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The Real Reason We Lost by Dick Morris
5 years ago

As the popular vote counts emerge and we move out from under the shadow of the media spin, we are learning the real reason Romney lost. The mainstream media is pushing the story that a massive turnout among minorities and the young drowned the white male vote as America changes its demography.
But the real reason is that the whites who supported Romney didn’t turn out to vote. Just look at the fact, brought to my attention by National Review and Washington Examiner columnist Byron York, that Obama carried Ohio by 107,000 votes (some are still being counted) and that Romney got about 100,000 fewer votes than McCain! (2,677,820 for McCain v. 2,583,580 for Romney). Romney really lost by failing to turn out his base even as Obama was doing a very good job of getting his to the polls.

Why was the white vote so low? Why did so many anti-Obama voters stay home? The immediate cause was the total failure of the ORCA system for getting out the vote. This new hi tech gadgetry had never been beta tested and crashed repeatedly on Election Day. It was supposed to target the Romney supporters who had not yet voted and to give canvassers interactive maps of where to find them and to keep them appraised if they voted. But the volunteers who were to use the system to find the voters had not been adequately trained in their use and the system itself was flawed.

But the failure of the white vote to turn out was also because neither the Romney campaign nor any of the super PACs rebutted Obama’s attacks on the Republican candidate. Unanswered, the attacks transformed Romney’s Bain Capital experience into a nightmare of outsourcing and callous layoffs. Had Romney’s people or the Super PACs answered the attacks and pointed to the splendid record of job creation at Bain and told the stories of the failing companies he turned around, these voters would likely have voted and Romney would have won.

During the campaign, some may recall that I pleaded for answers to the Bain attacks in columns, videos, and on Fox News. Other consultants like Pat Caddell also called for answering ads. But none came. All throughout the late spring months, it was clear that Obama was destroying Romney’s image, but none of his supporters spent money on ads defending the candidate.

The Super PACs were all focused on negatives against Obama. Handcuffed by their own tax status, some of them felt legally able only to criticize Obama not to defend Romney. Others felt that rebuttal ads might raise accusations of coordination between the PACs and the Romney campaign.

But the fact is that those running the Romney campaign — the Super PAC consultants, and the Republican consulting community — in general do not believe in the efficacy of rebuttal media. All throughout the bruising Republican primary, nobody ran rebuttal ads. The negatives on each side just piled up until Romney crushed his rivals by sheer weight of his negative media.

And when Romney was on the receiving end of the attacks, the doctrine of no-rebuttal precluded an effective response. It was not until the convention that America got to see the positive aspects of Romney’s Bain record but by then the damage had been done.

Republican consultants are like the French Army of World War I, always committed to attacking, never to defending, regardless of the cost.

By contrast, the Clinton campaigns always focused on rebuttal media. “Never sleep under the same roof with an unanswered negative attack” was the motto of Clinton campaigns nationally and in Arkansas. As a result, his ability to survive negative attacks has become legendary.

Only a change in doctrine at the Republican Party can stop this pattern from being repeated. Answer. Answer. Answer must be the new motto.

Finally, the storm Sandy had a great deal to do with Obama’s re-election. His presidency may be its most lasting damage to our nation and its inhabitants. One voter in six cited the storm as the key factor in their decision to back Obama according to exit polls, a last minute bump for the president that was not reflected in the polls. Why not? Because there were no polls. The polling firms could not reach the affected areas during the storm. We were all flying blind when Obama and Governor Chris Christie’s display of bi-partisanship garnered votes of the Democratic ticket.

All this attests to the accuracy of the predictions, prior to the storm, of a Romney victory. But the failure of the Romney Election Day operations and the impact of the storm combined to put it out of reach.

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5 years ago

I think it is simplistic to say one thing sunk Romney. To be sure Romney ran a wimpy RINO campaign which isn't surprising when you look at the type of consultants on his "team" nor what his political background was. He had a one note message and not only failed to answer stupid charges make against him but also failed to go after Obama aggressively on his lies, failures. and radical and questionable background. But the voter suppression activities of the Demagogue Party and the administration like the actions taken to suppress military ballots and the wide spread voter fraud also contributed to that as did the failure of the Romney campaigns "super get out the vote" (NOT) system which compounded those tactics. Romney proved to the be not the dream candidate that the GOP establishment pushed when they were busy trashing conservative alternatives during the primary. It is also difficult to reach many of the voters in Dear Leader Obama's base who are both ignorant in many respects due to both the media and the education system and are being bought off cheap trinkets like free birth control pills, "Obama phones" and the like.

