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Why Obama Won
5 years ago

By Gary Aminoff

On election night, as the camera panned the audience waiting to hear Barack Obama give his victory speech, what struck me was that the audience was primarily young people and minorities.  My thought was, "These are the very people who will suffer the most under a second Obama administration.  Don't they know they are voting against their own best interest?"

And then I thought about it and came to the conclusion: "No.  They don't."  They don't because they are, by and large, uneducated.  Oh, some of them may have college degrees or even graduate degrees, but they are still substantially uneducated.  I would bet that very few of them know the difference between Keynesian economics and Austrian School economics.  I am sure that most of them have never heard of the Laffer Curve.  I would guess that most of them aren't familiar with the first principles behind the origin of our country.  I doubt that many of them know what evil lies in Socialism or Communism, or unbridled leftism.  Or are even aware that Barack Obama is a man of the left, and what that means.  They, for the most part, have no idea what the concept of individual liberty is, nor how a big, powerful central government reduces that liberty.  I also am pretty sure that they feel that Barack Obama is someone who cares about the poor, women, minorities, and the "middle class," and that Republicans don't.  I would stake my substance on the fact that they don't know what is meant by a limited government, or what the Tenth Amendment says.  I am certain that most of them don't know anything about Benghazi.  Substantially uneducated!

How is it that we have raised one or two generations of uneducated Americans?  The answer, my friend, is not blowing in the wind.  The answer lies in the curricula of our schools.

For the past several months, in my capacity in the Republican Party, I have been speaking at middle schools and high schools around Los Angeles.  It has been very enlightening.

I love engaging with children.  Most of them are very bright and ask brilliant questions.  The questions give me insights into what they are most concerned about.  It also makes clear what they are taught -- by either their parents or their teachers, or both.

To summarize -- children, for the most part, believe the following:

a) Republicans care about only the rich -- the top 1% -- and don't care about anyone else.

b) Republicans hate people of color and especially Latinos.

c) Republicans hate gays.

d) Republicans are racist.

e) It is the government that provides jobs.  (I have asked that question many times in classrooms or assemblies.  "Who is it that creates jobs in America?"  The answer is invariably, without hesitation, "the government.")

f) Corporations are bad, and profits are very bad.  Business shouldn't make profits; they should give any excess money they make to their employees.

g) Taxes are good; they provide the money for the government to take care of people.

h) Government should expand and take care of everyone in the country.

i) America, rather than being a force for good in the world, has been a force for evil.

j) Government has an unlimited source of funds.  (When I ask, "Where is the government going to get the money to do all these things you want it to do?," the answer is "taxes.")


5 years ago

These children will soon be voters.  How is it, in America, that we are raising children to believe that bigger government is better, that government is the engine that provides jobs, that profits are bad, that Republicans care about only the rich, that we are racist, and that we hate minorities and gays.

This is not something to be ignored.  Our country is being changed forever by children who have had this type of indoctrination.  We must figure out how to stop it.  We need to create a love of country in our children as we once did.  We need to have our children say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag every morning, as we once did.  We need to teach our children that America has been a force for good in the world.  We need to teach them that it is not the role of government to "take care" of people.  We need to teach civics once again, and the Constitution.

Until this problem is dealt with, and it needs to be soon, we will be raising generations of children who believe in an ever-larger government and who will permanently change America into Greece.  There will be no Republican Party or conservative candidates who will win elections as more and more of the population is indoctrinated with leftist thinking.  Goodbye to the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free if we don't act on this issue.

5 years ago

When you think about this, the kids in college right now are the first real generation that, for the most part, have never said the Pledge of Allegiance in School.  They are not being taught pride in being an American, their exposure is limited to American History and then from a clinical perspective and not from the persepctive that teaches pride in their Country; they don't know what that means.  

They are children that are taught that all the military represents is war and war is wrong; not that war is bad and we desire not to send our young men/women to war zones, but that war is wrong and that those that join the military are people that enjoy killing women and chilldren.  Of course if you are in the military, your children are not taught this, but that makes up a small minority of our children and even these children find mainstream schools (schools off the base) difficult as they confuse them as to what the military represents, thus the role their military parent represents.  

But as I thought about this I realized that this is the first full generation that has not been exposed to love of their Country, true patriotism.  Therefore, they do not have that real respect for and love of their Country, they see it as stated in the article, one that owes them everything and to which they owe nothing.

5 years ago

It has also dawned on me that this is the first full generation now in college that has never lived with the real threat of communism; they were born after the fall of the Iron Curtain.  Further, in school they are being taught that socialism is a good thing, acceptable.  We have failed to stay dilligent and unfortunately this generation was being taught Marxist-socialism; "share the wealth" and "the government will take care of you" and other concepts that we know to be only partially true and not in the manner they have expected.  They failed to teach them that under this form of socialism there will still be the select few at the top that rule, have the greatest wealth, that live a much better lifestyle and off the backs of the rest of the people.  And that there is little to no hope that they will ever attain that position in life, they are there to provide only enough to exist and the rest of their effort goes to the benefit of that top group.  So this generation of young people believe that all the concepts that Obama has been preaching are true and that they have the right to expect the wealthy to share their wealth with everyone and are not troubled when this same criteria does not apply to Obama or his elite group of "overseers".  

