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One Generation Got Old - One Generation Got Sold
5 years ago

I got a kick out of the following letter to the editor of Barron’s that seems to be making the rounds:

A Warm Thank You

To the Editor:


This 50-something, white, conservative Republican wishes to thank America’s youth for sacrificing their financial futures and standard of living so that boomers, such as my wife and I, can look forward to a long and comfy retirement, which we could easily have afforded on our own. Now we have the youth as our guarantors and providers of a little something extra.

As reported by the national exit poll conducted by Edison Research, Americans aged 18 to 29 voted 60% to 36% for Barack Obama. Prior to Obama’s re-election, I believed that it was morally wrong for my generation to pass a crushing national debt on to the next one.


The debt will top $20 trillion before Obama moves out of the White House, and it will include spiraling retirement-related costs that the administration has shown zero interest in bringing under control, largely driven by baby boomers piling into the Social Security and Medicare systems.


With the president’s electoral crushing of Mitt Romney, my overriding sense of morality and guilt have vanished. Thank you, kids!

Edwin D. Schindler

Woodbury, N.Y.

We baby boomers made more mistakes than any one generation has a right to indulge in. But at least we managed to avoid electing a radical president. I can’t speak for a whole generation, but to the extent we didn’t make too bad a mess of our personal lives, the boomers I grew up with made out well enough under the center-right and centrist governments in power during the years we raised our families.


The 18-29 year olds who helped lift Obama to victory apparently lack an aversion to radicalism and, as Mr. Schindler says, seem largely unconcerned about the nation’s debt crisis. Every generation must find its own way and, in doing so, ordinarily is entitled to its share of mistakes. But if the 18-29 year olds don’t grow up fast, they very likely will raise their families under far less advantageous conditions than we boomers did.

5 years ago

Diane, at this particular time, I agree with this gentleman entirely.  I feel sad for those young people that did not want this as they will be the ones having the hardest time to overcome all of this; but for the 60% of them, let them have it.  Why should be bother any further.  I think our time should just be devoted to making sure that government doesn't mess up our retirement and stays out of our life.  That Obamacare be reformed or repealed in the areas that so seriously affect us and the quality of our care and that our pensions are left alone, etc.  But remember, who pays the estate taxes; not us, our kids.  They wanted him, they can have that, too.  Who is going to be hurt the greatest and longest by Obamacare, the 60% and they wanted it, they can have it.  

The reality is that even Obama can't completely ignore the Baby Boomers; government is going to have o continue to see we get our Social Security and to do it in a way that does not hurt us, and there will have to be Medicare and Medicaid as once government went down that road they were stuck; they can't just drop it.  So, let the 60% of the young people have the mess; they elected it and it is now theirs.  

Now, reality will set in soon, and when I does I will respond more responsibly, but for now, that is my position as I rest some from the worry today.

5 years ago

As I said, they all believe that the naysayers are fearmongering and too negative about Obama.

They must learn the hard way.  I don't care anymore.

5 years ago

Although both SS and Medicare may require a look at where they are going in the future the focus on those programs ignores a few more pressing issues on transfer payment expenditures. With almost one trillion annually in "means tested" transfer payments that aren't part of either program, plans to spend more in Dear Leader"s "cliff deal" including more unemployment payments/"mortgage relief"/education grants/etc, increasing abuse by illegal aliens of many programs, and ObamaCare's pending huge spending and taxes perhaps programs that people have paid taxes specifically to support over their working life may not be the best place to attack. This is especially true since the Demagogues raided the trust funds of the years of excess tax receipts, recently pushed a payroll tax decrease that affects future payments, encourages abuse via lax disability rules/expansion to non citizens/etc, and failure to reign in Medicare fraud. Any "savings" will be more than offset by the waste, fraud, abuse, and unbridled extension of all the other programs and even more so when ObamaCare morphs into full blown socialized medicine.

