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The Party of National Security
6 years ago

President Obama’s budget cuts defense by $487 billion over the next ten years. Furthermore, the president has not led an effort to avoid an additional $500 billion of cuts under the so-called “sequestration,” which will likely result in what Obama’s secretary of defense predicts will be “smallest ground force since 1940, the smallest number of ships since 1915, and the smallest Air Force in its history.”



But instead of following the president’s path, House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan chose to lead. He proposed a budget last week that actually increases defense in real terms each year—“[it puts] defense first among government’s priorities while simultaneously lifting the debt burden and ensuring a more prosperous America would enable the nation to afford a modernized military that is properly sized for the breadth of the challenges America faces,” the proposal states.



And today, the Republican Study Committee released its own budget that matches the defense numbers in Ryan’s budget, even though it slashes discretionary more drastically than the House Budget Committee’s proposal. Both budgets show that being the party of fiscal discipline doesn’t mean giving up the GOP’s traditional role as the party of national security.

These budgets put the mainstream Republican party squarely in line with the party’s Reaganesque tradition of peace through strength.


In an address to the nation in March 1983, President Ronald Reagan told the nation that the budget he had recently submitted to Congress “has been trimmed to the limits of safety. Further deep cuts cannot be made without seriously endangering the security of the nation. The choice is up to the men and women you've elected to the Congress, and that means the choice is up to you.”

6 years ago

Next thing on the agenda -- Obama will make Ron Paul his National Security Advisor!   And that ain't a funny thought!

6 years ago

Oh Tara Jane, that is not funny; that is downright frightening.  When I tought it couldn't get worse you proved it could.

6 years ago

Ron Paul is more than weird.    This is why he's always a bridesmaid and never a bride.   Americans will never elect a Ron Paul to the highest office in the country.   There's a reason for that LOL!

6 years ago

Something really struck me the other day.  On another site - QUITE conservative -- the posters, with much frequency call Romney a RINO.  I keep telling them that Romney isn't a RINO he's a moderate Republican.  And then it just struck me -- sorta out of the blue.................


Ron Paul is the real RINO.  Definitely a Republican in Name Only since he's really a Libertarian!  I imparted that to one of the posters -- and a light bulb went off -- "why you are correct, why didn't I think of that before".


Yes, folks they walk among us and they are Republicans!  Duh!  We are in deep do do do! 

6 years ago

Tara Jane, that is absolutely correct and I was one of those   Republicans.  

Anyone that thinks Romney is not a true Republican is missing the mark.  What is so ineresting is that the liberals attack him for being a conservative and his conservative position on issues and the Repubicans attack him as being a RINO Now my grandson heard a person on the TV refer to Mr. Romney as a Rino and he turned to me and said, "Grandma, Mr. Romney doesn't have a horn sticking out of his forehead and he walks on two legs and not 4, and he isn't ugly, so how can he be a Rino?"  So, folks, there you have it, Romney can't be a RINO according to my 8 hear old grandson.

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