This makes me appreciate so much those young people that have not bought into this hype and have stood their ground; to their parents for going against the mainstream and seeing that their children do value hard work, providing for one's self, the pride and value of being an American, etc.  But I guess you can't expect parents that do not share these values to try to instill them in their children; there lies the big issue.  How do you change the views of the young people when they are only representatives of their parents that share the same views?

5 years ago

Well it certainly is a major factor that most young people have been subject to the curriculum developed and pushed by Dear Leader's friend and mentor, Bill Ayres, but that is only part of the problem. For many groups (blacks. Hispanics, women, those with alternative "lifestyles") it is also that government "gives" them things be it "free birth control", "gay rights", other people's money, etc and that buys votes. There are some who were indoctrinated in the 60s as well by the Left that was part of the media and academia even then. My father was career Air Force and the family was with him on Okinawa and in Germany in mid to late 1950s and saw some of the effects of WW2 as well as a concentration camp in Germany and the "successes" of communism in East Germany and East Berlin. Apparently that failed to have any effect on my one sister who became a "progressive" social studies teacher for many years until she retired a couple years ago. Part of that is due to her husband but she is as close minded and ignorant as the usual "progressive" despite her alleged "education". To be sure there is four plus years difference in our age with me being the older, but that didn't seem to affect my youngest sister who is nine years younger and the opposite in most beliefs. A big part of the current crop's problem is a real lack of life experiences and being tuned out as to what is going on. How anyone can not understand the value and necessity of the military after the aggressive actions of islam for the last several decades that include several attacks and attack attempts in the US including the worse attack ever on 9/11/2001 shows a level of detachment from reality that is both astounding and depressing.

5 years ago

John, I am certain this indoctrination of the young people has been in place since a little before WWII.  The problem has been that they had to see a couple of generations die off before they were able to make the inroads necessary to get to where we are now.  

I do know what you mean, though.  My sister spent the past 28 years working in the educational field as a special education instructor and so she was surrounded with the academics.  She was raised by the same parents with the same values and yet she switched to the liberal political side and even now that she is retired, she still supports the liberal/progressive position as she is convinced that the Republicans will ruin the educational system and cut spending for schools, etc.  Well, it has not dawned on her that maybe that has to happen; maybe there is another way for the schools to raise their funds.

One thing that does disturb me in that area is that where I am from the schools depend a great deal of bond levies and it works fairly well.  However, you always have to battle the elderly (like me) as they are retired, kids grown and they don't want to put out tax money for schools, forgetting that they were all for it when their kids were in school and the elderly of the community then were paying taxes for their kids.  So, do to so many failed levies, school districts have moved away from that and have put more emphasis on receiving federal funds.  In doing this they have allowed the federal goverment to interfere more and more in their programs and not all to the good.  It has increased the opportuinity for socialist indoctrination to enter the schools as the federal government tends to put conditions on the funds they give the school districts.

There is a solution, we just have to find it but the answer has to include getting the federal government out of the education.

5 years ago

inda and John: both very enlightening narratives and the truth for sure; interesting with the personal perspectives of family involved in education too. This really emphasizes the problem and O'Reilly stated it 2 nites ago as a major problem and he had no answers as well. Bill was a high school teacher before he got involved in broadcasting.

I was told same, republicans care only for rich and democrats are the party of the poor and working class. My dad was republican and this was a major point of dissent between us and he died never knowing I switched over. He made me and my mom promise him one thing that we vote for the person not the party and we did. We also listened to his arguments and we did vote for the person.
I was never a party line person; but I am today.

The solution is simple: David Horowitz presents solid and sound research in his books, especially:
Shadow Party that was my first book; but it took many, many books for me to leave and I have done so with no more questions. I believe a person must soul search first, read and analyze, join discussion groups and learn. That was my route; maybe someone else has a different path.

The stubborn people who clutch onto the myths perpetuated by the democrats and vote blindly and ignorantly will never learn because they are too close-minded. They watch reality shows, read liberal hype magazines which they believe are intellectual and they are downright foolish people.
I no longer waste my time with them. I have met so many really bright, innovative people in this campaign working for Mitt Romney. I med like mindset and it was a pleasure being with them everyday I worked.

I find people here on this group extremely stimulating and I learn more being here.