5 years ago

BTW, many of the other programs are those like "Obama phones", expanded Pell Grants, welfare payments to women with kids and no fathers, and the like that do not benefit those drawing on SS and Medicare or those in the Baby Boomer generation that are close to drawing benefits. Most of what has been proposed to "fix" both include pushing out ages for benefits and "means testing" on those who paid the most taxes to support the programs. Perhaps more should be done to address how those programs are funded and where the excess funds (when there are any) are invested. Of course the real solution is to expand the economy to generate more revenues but that isn't on the "progressives" list of things to do.

5 years ago

I am so tired John, the MSM are circling the wagons again and inciting more negativism towards the republicans.  Cokey Roberts and many other MSM news analysts are all out in full force maligning the republican House if they support Grover Nordquist tax pledge.


I believe they will have to concede to save their seats.  They will lose their seats in 2014.

This is a very well-organized plan by the MSM and the democrats.


Let them have control and the country will have serious setbacks.  When it is actually failing and they have no solutions; people may wake up just in time.


I am wasting my breath with these people as they definately believe everyone is fearmongering and trying to still malign Obama.  It is futile; why bother with this group of nonthinkers who are zombies.

5 years ago

John, this is where I lack education.  I have never studied economics.  What I do know is that if everyone receiving social secuirity retirement paid into the program, and the money was put into a trust fund that would gain interest as it was intended to have been, then there should not be this major issue.  Yes, I understand that Baby Boomers are a large group of people and this stresses the system, but it shouldn't as these same people paid into the system their entire working career.  

When your benefits are deterimined they are based on how much you have paid in, as well; it is not a set amount for all.  So, my question is where is the money if it is running out?  Where is all the money the Baby Boomers paid in?  Why are we becoming the excuse for mismanagement of social security funds and unless I am wrong, that is what it appears to me.  

Further, considering that 90% of the people that have paid into this fund never live long enough to be repaid all that they paid in, how then does this explain anything?  There should be surplus.

Now, if I am missing something major here, I would appreciate someone explaining it to me.  

This is a system that receieves revenue from the very people that are drawing from it and if anyone that has not paid in is receiving benefits (this would exclude the widow/widower of someone that paid in), they should not and that is a mishandling of the funds in my opinion.  In other words, if illegal are receving money from it, that has to stop and it is the government's fault.

Medicare is another program that should be handled the same; if you never paid in you don't get it.  But that is not the way it was set up and therefore it has not been handled correctly, either.  It needs repair, yes.  Medicaid is so abused it is pathetic.  We have millions of people that are not even citizens of this Country and don't even have a valid work permit (green card) to be here that are receiving benefits from Medicaid as are their children.  That should stop, too.

John, I do agree with your points and they were well stated.  

5 years ago

Linda: Like most issues that are discussed by politicians and academics SS is a little more complex than people think. First off it started are with only a limited number of people being required to participate and has expanded over the years. Not all even the the private sector were required to participate in the initial program but all do now. In addition, the military was forced in in the mid 50s and some state/county/local workers have opted into the system as well. There have also been changes to the program to expand coverage to survivors of those who died prior to receiving benefits (children and spouses under limited circumstances) as well as the disability provisions. Those and such issues as retirement age qualifications, FICA tax rate, COLA adjustment calculations, and tax treatment of benefit payments have also been tweaked. Those starting to draw benefits today cannot draw full retirement benefits at 65 but on a varying scale based on birth date due to changes in the 80s that also made 50% of those retirement benefits subject to income tax that Bubba raised to 85% with his glorious 1993 tax bill. Not sure what the tax effects are for the other parts of the program. People cans still retire at 62 on reduced benefits but many do in this economy and due to the changes in the 80s that pushed out the full retirement benefit payments since it takes a long time for the difference to make a difference it the total benefits a person receives. Some people (mostly widows) can draw their spouses SS if more or if it allows them to push off drawing their full benefits until after the full benefit age test is met. This can occur as early as age 60 for the retirement benefit spouse payments. They also modified the age when people can earn more income and still draw benefits and benefits are pretty much automatic at age 70 if even working full time like Sen Mccain (he qualified from his military service).

