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Virtual Tour of our Thanksgiving Day...
5 years ago

I'll start this off LOL!   Whether you are visiting relatives, friends or going out for a Thanksgiving meal, let's share our day as it moves along.


I already have three pies in the oven two pumpkin pies and one ricotta cheese pie.   I just took the turkey breast out of the refrigerator to see how long it needs to roast in the oven so that I can zero in on what time the meal will be served today.    


My husband wants to make bloody mary's.   Soon, LOL.    However, he must be ignored for a few hours so that I can get things underway.    He just put the Christmas tree together and brought out a beautiful wooden Christmas windmill propelled by little candles.  When we light the candles the windmill moves around.    It was purchased in Germany by his mother when they lived in Hamburg and we still have it today.  It must be 52 years old....younger than me.


I telephoned my grandchildren to wish them a Happy Thanksgiving and asked them what they are thankful for.   The 11 year old said, "Gee, Nana, I don't know.  Don't you think it's kind of early in the morning?"      My six year old grandson when asked the same question responded, "Well, Nana, I'm thankful for food.   I like food.    And......after Thanksgiving it's Christmas and I already know what I want you to buy me."   My four year old granddaughter answered, "Well, Nana, I am grateful for my brother Lucas because he made a centerpiece for the table today.   He started with an apple and then he added marshmellows and raisins all over it.    Daddy?   Can you take a picture of it to send Nana to her phone now?"  


When I asked to speak to my son in law, I could hear him pretending to whine and he said, "Oh, gee, do I HAVE to talk to Nana right now?   When he got on the phone he told me when asked that he was thankful for me and my love for all of them."    My daughter wasn't up yet because she had to work until midnight last night.    She will call me soon.  Wonder what she will be thankful for?    My newest granddaughter is only a few months old so she can't talk to her Nana yet.    But, my guess is that one day she'll be thankful because I sent her first American Doll, little Bitty Baby, and that should arrive tomorrow.   


I am thankful for a beautiful family, those awesome grandchildren who have filled my heart to capacity and their continued health throughout their lives.    I am also thankful that I was by my mother's side two months ago when she died.    I miss her more as the days go by for different reasons.    


Okay, ladies and gentlemen, what are you doing today?  



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5 years ago

Sounds lucious, I am spending the day with my cousins whom I love dearly and my only relatives in MA. By the way, they are life-long republicans a rarity in MA and we will all lament together today but it is wise to let it go and look to the future.

Turkey and prime rib what a treat!

I hope everyone has a wonderful dinner and don't forget the dessert. Diane's pies sound yummy!

5 years ago

Happy Thanksgiving, Sheila!!   Love those republican cousins LOL!   I love prime rib during the holidays.    Hope you'll have a wonderful day with those you love and who love you.   Of course, Sheila, I've made too many pies for two people today but one of them will go to the Pentagon and half of the ricotta cheese pie to my office.    What really smells good in my kitchen is the salt cured country ham!   I cut off a piece from the ham to flavor my fresh green beans.


Thank you very much for joining Political Derby this year.   You've contributed valuable information and I know you have found a home here to freely express your concerns, frustrations and your joy.    

5 years ago

And may I wish all of you Non Turkeys a great Thanksgiving Day doing whatever it is that you wish and knowing that because of this great country of ours, we can do just that.

Personally, Carole and I will join with my two sisters, and we will all in turn join with a couple of our fellow Moose Members; all of whom are very far from most family members, but we too will celebrate all that we can be Thankful for through this very day.


Enjoy and be well



5 years ago

And, although Glenn Beck is not a member of our group, I think that most of us can understand him and his sometimes strange ways of explaining things. I think that deep down, Glenn Beck is a very patriotic individual, and likely a GOOD FAMILY man. He, like Mitt Romney, is of the Mormon faith, and very religious too as best as I can tell. He wrote a very nice article on what he is thankful for. I think that most, if not all of you will find it heart warming and beautiful.


November 22, 2012Happy Thanksgiving

As some of you may be aware, I'm not exactly known as the 'hope' guy around the office. I tend to have what some would describe as a 'negative' outlook on certain things such as the economy. Hope and I have sort of a tumultuous relationship. Some days we get along great, other days we fight. While sometimes hope vanishes entirely and I don't see it again for a while - as was the case just a few days ago on November 6th. I found it hard to get my mind wrapped around the fact that Obama was going to have another four years to work on destroying - or fundamentally transforming, as he would say - America.
But here's the thing about hope - it always comes back. And it didn't take long after the election for me to gain the proper perspective. While the current President may be one of the most astoundingly incompetent, radically left, Eurocentric & egomaniacal presidents America has ever had - I still have hope because he is not bigger than the people. And he's certainly not bigger than God.
Just like we understood the folly of Obama's faithful followers placing all their hope in one human being, we have to understand the folly of pinning all our hope in beating that one human being in an election.
Don't get me wrong, we definitely need to keep fighting the good fight. But we cannot afford to lose sight of who is ultimately in control. And through the ups and downs we must remember to give thanks to Him for everything that has been given to us.
So today I want to share with you a few of the things I'm thankful for & I encourage you to take note of your blessings and share them as well.
I'm thankful for my wife and her utter disregard of all standards when she decided to marry me.
I'm thankful for my children.
I’m thankful for my sisters.
I'm thankful to live in America, a land so rich our worst struggles would be a paradise for most foreigners.
I’m thankful for my friends, who have been there for me at my best and my worst.
I'm thankful for the ability and means to help those in need.
I'm thankful for turkey. And stuffing. And gravy.
I'm thankful we have a forgiving God and a loving Savior.
I'm thankful for Texas, a sliver of sanity among growing madness.
I'm thankful the camera only adds 10 lbs.
I'm thankful for the amazing men and women of our military.
I’m thankful for the blessings that have allowed me to achieve more than I ever thought possible.
I’m thankful for the failures that have kept me humble.
I’m thankful for my staff, who show me everyday what it means to dream.
I’m thankful for my fans, and the opportunity to come into their homes each and every day. I am truly inspired by each and every one of you. YOU are the force protecting America’s founding ideals and it’s truly an honor to stand shoulder to shoulder in defense of liberty and freedom.
Truth is, I'm not as pessimistic as everyone makes me out to be. I know that even on our darkest days, I am joined by people across the country who are working every minute of every day to make sure our neighborhoods and our local communities are on the right track. I know that parents are out there teaching the lessons that will one day grow the next George Washington, the next Abraham Lincoln, and the next Martin Luther King, Jr. I know that people are waking up, and that the embers of freedom will never be extinguished as long as some of us are willing to keep the fires burning.
And I know that even on nights when I am far away from home, I can hear my wife’s voice and remember that real answers will only be found through family and faith.
I hope you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving.
Laus Deo,
Signed Glenn Beck