5 years ago

Well, this is a free country with freedom of speech.  So we listen to the rantings of some people, with patience,, although we don't agree!

5 years ago

Tara Jane, AMEN to that. Sitting on my hands, too, Tara Jane and fully understand just what you are saying.

5 years ago

John, let's get real here.    The ONLY reason Mitt Romney lost was because republicans didn't get out and vote....and KNOWING that Obama only won by 51%.    The majority of Americans didn't want Obama to be re-elected but the lack of voter turnout not only for Mitt but for Obama is what turned the tide on this election.


Mitt Romney is a darn good man and we lost the chance to turn our country around because of Americans who didn't vote.    We don't know why they didn't get out and vote but my guess is that some of them either thought Mitt had the win or that the Obama machine was too corrupt and nothing we could do would stop him.


We are all searching for the answers.    But know this.....Romney is the face of America.   Obama is NOT.    



5 years ago

Those 3 million who did not vote were definately Ron Paul supporters ... I read the articles which confirmed this; bragging over at Free and Brave how they wrote in Paul's name or voted for Gary Johnson and all articles put up with the stats. I will provide a link for anyone intereted, let me know.

I am concerned about the 8 million who never voted for Obama; were they the dead, pets, illegals?
If there were dems who sat home and disliked both canidates what number, not one word about these stats. I suspect they were rolls which were cleansed because they were non-existant voters to begin with and the dems don't want the facts out that they enroll the dead, etc.

Things happen for a reason. I believe and KNOW obama will ruin our economy further, there is no way to go but further down ... all the way down to the pit of despair and the democrats OWN everything, they own the economy, the destruction of the militiary power, everything. Our country will be transformed.

I hope it is temporary. Remember, obamacare takes full effect in 2015. By 2016, even the dumbest will want something else. You won't have to pander to the minorities and worry about buying those hispanic votes because this country will SUCK and even they will want something else.

5 years ago

Unfortuately, Good does not count right now ... not in the world of Barack Hussein Obama.

I am so f---ing mad with all this talk about racist bigots and war on women ... these dumbocrats calling McCain every name going because he is outing Obama and that stupid woman he wants for Sec. of State.

The more McCain et al go after the truth, they are maligned. John McCain is fighting his one big battle now against Obama; he is skilled and I believe he is so angry he will succeed. The fight is in him; you never saw that when he ran for POTUS.

This man is in WAR MODE.

I plan to encourage and praise his motivations to take down the liar.

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5 years ago

Here is the answer, I will provide links rather than print out as it is easier to read directly...

The answer who did not show up from democrats and republicans .....

This one is Ron Paul Revenge ....

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Sheila, great infor....I am posting it here
5 years ago
Lessons from 2012

Karl Rove breaks down the lessons from the 2012 election defeat. In short, don’t believe the hype:

The media’s postelection narrative is that Democrats won because of a demographic shift. There is some truth to that, but a more accurate description is that Democrats won in a smaller turnout by getting out more of their vote. Turnout dropped by 7.9 million voters, falling to 123.6 million this year from 131.5 million in 2008. This is the first decline in a presidential election in 16 years. Only 51.3% of the voting-age population went to the polls. While the Democratic “ground game” was effective, President Barack Obama received 90.1% of his 2008 total while Gov. Mitt Romney received 98.6% of Sen. John McCain’s vote. Neither party generated a higher turnout nationally.

Who didn’t show up:

According to exit polls, turnout dropped among white and black Americans (by 8.3 million and 1 million, respectively) but rose among Hispanics. They added 850,000 votes to Mr. Obama’s total compared with 2008. Millennials (those aged 18-29) were a larger share of the turnout than in 2008, but 176,000 fewer in number. They cast 1.5 million fewer votes for Mr. Obama than last time and 1.1 million more votes for Mr. Romney than they did for Mr. McCain. To win, the GOP must do better—much better—with Hispanics and millennials, and also with women voters.