As to the taxes and the alleged "trust fund"; until last year there were more SS tax revenue coming in than going out so the excess was put into government bonds and the actual funds spent since all receipts pretty much go into the general treasury and not into the trust funds (includes Medicare and excise taxes like fuel taxes for "infrastructure"). That was started by another Demagogue total control of DC under LBJ in 1968 with a budget act in congress. So the money is gone and the IOUs are an ADDITIONAL part of US debt. Now we have hit the point when funds need to come from the "trust fund" to pay for the additional people drawing benefits and the effects of program changes and we are borrowing as part of the current deficit debt process. The bad economy and 2% payroll tax cut had compounded the problem if it didn't actually cause the current shortfall.

So we now have the same politicians (in both parties) looking for "solutions" to problems they created. As usual they wish to have those who played by the rules (rules forced on them by the same politicians) bite the bullet with changes in retirement age, more taxes, means testing, and COLA changes. Keep in mind, too, that the cost of living adjustments do not look at a market basket of goods that affect most on retirement where food, energy, local taxes, and the like take more of their budget than new houses and electronic gizmos.

That is another reason I have problems with "immigration reform", "gay marriage", and trolling for immigrants of any nature to come in basically to take advantage of our "funded" and not funded programs like food stamps which the administration is advertizing for in Mexico. LET'S GO AFTER THE DEADBEATS IN SOCIETY FIRST!!!!!!! Hope that gives you an additional perspective on the SS/Medicaid issue although the latter requires a whole seperate discussion of its own. And we are going to add ObamaCare on top of the current mess and everything will be WELL!!!!!!

5 years ago

Linda: One thing I forgot to address is the fact that these government programs always make unrealistic assumptions (like state/local pensions that will made 8% a year in earnings) and both Medicare and SS have made more than a few. Both assumed that things would remain relatively static going forward in most areas. When SS was started few lived beyond 65 but not so today so many draw far more than the program anticipated especially with early retirements and the added on programs like disability. Medicare never dreamed of heart bypass, MRIs, etc. and both likely under estimate the effects o inflation on program costs. Underlying the whole problem today is those in government, "progressives" particularly, are not bright, not logical, and are ideological in their thinking. They figure things will remain the same or change "for the better" by what they do. History continues to prove them wrong IN ALL AREAS!

5 years ago

John, let me read and digest this more and then I may have more questions if you don't mind.

5 years ago

I've enjoyed reading all of your comments.


Sheila, don't give up hope.    All of us are feeling down and the sky all of a sudden looks grey every day but after all it is winter.    We'll just have to see who steps forward in 2016 to know what our children are faced with.  Me?   I'll always be fine.   I'll be able to retire in comfort....told my husband this weekend that maybe we should be looking into retiring in Costa Rica.  


This will pass and by spring we'll be fired up over the 2014 race.   Why?   Because it is abnormal for us to stop caring about our country.

5 years ago

Wow the subjects are varying far and wide, and are really quite interesting, but so much is flowing, I can't blame Linda for saying "I need time to absorb this" etc etc.


Points were being made about how our younger generation voted in this present administration and now they can live with it. Unfortunately, many of those YOUNGER generation people are our own blood as well, and although in theory, it is the younger generation that is supposed to help take care of the parents, I am thinking that it is likely to be a complete turn around now. I am not familiar with how HIGH the Obamacare Package is going to increase taxes - nor on what goods will they be placed, but if what people are saying; happen to be true, we are all going to have to tighten our belts by several notches going forward and it won't be very far down the road b efore we'll have to do that. The Gimme Gimme Crowd is in for a VERY VERY RUDE AWAKENING, because when the well runs dry - they are going to be very thirsty, and will have to get used to it. That, or they will have to work and work hard. And because of so many of the provisions of the Obamacare Act, what with taxes placed against the small businesses, they (the Gimme Gimme People) are going to find that it is going to be darn near impossible to find a job that pays one penny over the minimum wage. They've ruined it not only for us, but for ALL of us. Now they will find out that the FREEBIES COME WITH A PRICE, and a very HIGH PRICE at that. They just might have to work TWO 40 HOUR A WEEK JOBS to barely make it. Do I feel bad about that. NO, not really because I did that 50 years ago when I needed to get ahead. It was tiring, and I had to sacrifice much of my leisure FUN TIME to get where I got, but it worked out for me. Those people are going to cry the blues because the government is not going to be able to put up all of what they are providing for these lazy listless scum bags much longer. The FREEBIES are running out and the ones that are paying for them are also about to run out. (Your comment, Diane) sounds very similar to what Carole and I have been talking about for over a year now. And from the several people with whom I associate, I'm getting some very GOOD VIBES about Costa Rica. LOL.

