julie Pickering, from Driffield, East Yorkshire, who was there with her daughters, said: "We left home at 7.30, we didn't want to miss anything. We'll be okay waiting, we've brought sweets."


Her friend, Jo Ramsey, said she believed the wait would be worth it and described the day as "quintessentially English".

Diamond Jubilee: Queen in Aberfan for second day of Wales tour
6 years ago

27 April 2012 Last updated at 06:57


Diamond Jubilee: Queen in Aberfan for second day of Wales tour

The Queen visits Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff
The Queen on the first day of her two-day tour of Wales to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are due to begin the second of their two-day tour of Wales to mark her Diamond Jubilee.
They will travel to Aberfan, their fourth visit to the town since the landslide disaster that claimed 144 lives in October 1966.
Later, they will visit Ebbw Vale and Glanusk Park, near Crickhowell, Powys.
The tour has attracted hundreds of well-wishers, but two men were arrested in separate incidents in Merthyr.
The Queen and the duke will start the day by officially opening Ynysowen Community Primary School in Aberfan.
The visit is a sign of her continued support for the community since a coal waste tip slid down a mountain, engulfing a school and surrounding houses.
Among the victims were 116 children.
Later, they will meet former steel workers and museum volunteers at a newly-refurbished works general office and archives in Ebbw Vale.
The Queen and the duke will then attend a service at the town's Christ Church and meet community groups in a reception.
Finally, the visit will be crowned with a "Diamonds in the Park" festival in Glanusk Park, featuring rural activities and sports.
More than 100 young St John volunteers will meet the Queen on her visit.
On Thursday, the Queen started the first day of the tour in Cardiff with a service of thanksgiving at Llandaff Cathedral. More than 600 people attended.

The royal couple then travelled to Margam Park, where they met Wales' Grand Slam-winning team.


They ended the day with a visit to Merthyr Tydfil's Cyfarthfa Castle and Cyfarthfa High School.


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Have you been where the Queen's been?
6 years ago


Have you been where the Queen's been? Queen Elizabeth II is probably the best-travelled monarch in history. To mark her Diamond Jubilee we have plotted Her Majesty's state and official visits around the globe over the past 60 years. Use the map or list to compare how many countries you have been to with the number visited by the Queen - and share the result. And watch highlights of her tours in the videos below.


How to count your countries


Select countries you have been to from the list. You will see the the number of countries change in the panel below. Selecting a country on the list highlights its capital on the map. Click on it again to undo.



You can also select cities from the map. Only the number of countries will change, so it doesn't matter if you click on several cities in the same country.

6 years ago

Are you going to be able to take in any of the Olympics there Ray?  I joined the crowds when we held the winter one here a couple of years ago but couldn't afford tickets to any of the events.


Now about The Queen.  I like her.  I liked Diana and I like her boys.  She has been a great servant of the common wealth and an asset to our countries.  I kinda hope it goes right to Diana's boy when she passes because I cannot stand Charles.  It also costs us a small fortune here for all of her Governor General appointees that we have to pay for.  Not sure how much longer we will stay with the Royalty here in Canada.

6 years ago

Cam, I am going to try take in some the Olympics the best I can, at the moment I watch Highlights of the world snooker, I am hoping to watch all live England Games in Euro 2012 in relation to Football, for my American friends Soccer,


then all been well hope to find time to go to the Royal Albert Hall for Last Night of the Proms, I have only missed once that was last year, very busy on Political Derby, if you ever watch the Proms you will always notice me, I am the one waving my Union Flag.  


in relation to the Royals; In Britain we have the same opinion has your good self, we do not believe that Charles should not be King and we have made this known, we would like to Willaim be the next King.


but for this happen Charles would have to give up alrights to the throne, once he does this, Willaim will be give that right. 


we believe that Charles does not give off a very good impresssion of the Royal's, I would also add, we will not forgive for the way Diana was treated, and besides Willaim or Harry are more in touch with the British People like their Mother was unlike Charles. 

6 years ago

Ray, very interesting information.  As for Charles; like you he has never been my favorite of the Royals, that is until William and Kate's wedding and the special that ran before their wedding.  It made me see Charles in a much different manner.  Unfortunately, he was subjected to something that was not easy for him and he made sure his son's knew that they should follow their heart in marriage and he, above all others, encouraged William in regard to Kate and her being a commoner.  


It has been revealed and was evident as you watched that he has always had a very good and close relationship with his sons; he and Diane made certain that the boys always had their parents love and involvement and that does redeem him, too.  


Yes, Diane made certain her sons were well grounded with the people, as was she.  That they went to school rather than tutored like Charles.  So many of the things Charles would have wished to experience, the boys have experienced; yes, at Diane's request, but remember Charles had to stamp this with approval, too and he had to stand between the boys and Diane and the throne.  I did find out that the Queen encouraged this, too.  I believe she saw the problems and pain that the monarchy wrecked on her own children and didn't want her grandchildren to experience the same; not just the boys, but the other grandchildren as well. 


It cannot be easy living in a fishbowl with a whole nation placing expectations that are somewhat unreasonable and unnatural on them.  


Frankly, I don't think that Charles really wants to be King; I think he would prefer it transfer to William and I listened to a program on that very subject last weekend.  In essence, it appears the Queen and Charles are preparing William to directly ascend to the position of King, and as a result they are also preparing Kate for the role of Queen.  I do think that these two young people will bring about much needed change but will retain the tradition as much as possible, too.


It will be very interesting to see what happens, Ray and please share all that you hear or read about all of this.

Crowds show their support as Queen visits Lancashire
6 years ago

Crowds show their support as Queen visits Lancashire


As part of her Diamond Jubilee celebration tour, the Queen paid a visit to the North-West of England.


Thousands of street parties are to be held all over the UK to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on June 3.

Mark Easton reports.



Diamond Jubilee: Why British love Queen and monarchy
6 years ago

Diamond Jubilee: Why British love Queen and monarchy


Thousands of street parties will be held all over the UK to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with millions expected to line the Mall in London and cheer Her Majesty.


Susana Mendonça spoke to the public and royal historian Dr Kate Williams to find out why the British love the monarchy.



6 years ago

I fully appreciate the love the British have for Queen Elizabeth.  She has often seemed aloof and rather lacking in humor; making her seem unapproachable. There also seemed to be so much talk from the media that she and Princess Diana did not get along well.  However, in watching Prince William and Prince Henry, it is very apparent that so much of that had to be media as they seem very close to their Grandmother and Grandfather, a well as their Father.  In defense of Queen Elizabeth II, she is a different personality; she seems more quiet and reserved and has had the pressure of the monarchy on her shoulders for so many years.  She never really had the opportunity of most young people to have privacy and the opportunity to enjoy life free of that enormous responsibity and she is a person that takes her position very responsibly.


I have a great admiration for her and a new appreciation in seeing the love she has for her family.  I do think the media has not always painted the picture of her accurately.

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