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A Light has gone out in America
5 years ago



If we think it is dark now, it will get darker still.  More international law usurping our constitution, warriors fighting under the UN banner in pale blue berets, Exec orders so no need of a Congress.  When someone chooses to put blinders on then he will be the blind leading the blind.  Obama is the Pied Piper of today, same as the fairy tale goes.

Sandra and Sheila: I dont' have the figures of how the whites voted this time but I do know that the Hispanic vote dropped down to 37% for the R's....

I too, am so dumbfounded I have been in the dumps since the 6th. It is unbelievable that people are so uninformed and misinformed. No research, nothing tempts them but the Lame Stream media and their lies and obfuscations.

I go around the house shaking my head in disbelief.  How, how, how? How did we not know the internal polling?  Mitt must have seen something. Where were his advisers?

I must go back to watching HGTV or Jeopardy or some other stuff.  I hear Rubio is already visiting Iowa.  Interesting.  What we need is more R registration, offices that never close.  Our conserv daughter is sick of the R Party.  Lot of blame to go around but the important thing is, how can we fix it?  As a bible believer I have to say that the end is nearer than we think and will gallop along faster now that O is leading our dear dear country that was handed him  on a blood bought platter. 

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