5 years ago

Linda: Except for a brief period I went to either Catholic or military run schools so not sure what the regular public schools taught but did have three aunts who taught public school from the late 20s through the 60s (depending on their age) and doubt they were pushing the "progressive" agenda. The problem over the last couple decades at least (and it isn't a money issue) is the curriculum and emphasis has changed to be more "touchy-feely" and more 'inclusive" emphasizing "self esteem" and "diversity" that makes sure we include all "groups" in history lessons (but starting US history at the Civil War and not including European history in world History because that is too much "evil white European males"), stressing "sex ed" (the more variety and the earlier the merrier), looking at Islam (but not Christianity and Judaism), not teaching writing, not teaching the sciences since that may be "culturally insensitive to some", making sure everyone "wins" and "feels good about themselves" no matter how much that actually achieve, etc. More money spent, lower test scores, lower graduation rates, more "remedial" courses in college for math/English/etc, and more people who do not have the basic skills.

5 years ago

John: everything you are stating is so true and it goes further into the colleges now. This idea that everyone wins and all children get the trophies is not good. They are not getting the idea of striving for success. They expect rewards for being there.

Remember that movie Peter Sellers did called "Being There" this is what is happening today.

Incompetency is rewarded and everyone is marveling and fawning over the "Being There" character who was built up to be something he was never and could not be because he did not have it to begin with. I believe he was a simple gardner who they built up to be a world class genius who knew everything and the intellectuals praised him with his gardening advise which they took to be genius and philosophical advise.

5 years ago

John, even though I went to public school, I have had a great deal of experience and many friends, as well as a daughter, that attended, at some time or another, Catholic schools and no, you would not have had the indoctrination there and be so glad.  I have a cousin that went to parochial schools and graduated from Georgetown.  I have a daughter who went to public schools and was saved when she went to Gonzaga U (Catholic) in Spokane, WA.  I have friends who were not Catholic, but made the decision to enroll their children in parochial schools and there is a world of difference between their position and attitude (all Republicans not by the way) and others that went to public schools.  My eldest son went to a private church run University and then a few years later went back to college at a state run univiersity.  He entered that second university a Repuiblican with very conservative views and emerged a hard-core liberal with very strong socialist views and voted both times for Obama.  

I know that there are many teachers that have not subscribed to the liberal view or the socialist position, John, but there are many, many more that have.  I also think it is much more prevalent today than it was in the 40's, 50's, but it started to turn in the 60's and is much,much more  the case today.  My eldest graduated with his second set of degrees 3 years ago to give you a reference point and I cannot believe that I raised him; his views are so in keeping with that of Obama, "Share the wealth".  He works for a very well know computer software developing company, makes great money, but still feels that entitlement programs are necessary.  It is a cause of some dissention as his wife, who graduated from the same university as he did the first time around, still share the conservative view.

So, it is interesting.

Sheila, if people would only open their minds, research and check for themselves and be willing to see the truth; but you are right, for so many it is easier to be lazy and accept the MSM and their twists and that media think for them.  I am so glad that you were not one of those and that you had a father that taught you to think for yourself; in my case it was my mother and thank God for her.  

My special fella lives in Oregon and he was explaining politics in Oregon to me.  The largest employer in Oregon is the Government; local, State and Federal.  Therefore, it is as blue as you can get and then even more so as the predominant voting body, living in the major cities, vote in a way to keep their jobs; liberal Democrats.  The other 3 major cities beside Portland are home to the State Capitol and the two State-run universities which are filled with liberal leaning academics. He said that there is no help for the Republicans in Oregon; it is become very corrupt and disappointing.  There is one federal Congressman representing Oregon that has been in D.C. for many terms and has no residence in Oregon and has not for at least 15 years and they still keep electing him, how we don't know.  The mayor of Portland is as corrupt as Daly in Chicago and awards state contracts to his good ole' boys.  I am not a homophobic but this man is gay and has seen to it that Portland has taken over the role of being the gay capitol of the West Coast, a distincting that for years belonged to San Francisco.  Portland is a cheaper area to live so that was the drawing card; that and his favortism.  Most city contracts go to owners of gay businesses.  My fella is a licensed contractor and also a civil engineer and he finally just retired as it was impossible to get jobs as he did not meet the criteria to get contracts.  So, that is Oregon.

Sheila and John, glad we are starting to get this sorted out and now it is time to figure out how to proceed, as we have to reclaim the U.S.

5 years ago

Carol, great information.  I think, though, that there are many factors and we can never rule out voter dissatisfaction.  I certainly know that the MSM were even better at campaigning for Obama than he was himself; they prepared the way for his election and they worked their distorted and twisted spins to present him as someone greater than life and gave him the credibility that he would not have had on his own merits.  

This is such good information, Carol.

5 years ago

journalistic confidence men serving us up the greatest con man in history: Obama ... that is true.

What now, if people had any sense now; they would tune out the MSM totally. I do, on rare occassion I will see what they are saying. Maybe one day a week and that is it; they are manipulating the minds of the masses; the demagouge party for sure.

Sad, but true; they are not going to present Benghazi. It never happened as far as they are concerned and this protects this president and any future run for hillary clinton. I am not counting her out; she wants rest and recuperation right now and the planning to run does take 4 yrs. she learned that from barack.

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