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Obama has NO Shame...on the Pipeline...Just in the Nick of Election Time
6 years ago

Republican lawmakers criticized President Obama on Wednesday for planning to take credit for expediting the construction of a portion of the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline.

The administration, after blocking progress on the broader project early this year, is expected to announce Thursday that the White House will fast-track permits for the southern section.

“President Obama claiming credit for speeding up the Keystone pipeline is like Al Gore saying he invented the Internet,” said Rep. John Sullivan, a Republican from Oklahoma, the start of the pipeline’s southern section that will stretch to the Gulf of Mexico. “It is claiming credit where credit isn't due.”

The president reportedly will make the announcement in Cushing, Okla. on Thursday, the second day of his energy-policy trip this week.

Sullivan called the trip an attempt by Obama to deflect attention from his failing energy policies and the average price of gas approaching $4 a gallon.

He claims the so-called Cushing pipeline doesn’t cross international lines so it doesn’t need presidential approval, and he points out the president just last week personally lobbied Congress to vote against it.

Sullivan said the permits must instead come from state authorities, the Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services, “not the president."

The roughly 1,700-mile pipeline is being built by TransCanada Corp. and would run from the Canadian border to the Gulf.

The State Department earlier this year blocked permits largely over environmental concerns, while Republicans and others say building the pipeline will help with U.S. energy policy and creates thousands of construction jobs.

The president recently has given his support to the construction of the southern section because a glut of oil in Cushing needs to get to refineries in Texas.

White House spokesman Jay Carney on Wednesday acknowledged the news reports about the president’s proposed announcement but decline to comment further.

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6 years ago

What did I tell you?    Obama simply has no shame.   He'll do whatever is necessary to promote his re-election.   Now, of course, he wants to entertain the idea that we should actually open a part of the Pipeline....just in the nick of he's Obama's vulnerability....touting himself as taking the credit for the part of the Pipeline that will get it going....for his re-election efforts.


Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who votes for Obama's re-election in November has literally been asleep for the past four years.   Ladies and elected a chameleon.   Time to get him OUT of our White House.   Obama is transparent alright....connect the dots.    Barack Hussein Obama simply has no shame....he'll do whatever he has to do to stay in office four more years to promote The Cloward-Piven Strategy.   VOTE HIM OUT.  

6 years ago

Thanks for these words of wisdom, Carol.   I KNEW Obama would swoop in with the pipeline.....could've taken that one to the bank.   LOL!

6 years ago

Carol, love the quotes.  Robin Williams has it well put.  In fact, they are all excellent.  Phase 1 and 2 are both up and operationional.  The southern or Phase 3 is going to link this to the Gulf, and yes, we could have counted on this.  He is going to have trouble with the environmentalists and the unions now, and how is Warren going to take this one?

Obama Caught Fibbing at Oil Field
6 years ago


Domestic oil production overall in the U.S. is at its highest level in the past eight years, according to the Energy Department.

But production on federal lands was down 14 percent year-over-year in 2011, and overall remains 13 percent lower than it was in 2003.

Still, Obama – who has made renewable energy a hallmark of his administration — insisted he’s not backing away from drilling or searching for more oil.

“You wouldn’t know it from listening to some of these folks running for office, but producing more oil here in our own country has been, and will continue to be, a key part of our energy strategy,” Obama said.

“We’re drilling all over the place,” he said.


(Video available at website)



Obamateurism of the Day
6 years ago

By Ed Morrissey


Wonder why Barack Obama can’t come up with a coherent gas policy? Take a look atObama’s speech at Sempra Energy in Bouder, Colorado yesterday:

We have subsidized oil companies for a century.  We want to encourage production of oil and gas, and make sure that wherever we’ve got American resources, we are tapping into them.  But they don’t need an additional incentive when gas is $3.75 a gallon, when oil is $1.20 a barrel, $1.25 a barrel.  They don’t need additional incentives.  They are doing fine.

First, oil is not $1.20 or $1.25 a barrel.  Today it was trading at $107 per barrel, or around 86 times what the President quoted here.  Besides, this is about as big a non-sequitur as one can possibly create on the cost of gasoline.  To the extent that this is coherent at all, it sounds as if Obama is claiming that the difference between the price of a gallon of gasoline and the price of a barrel of oil equals profit. That’s about as ignorant a claim on energy costs as I’ve ever heard.

Update: Thanks to Instapundit for the link.  I have had a couple of people e-mail me to suggest that the transcription was in error, and Obama said “one twenty” as in $120 rather than $1.20.  That’s possible — but first, this is the official White House transcription. Second, the argument makes even less sense that way.  Obama’s claiming that the profit is the difference between $3.75 a gallon and $1.20 a barrel.  If it’s $120 a barrel in this form, Obama would be claiming that they’re taking a bath, not profiting.  And either way, the direct comparison between a gallon of refined gasoline and the cost of a barrel of oil to demonstrate the scope of profit is completely absurd.  As one correspondent to Instapundit says, it seems as if Obama is completely unaware that gasoline has to be refined from the oil.

