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How Secret Negotiations Play Into The Democrats Hands
5 years ago


So now John Boehner is angry that the White House leaked a one-sided version of his latest conversation with President Obama to the press:

Speaker John A. Boehner of Ohio and Republican leaders are fuming after a late night phone call with President Barack Obama was leaked to the press, despite an agreement that it would not be, according to several GOP aides.

As if this should come as a surprise! It sounds as though Boehner and his aides are starting to get a clue:

Republicans believe the president is more interested in raking them over the coals publicly than striking a deal privately.

Really! They’ve figured that out, have they? I guess they noticed that the Democrats never put forth any sort of plan to deal with the nation’s collapsing finances, but instead demagogue the issue by pretending that the only thing going on is that Republicans are trying to protect rich people. In case they missed it, Jay Carney kicked them again today:

Carney disputed the notion that progress has not been made, but said GOP leaders must agree to raise tax rates on wealthy, not just other revenues.

The slow-learner Republicans say they are catching on to Obama’s intentions:

[Boehner] said Geithner offered no specifics about spending and entitlement cuts, which leads him to believe the administration is not serious about reaching a balanced deal to allay the pending $500 billion in spending cuts and tax increases set to kick in next year.

Of course the Democrats aren’t serious about “reaching a balanced deal.” Of course they don’t have any intention of cutting either discretionary spending or entitlements. Is John Boehner really the last person in the world to figure this out? Nevertheless, despite the blindingly obvious fact that the Democrats are incapable of acting in good faith, Boehner says “he remains hopeful that a deal can be reached in the coming weeks.”




5 years ago

Naturally a deal will be reached. That’s what always happens. It will be a lousy deal for conservatives, too. The Democrats will skate, as usual, and will not pay a price for the fact that they are completely unserious and have no clue as to how the U.S. can have a sustainable fiscal future. This is what happens when the Republicans let the Democrats off the hook by negotiating a back-room deal that is then jointly presented by leaders of both parties. What the Republicans should do is agree to a brief bridge deal that will preserve the status quo for, say, 120 days. There then should follow an open, public, budgetary process in which the two parties present their rival fiscal plans. That should be easy, right?

The Republicans control the House, so they, after appropriate debate and amendments, can vote to adopt a plan to avoid the proverbial cliff. In fact, they did so last summer. How many people know that? Approximately zero.

Meanwhile, the Democrats control the Senate, so they can do the same thing. Harry Reid can introduce a fiscal plan–maybe even a budget! Maybe even Obama’s budget!–and it can be debated. Amendments can be offered and voted upon. A roll call can be taken at the end. A conference committee can reconcile the House and Senate bills, and then all members of both houses can vote on the resulting compromise package. A rational process, conducted in the light of day, will allow voters to see what measures each party, and each member of the House and the Senate, favors. Given that the Senate hasn’t adopted a budget in more than three years, I suspect a lot of Americans will be surprised at what comes out of that body.

But none of that will happen as long as John Boehner is willing to continue kicking the football, and as long as his caucus supports him in the effort.

UPDATE: A Republican on the Senate Budget Committee writes:

This is what happens when we keep doing these negotiations in secret. No way to verify whether this is true:

The proposal, offered by Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner as he made a round of meetings with congressional leaders in the Capitol Thursday, calls for increasing tax rates on incomes over $250,000, a one-year postponement of looming spending cuts in defense and domestic programs, and some $400 billion in savings over 10 years from Medicare and other entitlement programs.

I’d also note there is no mention of spending cuts the size of which would make the president’s plan truly “balanced.” Even the entitlements claim sounds eerily similar to the one the President proposed in his budget, which was shown (see health care section) by Budget Committee staff to be a giant gimmick as the “doc fix” wasn’t even accounted for. (They couldn’t account for it, because it wiped out the savings.) It’s likely they’re making the same proposal now. But the only way we can know and prove it is if they put it on paper and let CBO score it—which of course can’t happen as long as the negotiations are secret.



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5 years ago

Obama does not want to cut spending.   Period.    He wants to keep loading up our debt and the question is why?

5 years ago

That is the question Diane, and it sure would be helpful to know but that will never happen as it will reveal what his backers are intending, as well.  He is evil and there is no doubt about that at all.

5 years ago

Diane and Linda:  you have said it from the beginning.  We have a Saul Alinsky radical in the WH who wants to bring down the system to transform it. 


That is the only way it can be done in one swift move.  The progressive democrats know implementing agenda here and there is not strong enough.  It has to be one large-scale move to put their policies in place and this is part of transformation.


Bringing the system down to rebuild it from scratch.


Yes, all deals will be clandestine.  Everything Obama does is backroom and secret.

His promise to be the most transparent Presidency is a joke and a lie.