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5 years ago

Diane, so Thom has a Seiffener, too.   My son bought one when they were in Germany and the put it out every Christmas.   He has a collection of beer steins and nutcrackers, too.

Our turkey went in the ovena t 9 as we need to eat around 1 so my granddaughter is home to eat with us.  She is a server at a local restaurant part time (she is junior in high school) and has to work tonight from 5 until they close at 10 which means she will probably be home around 11:30.  

The turkey smells so good as it is cooking.   The pies were made yesterday, 1 pumpkin, 1 apple and 1 cherry.  The fruit salad is made except for adding the dressing and is chilling. The sweet potatoes are cooked and only have to be heated through in the butter and brown sugar.  We have to peel the potatoes and cook and mash them, too.  Rolls are ready to heat.  We are on target so far.

Got an email from oldest son which was a surprise and welcome.  Hope to hear from my other son before the day is out, too.  

Diane, your grandchildren are wonderful and isn't it so much fun to have them share; they sure love their Nana which must make your heat swell with love.

It sounds like everyone is having a nice day; visiting friends, family, or just a nice quiet day with your husband, Diane.  Envy you that one....but my day is coming.


5 years ago

Thanks, Jim, and Happy Thanksgiving to you.   Hope you enjoy a wonderful day with loved ones and old friends.   


Linda, is that what it is called...a Seiffener?    Well, by golly, you can learn something new every day even on Thanksgiving Day!    Your meal sounds fabulous.    I know you make excellent homemade rolls and other goodies.    Glad you heard from your son.   Mine is out in California but he tried to call and I didn't hear the phone evidently but we'll connect soon.  


Yes, indeed, your day is definitely coming.....


The house smells great and the undecorated tree keeps winking at me as I pass by it's location begging me to put ornaments on but that will have to wait until Saturday.    The stock market is open tomorrow so I'll have to go in and work.   It closes at 1:00 p.m. so that will be the end of our day as well.   


I called my deceased father's sister to wish them a happy Thanksgiving.   She is 89 years old and still kicking.   In fact, four of my Dad's sisters are alive and doing well.    My father has been dead now for 31 years....hard to imagine....he died at age 59.    He was the only son.    Miss him very much.    Okay, enough of the sentimental stuff.....the clock is ticking away for all of us on different time schedules to get this holiday meal under way.   

5 years ago

Diane, we just finished our dinner and it really was just what I remembered from last year.  LOL I tried hard to just take a very small helping of each thing but the plate was still too full.  It was all so good and now it is time for a jog up and down the block and then a nap.

Yes, that is what they are called, or in English they are a Candle pyramid even though most of them are not pyramids in shape.  My son's is a 3 tier creation that is round and has little wooden people on each tier with the candles, of course.  I find them so fascinating to watch. Another thing that Aaron purchased and that has been back and forth to Germany an additonal time and all over the U.S. was their shrunk.  It is so beautiful, but you sure have to have the right place to place one.  It is good that you can use each section separately rather than all of them having to be together.  The German's really know how to build furniture and their technique makes for some very beautiful furniture.  He had brought me a hand carved Cookoo Clock but unfortunately I don't have it any more.

We put our tree up tomorrow; love that so much.  We decorate some and then the rest of the decorating is Saturday.  

Let me know when you eat your dinner.

5 years ago

I'm about two hours out from setting the table.    The turkey breast is roasting away now.   Everything else is done with the exception of the mashed potatoes and the biscuits.   We are watching football and I'm out on C2NN with the nail eaters.    I put up a C2NN thread and starting to take a little heat on it which is to be expected.    I'll tell you what, those people don't care if it's Thanksgiving, Easter or Christmas, they are an angry bunch of people.   I couldn't be a liberal even if I was water boarded.   These are far far left wingers and none a one of them shows signs of understanding basic math and how to pay for all the entitlements they believe our government needs to provide for them.    But, enough of that because that's a "constant."


I do the pine roping around my front door for Christmas but it's too early to do that because it dries out too soon.   Tree is up but bare and will address that on Saturday.  


Glad you had a lovely meal.   I'm sure it was delicious and fun being with your family.  

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