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6 years ago

Carol, this is an excellent article.   It makes sense.  I mean, the black community doesn't believe in redistributive wealth either especially if the money is being taken from them.


We may see a crossover in November.   


Did you know that Obama's gay background is rising in the news again....??

6 years ago

I honestlyl think that there should be some MAJOR SOUND BLASTING out in the wilderness or more to the point, out to the people who have an entirely wrong idea as to what WEALTH DISTRIBUTION IS. I think that most of our less than very bright citizens feel that wealth distribution would take money away from the likes of Bill Gates, Mitt Romney, and thousands of other Multi Millionaires, and then we'd all be moderately wealthy. It reminds me of a joke that I heard several years ago about a few young school kids discussing Solicalism, Communism etc.
Little Johnny says to Irving, I think I like the idea of Communism and Socialsm Irv. What do you think of it. So Irv says well in Theory it sounds good, but I doubt if you'd like it. So Johnny asks for an explanation and Irv explains that under policies such as those, each and every one of the citizens of that country would be equals - meaning that they would all be worth about the same amount. This got Johnny all excited and he said I really like that idea because we're poor, and look at all of those wealthy people. I want some of that money. If every one had to share, what would that give me? So Irv gets his trusty little calculator out and divides the amount of money that is supposedly held by the whole of the population of the United States, and he divides the total sum by the 300,000,000 people living here. Finally, he says, well, Johnny, it comes out to just about $36.50 per man, woman and child. What do you think of that? Johnny says THAT's no Good, because I have $70 dollars. - So much for Socialism, huh???


6 years ago

Daine, I put up a post on that yesterday.  It is quite interesting as it ties into Rev. Jeremiah Wright and comes from members of Trinity Church.  I had forgotten that it was Rev. Wright that introduced Barack and Michelle; read about the Down Low Club.  Hope I have the name right; it is the topic entitled Trinity Church Members Reveal Obama Shocker, I believe that is the correct title, but close.

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6 years ago

I found that information very telling, Linda.   Oh my, the books that will be lining the shelves soon on the real Barack and Michelle....and all those people who knew them in college perhaps one or two will step up to the plate and write their books on what radicals they were then and now.


There's still so much we don't know, Linda.   Everyone on Political Derby is doing great research....bringing the truth to us.   I hope our liberal "lurkers" are reading.

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