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5 years ago

Very interesting and yes, if the people subjected to the experimentation were not properly informed of the negative effects or lasting affects and even more, if this violated the agencies own regulations then it is wrong.  I think that the real issue is that there appear to be clear violations and this is being turned over to an already compromised and corrupt DOJ to investigate.  This is precisely why it is equally frightening to see that Obama has continually stood in the way of the investigation of other matters such as Fast and Furious which now has compromised the DOJ completely.  At what point is the government allowed to escape accountability?  We have a system of checks and balances for a purpose and the president is not to interfere in this process.  If one specific branch of the government has allogations against them, he is to encourage open and thorough investigation and not impede this process and Obama has not done this.  


I am going to avoid the negative labels here and just ask how any citizen of this Country can support this sort of misuse and abuse of the political system in the U.S.; regardless as to whether it is the president, attorney general, member of Congress or a sitting justice of the Supreme Court; how is it to be justified to not hold all elected officials accountable for upholding the Constitution and the laws of the land?


I have participated in studies conducted in a medical school before and know all the processes necessary to be a participant.  I was warned of all the potential health risks, the prognosis if any of these were to happen, and encouraged to think about this before signing the agreement.  So, from that standpoint, the issue is not as much on the doctor's from that point as I am sure that they would have done this.  The issue is that the EPA allowed or requested that levels they had already deemed inappropriate were allowed in this case.  Further, the doctors had to know this and they agreed regardless of the regulations.  


What a mess and just one more case of government thinking they have the right to disregard the laws; ultimate arrogance.

5 years ago

This is disturbing.   I don't understand how anyone can risk getting serious illnesses for $12 an hour.

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