The people don't care; they only want to get their freebies coming.  They won't question a darn thing and they will let the progressive historians write Obama as the best president in the history of this country.  A leader among men and he will go down in history with Washington, etc.  


Who is writing all of the history texts today?   Who has take control of public education?

The progressive left invoked their power into education and now they have professors teaching in private institutions as well.  The society is blue-printed for progressivism.

This is the FUTURE.

This is the part where I totally agree with Ron Paul.  He had it right about the Dept. of Education and the unions along with other radical agencies.


However, Paul's presentation was not a good package.   I think he lacked a lot of traits which would make him an iconic figure appealing to a broad range of people.

Paul had valid points but he lacked that unwaivering inablity to be flexible.


You cannot bull doze everything down at once.  Starting a few at a time and eliminating duplicity would have been a better proposal to the people.


Also, this legalization of drugs on a federal level is ridiculous.  This would promote a drug culture and more and more stoned people oblivious to everything would emerge. 


I say this after carefully listening to Libertarians and talking with young doctors who fear the latter.  These doctors are psychiatrists dealing with drug addiction and mental illness.

Drugs cause mental illness, even the prescription ones!!!!


Note:  some people do need prescribed drugs to help them get along and I am not saying all prescriptions are bad.  But, there are far too many people on too many drugs today.

Nobody wants to face reality and the drugs out there keep many in la la land.  Happy drugs are a big problem and they alter perceptions.  That is my gripe. 

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5 years ago

I sound terribly pessimisstic here; I am still down.  Of course, there are patriots who hate all of this and know exactly what dear leader is up to and it is hard to swallow all of this because it is a direct assault on American values, the foundations which this nation was built upon.


It is turning everything upside down.  This is anarchy in the minds of patriotic citizens who believe in the Constitution and principles of the founding fathers.


The problem is the voter fraud which is very apparent.  The foreign monies coming into the campaign who are unknown via the internet and the corruption in Washington D.C. which is wide scale.   It appears NO ONE CARES who we elect; they are a bunch of whiners and weasels. 


Where is the Leadership, the person or people who will defend this country and expose this corruption.  It has to be far more than Fox news or talk radio.   The politicians are placated by the system; they are do nothing people that are far more intent on keeping their seats than exercising the vote of the people. 

5 years ago

Sheila, I understand what you are saying.  My concern is that it always seems that once something is allowed there is no way to turn back away from it.  Abortion is an example.  By making it legal there is no way, it appear, that we will ever be able to make it illegal again.  

So in looking at what they want to do with drugs, that is another example.  Make it legal and how can it be changed in 4 years or whenever.  I am not a proponent of legalization of "recreational" drugs at all.  I have seen what happens too often.  My daughter works in an area where she sees how children suffer.  Of all the abuse and/or neglect cases she works with trying to protect the children that are the innocent casualties of this, I can say that this would be the worst possible legislation imaginable.  Make it legal and then what does this do regarding protection of children.  Yes, there is still the issues of neglect and abuse, but where it is a criteria that for the children to be returned to their homes the parents have to be drug free and able to funciton in a manner that provides adequate housing, financial means of supporting the child(ren), etc. and monitored with random drug testing, how do you then protect these children from this form of abuse in the future?  Trust me, this is one of the biggest epidemics in the U.S.  In our County there are over 100 cases on the books right now and more added daily.  Sheila, no, I am not in favor of legalizing any form of these drugs.

5 years ago

Linda:  that is my hugest gripe with Ron Paul and the libertarians; the legalization of drugs.


You are right, there would be NO turning back that law if passed nationwide on a federal level.


They are testing babies born now for marijuana as well as alcohol.  There is a problem in developement of these babies born with MJ and ETOH.   Why are so many people dumb-downed?  It could be the parents taking drugs, alcolol, etc. 


You did not see women earlier on drugs and alcohol during their pregnancy being so predominant.  It was rare.  Today, they have built MICUs for these infants born addicted.


I agree with you.  I think Rand Paul has potential but he has to get off that legalizing drugs as many will not listen to him as a viable candidate.  Ron Paul had many good ideas but he had some colossal bad ideas like the drugs and isolationism.


A lot of soul searching to be done before 2016 and if the republicans can take a good, hard look in the mirror and be willing to erradicate some of their bad policies and rebuild the platform on true conservatism with fiscal accountability they have a chance.  

5 years ago

Sheila, since my daughter took over the position of Child Advocacy Case Manager for CASA and after spending 2 years as a volunteer advocate for abused and neglected children, I have had my eyes opened to drugs and alcohol.  In 98% of the cases of child abuse and/or neglect, parental drugs use with or without alcohol invovlement are at the heart of the problem.  I have seen, through my daughter, cases that I would never have believed possible, even death of children.  If there is anyone that really wants to help and make a difference in this horrific and escalating epidemic across the U.S., go to your local DHS and find out if there is a CASA program in your area and go in and sign up to be a volunteer; that is if you have the courage as it is, I will warn you, heart breaking and so difficult to keep an objective position when you are dealing with this.  