6 years ago

My first thought when I heard this was "Southern section???  What about the rest of it?"   The whole thing is Obama wanting to look as good as possible in an election year to the American public which he thinks is stupid & gullible enough to fall for his BS. 


Great quotes Carol!!!!!   Robin Williams' is my favorite!

6 years ago

What's next, Sandy?    Do you think Obama will repeal ObamaCare in September or October???  

Maybe some more "changes" to make a gullible public happier.
6 years ago

6 years ago

Sandy, my understanding is that the Phase 1 and 2 are operational, phase 3 is the southern but I am trying hard to understand how it all works without phase 4.  Still trying to get that one and Obama has said no to it.  


Love this one about the "changes" to make a gullible public happier; and there are some that still believe it.

6 years ago

Well, let's see -- Obama is the new John Kerry!  Kerry voted for it before he voted against it.  Obama voted against it before he started going for it.  It's amazing what poll numbers can do.  A poll I saw this AM stated that 75% of people were for the pipeline --- Guess Obama decided he's better jump on Air Force One and fly to Oklahoma and "appear to be FOR it".


How much do we want to bet that he will be for it during the election process and against it after November?  Everything this man does is predicated toward "waiting" out the people!

Obama calls for southern Keystone XL approval
6 years ago

Obama calls for southern Keystone XL approval

US President Barack Obama orders fast-tracking of Keystone XL pipeline route in Cushing, Oklahoma 22 March 2012
Obama's energy policy has become a focal point for attacks from the president's opponents

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US President Barack Obama has pledged to speed approval for the southern leg of the stalled Keystone XL pipeline.


Speaking in the oil hub of Cushing, Oklahoma, he ordered officials to "cut through the red tape" and make fast-tracking a federal review a "priority".


Mr Obama's speech comes on day two of an energy tour spanning four US states, including Nevada and New Mexico. Analysts say he is politically vulnerable to rising fuel prices during an election year. The entire Keystone XL pipeline would run from the oil sands of western Canada to refineries in Texas, but has become a controversial issue amid ongoing debate over its potential environmental impact.


In January, the White House put the plan on hold, saying more time was needed to assess the environmental impact of the $7bn (£4.4bn) plan.


But the following month the Obama administration approved construction for the southern leg of the pipeline.


The environmental concerns focus on a section of the route planned to cut through a Nebraska aquifer, and do not apply to the southern section.

'Fun politics'


Speaking in Cushing, Mr Obama boasted of his record in opening up domestic oil resources and defended his administration's handling of the Keystone XL pipeline.


Calling oil production a "critical part" of his energy strategy, the president said: "We are drilling all over the place, right now. "We're producing so much oil and gas in places like North Dakota and Colorado that we don't have enough pipeline capacity to transport all of it." Mr Obama said the approval of the southern part of the pipeline route would help ease the crude oil "bottleneck" in towns like Cushing.


But he said that his administration's decision not to approve the pipeline's northern leg was held up because "Congress decided they wanted their own timeline", turning the Keystone XL approval process into a "fun political issue".


However, Mr Obama's announcement is not expected to alter the current timeline for construction of the pipeline, which could start as early as June.


Republican critics of the president say his energy tour is little more than a series of photo opportunities and an attempt to regain the political initiative on the issue even as fuel prices continue to rise.


In an email to Bloomberg news, a spokesman from TransCanada, the company implementing the project, said only one permission from the US Army Corps of Engineers was outstanding. "We expect to receive the permits in time to begin construction in 2012 and be operational in 2013," spokesman Terry Cunha said. The president will move on to the final stop of his energy tour in Columbus, Ohio.


'Flat earth society'


On Wednesday, the president visited a solar energy facility in Nevada and an oil field in New Mexico to highlight what he has termed his "all of the above" energy policy.


Mr Obama spoke out against the "flat-Earth society in Congress" for protecting subsidies and tax breaks for the oil and gas industry. "Every time you fill up at the pump, they're making money," he said.


In recent weeks Mr Obama has been fending off criticism of his energy policy, which some argue has suppressed domestic production while fuel prices have climbed to $3.86 (£2.44) per gallon. The Keystone XL pipeline has been a focal point for critics, who say Mr Obama denied approval of a project that would create jobs and reduce US reliance on foreign oil. Administration officials have said they will review the remaining parts of the pipeline once a new route has been identified.


A map of the original proposed pipeline



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6 years ago

                 OBAMA HAS NO SHAME






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