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Romney stuck to honest beliefs at NAACP speech
6 years ago

Romney’s critics take the bait

By Kathleen Parker, The Washington Post, 15 Jul 12


We’re still a few weeks from summer’s dog days and the presidential conventions, and already feral rabidity has set in. Add to the long list of psycho-political syndromes the “Romney Derangement Syndrome.”

There is simply no other way to explain what has transpired in the few days since Mitt Romney’s speech to the NAACP. If you read a headline or watched the news, most likely you’re aware that Romney was booed for saying that he would repeal Obamacare. What you may not know is that Romney also left the stage to a standing ovation.

Suppose you were an editor, which headline would you prefer:

“NAACP boos Romney during speech about Obamacare”

“NAACP convention gives Romney a standing O”


In the aftermath, conservative talk shows and bloggers have made haste to clarify the event, but not before several on the other side of the aisle had made some stupendously strange remarks.

It is true that Romney was booed at the mention of Obamacare and his intention to repeal the Affordable Care Act, as one of several programs that he says are too costly in these dear economic times. Was Romney surprised at the response? Of course not. The vast majority of African Americans support the nation’s first African American president, and most are favorably inclined toward his signature health care act.

While grudgingly giving Romney credit for showing up, commentators and politicos on the left have joined the birthers in being just plain weird. The narrative du jour is that Romney purposely used the term Obamacare to ensure that he was booed in order to . . . incite his racist white base.

Exacto-rama, Robin! How could I have missed this brilliant maneuver!?


6 years ago

Among those advancing this, ahem, “theory” is House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who said it was a “calculated move.” MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell said that Romney was making a play for white racists. Over at the Daily Beast, Michael Tomasky called Romney a “race-mongering pyromaniac,” and wrote:

“You don’t go into the NAACP and use the word ‘Obamacare’ and think that you’re not going to hear some boos. It’s a heavily loaded word, and Romney and his people know very well that liberals and the president’s supporters consider it an insult. . . . Romney and team obviously concluded that a little shower of boos was perfectly fine because the story ‘Romney Booed at NAACP’ would jazz up their (very white) base.”

Yes, I see. That’s a very astute analysis, Mr. Tomasky. Now just keep your eyes closed and try to relax. When I snap my fingers, you’ll wake up and remember nothing. You’ll just feel calm and optimistic about the future.

The notion that Team Romney wanted to jazz up all those “very white” racists requires a level of delusion that one usually associates with the fringies. Does anyone really imagine that Romney is worried about the racist vote? While we’re hearing voices, let’s eavesdrop on a Very Secret Meeting:

“Mitt, you know, there’s one demographic we’re worried about.”

“What’s that, Stu?”

“Well, sir, the Aryan Nation. Their votes? Hanging from the precipice, sir. We have to reel them in.”

“Holy moly, Stu, but how?”

“I have a plan. When you speak to the NAACP next week, we’re gonna have you say ‘Obamacare.’ You’ll get booed, of course, but no Aryan will vote for Barack Obama, I can promise you that, sir.”

“Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat, Stu, that’s sheer genius! But won’t the liberal media figure it out? Won’t they see our plan?”

“With all due respect, sir, don’t be ridiculous.”

Is anyone tethered to Earth anymore? Romney said he would repeal Obamacare because he always says this. What would the word-parsers have said if he had adjusted his message to be more palatable to a crowd from which no one expected more than basic civility? They would have said he was a deceiver, a shape-shifter, a manipulator and a dishonest broker.

As for the term Obamacare, this is widely used, including by columnists who are strictly limited by word count. I’ll never use four unwieldy words that most people don’t recognize, such as “the Affordable Care Act,” for one word that everybody understands: Obamacare.


6 years ago

It has a ring to it that means nothing beyond what it is — short, memorable and to the point, sort of like Romneycare, which Democrats use frequently. What sort of dogs are they whistling to, one wonders? Trying to stoke the rage of all those “very black” or “very Latino” Mormon haters?


6 years ago

"Jumpin' Jehoshaphat" that was a great article, Sandy.  At the time of the speech one member had posted the article about Romney being booed, and in looking to see what the media was saying, I was pleased that there was the corresponding article, which I posted, that dealth with the fact that he got a standing ovation as well.  What was further emphasized and interesting is that Obama never made an appearance but sent Biden and that did get some conservative attention but of course neither the standing ovation or displeasure with Obama's failure to address the NAACP were covered.


I do appreciate the above as it does clarify just how positive the impact of Romney's decision; it was not about what he said, it was that he showed enough respect and consideration to address the delegates to their convention.  


This is the point that I feel needs to be stressed, even when in a negative or no-win situation, Romney will step up and make the best effort, the sign of a real leader and the sign of a man with integrity.  Only a person that really does not care about or like people would be so selective as to who was worthy of his time; evidenced again by Obama's 2 day campaign tour of Virginia.  The very people he should have talked to are the people he ignored once more.  It is not around the areas more predominantly liberal that he should be addressing, it is the people he should want to impress and convert or those liberals that are hurting due to the economy that he should be addressing and he ignored them.


I have heard more negative regarding him from people in this community that are died in the wool liberals in the past week and much of it is discontent and then the feeling of insult that this area was not important enough to him.  Great move for Romney, Obama and thank you is all I can say as I nicely remind them that Romney does care.

6 years ago

Linda and Sandy, the majority of liberals in Virginia live in northern Virginia.   The rest of the state you'll find republicans...thousands of military families.   There are also quite a few republicans living in northern Virginia who are also in the military.   The Pentagon is ready to move the liberal appointees out once Romney wins.    Works for me.

6 years ago

My diehard Democrat friend lives in Centreville, VA.  Her husband was an Army lawyer for 16 years and now works in the Pentagon.  Bound to be one in the bunch.   Still can't figure out why. 



6 years ago

Diane, that does explain things.  Abingdon listened to the Teaparty and voted a Democrat, out of the House (he had been there for some time) and elected a Republican and I guess that was almost unheard of in this community, and it had to do with the fact he supported PPAAC (Obamacare).  I did that for any politically correct people that might be reading our threads, as even though it is common, and Obama himself refers to PPAAC as Obamacare, some will correct if we fail to use that proper terminology.


Sandy, yes, no matter where you are there are always the one's that break from the norm for their given "interest group".  Can't figure it out, just have to accept that everyone has their right to their view.  LOL  Do like the cartoon very much.

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