To realize that it is a Federal mandate that wherever possible the parents are to be rehabilitated and the children are to return or be returned to the parents; sometimes that is so hard to deal with.  However, the Court is not blind, either.  The CASA volunteer is appointed by the court to bring to act as the eyes and ears for the Judge.  You work with but are not governed by DHS (or DSS) nor Child Protective Services.  You also work with the GAL's (if they have them) Guardian ad lietem's.  You are the Court's member of the team and make your recommendations separate from the other two parties directly to the Court.  It means interviewing and working with the child(ren), parents, other family members, attorneys, DHS/DSS, GAL's, schools and teachers, pediatricians and anyone else involved with the child(ren) of each case.  

Now that was my public service announcement of the day.  Back to the issue.  Drugs wreck havoc on entire families; I have seen parents, children, siblings, extended family of drug addicts and the issues and pain they go thorugh and the result is that I see both drug and alcohol addiction as acts of extreme selfishness.  The addict things that they are only hurthing themself and therefore they have the right to their decision to engage in this activitiy, but the devastation it wrecks on all associated people to the addict is beyond words.  I have seen at least one meth addict get out of 4 years in prison and go back within 2 months of release on probabtion for manufacturing again.  In this particular case it started with marijuana and escalated to crack and then meth.

As for Rand Paul, hard to say.  I am not a huge fan but he is better than his dad I think. I agree about the Libertarian Party; those that voted for Gary Johnson and/or Ron Paul were those that wanted legalized drugs for the most part and listening to them on PD was mind boggling at best.

But no, to legalize all drugs is just epening a can of worms that we don't want to open.

5 years ago

Linda, I only work per diem but every single case in that hospital is drugs and alcohol addiction.


The ones who quit successfully, do so on a 12-step program and they have deep religious convictions and faith in God.  All of the others are repeat offenders and they have children and the courts are heavily involved in their lives. 


I am frightened that MJ will be legal and that opens the door for every drug.

MJ today is very strong stuff.  People smoking this MJ are not capable of safely driving a car.


Even Obama is not for legalization, surprising isn't that?  Or maybe, the controllers don't want it now.  Who knows, I am surprised every day with these politicians.

I do know that the media, Fox and talk radio do incite and evoke emotions and I know enough not to take them too seriously. 


I prefer 3 shows, Bill, Greta and Sean.  Greta is the most grounded, she is not emotional and she is all facts which I prefer.


I have to work tonite and I am on the addiction floor.  My nerves are on end right now as I have no heat or hot water and it is 30 degrees and suppossed to snow after midnite.

I go in at 10:30 P.m.    I hope my heat gets fixed today or I wear a wig into work.


These drug addicts are extremely manipulative.  This job helps me stay focused as I see people worse off than me.  I tend to have melancholia.  I will not take medication, it is not necessary as who is not down with everything going on.  ONly the people who live in la la land or refuse to acknowledge reality.  I am a realist and always have been. 


I do have faith, without faith and hope there is nothing!



5 years ago

Sheila, heart goes out to you as you are seeing much the same just from more of the other side of it. These people have messed up their lives and so many others with their addiction and it is so sad.  

Also agree about you stand on drugs; if you can manage without, you know enough to do so.  

Sheila, just hang in there as it will get better.  After all, it couldn't get much worse, but if it does, we will get out of that, too.

5 years ago

All is well, my furnace got fixed within one hour, I took a nice hot shower and had homemade chicken soup and I will go to work with no worries now.


You have to have faith and hope.  Life is nothing without faith and hope and I do believe.

There are more people who think alike than there are not.

I believe we are in the majority and this election should not dampen our spirits.

People are living in hard times, many good people lost their jobs and they are afraid.


Obama turned out to be the lesser of two evils for many people.  Not us, but I am empathetic to the many who have suffered.  I don't believe they want their lives to be permanently in the entitlement phase of life.  After all, we are Americans!  There will always be the takers and I hope they someday see the light and want more in life.

5 years ago

Good for you, Sheila!!   Heat translates to hot water!!    Yes, we are all Americans.   We have a truckload of takers in our society today and it's our country's largest monthly bill.   We need to get a handle on what made our country great to begin with....JOBS...working self sufficient Americans.  Obama delivered NO jobs.   

5 years ago

Sheila, that is the one time when being in hot water is something we can really enjoy!!! So glad it is all well now and enjoy that chicken soup.  

Take care and have a good night of work if that is possible in the ward where you are assigned.

As for faith and hope; absolutely we have to have this and maintain it as that alone is what gets us through all of the knocks of life.

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