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Bill O'Reilly : Crushing Ambition
5 years ago

The left-wing media went wild after the election when analysis showed that many poorer Americans supported President Obama and entitlements could have been a major reason why. Liberals always like to think of themselves as noble, and the thought that some vote-buying could have occurred is deeply offensive to them. Nevertheless, the facts speak for themselves.

Americans earning less than $30,000 a year gave the president about 7 million more votes than Gov. Romney. All told, Obama defeated Romney by 3.5 million votes. The math is clear.

But what about motivation? How can you assign entitlements as a voting factor? Well, what else is there?

Were lower-income Americans voting to support the $16 trillion dollar debt? The 8 percent unemployment rate? The nearly $5,000-a-year decline in wages for working people?

No, many lower-income voters were supporting the expansion of means-tested entitlements like food stamps, Medicaid and welfare payments, along with Obamacare, where about 30 million Americans will have their health insurance paid for by other Americans.

When you have individuals in more than 100 million American households receiving some kind of federal subsidy outside of Medicare and Social Security, that will mean something at the ballot box.

Especially because Mitt Romney proposed to change all that.

But why is doling out so-called "means-tested entitlements" a bad thing? Isn't it a sign of a humane society?

Financial safety nets are surely worthy. We can't let the elderly and children suffer because they don't have resources. But what's happening in America is far more than simply expanding a needed safety net.

Twenty years ago, the feds spent 9 percent of the total budget on entitlements other than Medicare and Social Security. Now, the number is 16 percent. Liberals scream that it's because of the bad economy. Not true.

Twenty years ago, unemployment among African-Americans was 14.3 percent. This year, it is 14.3 percent. In the Hispanic-American precincts, unemployment in 1992 was 11 percent; today, it's 10 percent.

It is the liberal culture that is driving the entitlement mentality, and that is destructive to the country. The truth is that folks who get stuff are not likely to be as motivated as people who work for things. Freebies sap initiative.

We are living in a "Where's mine?" age. "If at first you don't succeed, then ask for things to be given to you." A record amount of Americans are receiving food stamps, and more workers are on federal disability than ever before. The Democrat Party actively supports the entitlement expansion, and that absolutely helped Barack Obama get re-elected earlier this month.

If we continue down this road, however, say hello to Emperor Nero. Same thing happened in Ancient Rome. Look it up. The population became weak and unmotivated, and Roman power collapsed as individual ambition was crushed by selfishness and dependence on the state.

The question used to be, "Who's your daddy?" Now, it's, "Who's your nanny?"

And we all know the answer.

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5 years ago

Bill summed it up so eloquently here. This is the future of America for the next 4 years.

The MSM got Obama elected as well because they shielded him and refused to reveal his incompetent presidency from economics to foreign policy.

If this continues, America is on the road to decline and liberals are people who never read history or analyze and assess any situation. They live in the moment and the fools voted BO in for another 4 more years. It is very disheartening; for me, I would not work on another political campaign. Right now, I am oblivious to everything and my affect is very flat, I refuse to get exicted about anything. It is what it is and there is not much I can do about it, I did try and this is what the 3.5 million people who exceeded Romney's vote put into office.

Even if Ron Paul Libertarians voted (approx. 3 million, Romney still would not have won) ... the people earning under $30,000 a year are dictating to the entire country today.

5 years ago

I hear you, Sheila.   It's definitely a downer but we have to shake it off and get smarter.   I mean, look how many of us were rallying behind Chris Christie when we thought he might for president.   Look at him today.    That means we aren't doing what we need to be doing and that is to "get smarter."     Cemters of Influence aren't who they use to be.    They are propped up billionaires who need a puppet in the White House.


I was excited about Herman Cain at one time and Gov Perry.  There aren't many people to trust anymore.    This is scary.


Liberal women and hispanics elected Obama because they all want "the stuff" given to them like Bill O'Reilly laid out for us on election night.    "Stuff" to the lower income people gets their attention.    Have you been on and read the crap that is written on some of these public political forums?     I couldn't think like a liberal if someone held a gun to my head.   Where are the personal responsibility Americans?     They've been replaced my illegals and young women who only care about free birth control, abortions and gay marriages.   The dumbing down of America.


Jeb Bush is making noise that he may run in 2016.   The only problem with that is that a large majority of Americans still hate GWB.    We must have new people to consider and leave the old guard behind.   We cannot afford to make any more mistakes in 2016.   If we do, our country is definitely in real trouble.   We have very few options and at the moment they are unknown.

5 years ago

Diane:  I hear you and scrutinizing these contenders for the GOP nominee starts NOW!  Not waiting til the end as we were all duped and they laid out destruction paths that the democratic liberals seized to destroy the republican candidate.


These people on the liberal sites remind me of pampered pets.  They want us to house them, feed them and support them.   They have no sense of accomplishment or to go outside and seek individual striving.  They sit in front of their computers and complain and want more money from their EBT food stamp card.


Openly criticizing those that don't take from this program and ask them how would you like to live on this much from EBT ... we need more money!   It will NEVER END.

5 years ago

Analyzing candidates early on is the only way to succeed. 

It is something I have been doing now for 3 yrs.  as I left the democratic party and to do so, I had to turn everyone and everything inside out to make that final decision.


I have to hear more from Marco Rubio and I hope Christie does not poisen the line-up as he is a bully and he will run.  You cannot ruin someone who has virtually very strong principles and lives by it; that is nearly impossible.     Obama lived by what he preached, either you hate him or love him.   We need a strong candidate who the majority will strongly identify with and embrace.

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