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Is Thirty The New Fifty? Working Hours that is...
5 years ago

With  ObamaCare in the wings, the traditional forty- or fifty-hour work week will soon  be replaced with a less than thirty-hour week for many American workers.   To wit: many businesses, including ones that previously received ObamaCare waivers,  are trying to avoid paying onerous fines  for not providing employees with health coverage as mandated by the new  law.   


President  Obama recently said that he won't allow the budget to be "balanced on the backs  of the middle class."  He sure did give the appearance of truly caring  about these "folks," but he failed to disclose the fact that, even if taxed at  100%, there simply aren't enough rich people to  pay for all of his big-government plans.  But as Thomas Sowell  points out, even at a rate much lower than 100%, higher tax  rates don't necessarily translate into higher tax revenues.  So where  will all this needed money come  from?  While Obama is targeting the group of Americans who already pay the most  in taxes, the burden of his policies will ultimately break the backs of those he  claims to be trying to protect.


The  Obamacare mandate is just one example of how the middle class will be forced to  shoulder a heaver burden, which flies in the face what Obama had promised  to the American people.  But in addition to this mandate (now officially a  tax), a reduced work week will in essence have the same effect as a huge tax  increase for those affected.  Take-home pay is what ultimately matters, and  losing 25% of one's gross pay based upon a forty-hour week or about 45% based on  a fifty-hour week when overtime is factored in represents an enormous hit.   This hit comes before anything is even earned to tax at regular rates.  And  there are plenty of other hidden ObamaCare  taxes that will also take a huge bite out of Americans' pocketbooks in one  way or another.


And  the hits just keep on coming.  ObamaCare will also take a bite out of  middle-class buying power when it comes to one of America's most popular foods  -- pizza -- by imposing complicated  national menu-labeling standards, the costs of which will no doubt be passed  along to the consumer.  This added cost will be in addition to any other  expenses that businesses will need to add to their products due to the hefty  burden of ObamaCare.  (Hat tip: KSFO Morning Show with Brian  Sussman)

Margaret  Thatcher once said: "The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out  of other people's money."  The problem with Obama's soc

5 years ago

States and businesses are PUSHING BACK on ObamaCare.   Companies are now looking at reducing working hours from 40 to 50 hours a week down to 30 hours which puts their employees at "part time status."    At part time status they don't have to provide health insurance.


Obama wasn't counting on the states to say, "We aren't in!   Set up your own exchanges in the states and then YOU are on the hook to pay for them."   The law now mandates that states have to have exchanges but what Obama hadn't counted on is that most of the red states and now some blue states are saying, "Do It Yourself We Want No Part of This."



5 years ago

Is this what it takes for people to see what the democratic politics bring into play?

Deval Patrick just announced yesterday that all illegals are now getting a free college education in MA. He is definately running for POTUS in 2016. He did this because Obama did it in the campaign and they believe now they have the base necessary to vote democratic candidate Deval Patrick in as POTUS. He is an Obama clone; there is something not right with these people and until America wakes up; we are stuck with them.

5 years ago

Diane, this is already starting to hit employees, too.  It is lay offs and cut in hours for those still working.  

Again, what do people think will happen?  Nothing, I have yet to find anything, nothing is free.  Someone, somewhere is going to pay for it.  And in this case, people will pay, each and every one of us.  No, it may not be labeled that you are paying for Obamacare specifically, but it is a result of Obamacare that you will be paying more for services, consumables, housing, those expenses to live,etc.  We will al be paying in higher prices, surcharges, etc.  And people will find that they are working less, making less and paying more for what they have.  So would someone explain what is "affordable" as not only do I not see it personally as I have been affected by it for a year, but how it will be affordable for anyone when implemented for everyone.

Excellent information, Diane.  Does anyone know where there is a list of the states that have been intelligent enough to opt out of this, please.  I have been looking and found a partial list, but I am certain it is not up to date.

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5 years ago

What most don't understand is the objective of Dear Leader Obama, most of the Demagogues, and most of their supporters in their true base is to lower the overall standard of living of most in the US to those "who have been deprived by capitalism and/or US imperialism". Higher costs, shortages, higher taxes, lower income, declining value of the dollar, etc is the true objective.

5 years ago

JohnC, that is exactly Obama's agenda....and the dumb liberals walk behind him picking up his droppings like whatever he does is good for the country.   


Obama has an agenda....for his second term.....and it is unfolding now.       Again, I am reading "Fool Me Twice."    It's a must read for all of us. 


5 years ago

That book by Aaron Klein is exceptional. Smart people read which is important to really comprehend what is in store on a long-term basis.

I believe these people will even attempt to change the voting process. They are looking into a plan devised by 2 Pakistani legal experts who attended American colleges to radicalize our voting process. They are not American citizens but of course, Obama would consider their advise to be the best forthcoming. For a constitutional lawyer, he dislikes the works of our founding fathers.

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