How to fix it:

Tactically, Republicans must rigorously re-examine their “72-hour” ground game and reverse-engineer the Democratic get-out-the-vote effort in order to copy what works. For example, a postelection survey shows that the Democratic campaign ground game was more effective in communicating negative information. It would be good to know why—and how to counter such tactics in the future. Republicans should also emulate the Democratic “50-state” strategy by strengthening the ground game everywhere, not just in swing states. It will be important for the GOP to erase the data advantage Democrats may have in their targeting of potential supporters for their candidates. And local GOP organizations must persistently focus on adding to the voter rolls the millions of people likely to vote Republicans if they were registered. Strategically, Republicans will need to frame economic issues to better resonate with middle-class families. Mr. Romney had solid views on jobs, spending, deficits, health care and energy. But even among the 59% of voters for whom the economy was their top concern, he prevailed by only four points (51% to 47%).

5 years ago

Diane: Mitt may be a good man but he wasn’t a good political candidate in this election and he was not only not helped but actually hurt by his advisers. If you listen to some of the comments people made when interviewed about the GOP message, many weren’t sure of what his message was since it was way too general. He failed to aggressively act in the second and third debate to take on Obama’s failures and lies and actually gave Obama credit on most of his foreign policy “successes” in the third debate. His staff’s failure on the get out the vote process is a failure of the campaign and the candidate and not “US” since he was responsible for both the message and the campaign strategy. Not that that was the total failure here since there was a good amount of active Demagogue cheating (as usual and especially so since the Chicago machine is the master of that) and active suppression activities such as the military vote suppression (which the GOP did not actively address). The GOP establishment needs to realize that they are the source of this loss as well as losses in 1992, 1996, and 2008. Basically Bush2 won in 2000 because of “social issues”, specifically gun control, that cost Gore many states that usually go Dem, and won again in 2004 because Kerry had a very tainted anti war history during a time of war and lost vets in huge numbers as well as projecting security weakness in a time that was still shortly after an attack on the US proper. The GOP cannot continue to run passive and “moderate” campaigns when dealing with a radical opponent party and candidates aided and abetted by a media that supports their objectives. The real test of what was “learned from this election” is how the GOP members of the Legislative Branch, the GOP governors, and the GOP power brokers address the “over the cliff” situation now under discussion and the possible ways of blocking ObamaCare implementation via states opting out of features and doing what can be done to slow down things via legislative initiatives consistent with the limited power they do have. Talks of “immigration reform” and “revenue adjustments” without specific spending reductions do not bode well! Nor does the talk of “elections have consequences” that give Dear Leader Obama free reign to nominate more radical political appointees and judges, going along with terrible UN treaties, and other things that are being murmured by some RINOs under their breath. The surest way to kill the GOP is to continue doing what it has done for too many years now while adopting “rogressive lite” positions! There are some who are flirting with "carbon taxes", VAT, and "pension reform" that will cost the average citizen dearly.

5 years ago

John, did you copy and paste your reply?   The reason I ask is because of the way the lettering is screwy.   Also, the little smile face with the red tongue hanging out are copy and paste pop ups.


No problem.    Please provide your link for the above so that we don't get into trouble here on Political Derby.   

5 years ago

Diane: It came from a MS Word document where I wrote in initially since my machine has a tendency to do weird things when I write a longer response in the response block. Sometimes it jumps out of the screen and I loose everything. It is my comments and I'm not sure why Care2 screws things up when you copy from Word.

5 years ago

It happens.   It happened to me when I was putting up a recipe from my recipe book I write on line with special software.   

5 years ago

John: I agree with you. I put up two separate articles on voter fraud that occurred last week.

The military vote suppression which started in the 2010 elections and is worse now.
Also, busses of people being brought into districts who do not live there, registering voting day and voting. People saying nothing because they are minorities. Read the article about the state of Maine, it also happened in NH, I got those calls.

When is this going to stop. They got away with it and they will get worse.

Mitt was a good man who did become more conservative.
I understand what you are stating because he did have progressive viewpoints as governor of MA.
His actions as governor made many uncomfortable, however, people learn from their mistakes also. There was not enough confidence in this candidate and people do judge from past actions.
Obama had a very aggressive campaign; but it was started 4 years earlier than Mitt's.
Mitt got dirty in that GOP primary but he did not go after Obama in the 2nd and 3rd debates.
I don't care about all this talk he looked presidential; he also backed down from taking on Obama.
Facts are facts; but voter fraud is a major problem in these races and something has to be done.

Warren Buffett announced yesterday he was supporting Hillary Clinton for 2016. They start early.

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