Catch all of you later.



5 years ago



I think of this generation as people who board an airplane - are given blindfolds to wear during their trip.  During the flight the plane veers to the LEFT - they do not recognize the difference because they are blindfolded.  The plane veers even further LEFT - they are still oblivious to the difference.  The plane now starts dropping, slowly at first - there is just a bit of notice to the blindfolded.  Now, the plane is in a spin and is headed straight down - the blindfolded are starting to take notice. 


They finally take off the blindfolds - just as the plane crashes!


And, with that crash, ladies and gentlemen, they FINALLY  see that by voting for Obama they have fallen into the worst possible senario!  And now it's too late to avert a possible national disaster.


Somewhere along the line the young people mentioned in previous posts have taken the attitude of "I don't care right now.  Let's just go along.  It doesn't apply to me."  Somehow they have forgotten that their grandfathers and fathers, possibly brothers and sisters have given their lives so they can "tweet, twitter, text, facebook, etc." 


They are too busy to read a newspaper,or read a book about the financial responsibilities of life.  They care not about anything unless it entertains them.  They think that the job they have will always be there, along with the perks, etc.  Those who don't have a job have the mis-guided Obama message that "things are getting better and that there is hope for the future." 


In the meantime, "Don't bother me with all this nonesense - turn on "Dancing With The Stars."

5 years ago

Tara Jane: The problem is there are more than one source of cluelessness out there today. There are the ideologues that believe the "progressive" and left wing approach is the the correct way to do things since they have grown up with that in their families and daily life. Dear Leader and many of his close advisers like Axelrod are of that type. The second group is those that grew up being fed left wing ideas due to involvement in cause when young and/or are associate with unions (specifically government unions) and groups like NOW and issue interest groups. The third group are those that have been indoctrinated and propagandized by the education system and the media including the alleged "entertainment industry" and are truly clueless. In an environment where people had some idea of history, economics, current events, and life in general in many cases, some of the really stupid comments that are made and are floating around out in society or the media would be laughed at. The comment made by a White House aide just recently about the Republicans wanting to take us back to the days of slavery totally ignores history and should have been laughed at immediately by the media types doing the interview and anyone watching it. Of course you are right that there are many out there that aren't even sentient as to what is going on beyond their narrow band of existence. With all those groups it is hard to point out real facts let alone observations on trends and logically what will happen if certain things are done or certain trends continue. None of that fit their frame of reference at all so most gets rejected out of hand and either ignored or attacked.

5 years ago

There was a recent poll, John, which stated that 52% of democrats polled stated they believed Socialism was the right path for America.    What was extraordinary is that nearly 28% of republicans polled said the same thing.


These people aren't patriotic.   They want to sell America out.    These are the very people that are pushing the agenda along with our Clueless Leader.

5 years ago

Diane: Good observation and what that shows is ignorance and indoctrination are bliss! For many it really isn't being unpatriotic but being stupid! I suspect few know what socialism really means nor what is going on today in the country. The degree of ignorance and stupidity is appalling and we saw the result on November 6th!

5 years ago

Indeed, we did, John.   The hispanics live their lives (I'm generalizing) as republicans but vote democratic and that tells me that they have bought into receiving "free stuff" from the taxpayers in our country.     They become citizens in the "Land of Opportunity" building a financial path to owning a home and educating their children and then turn around and vote to destroy that dream.    There are many issues going on today in our country that are hard to explain.


Perhaps we'll have to witness the fall of America in our golden years while watching our grown children and grandchildren struggling to get ahead.    I want to be alive at the time when they vote in a republican president who takes them back to how life in America use to be.   Sometimes you have to sit back and watch a trainwreck then go in and pick up the pieces to get it back on track again.    What is it called?    Tough love?

5 years ago

I watched Gov. Martinez on Greta last night and she had to go into NM and rework a sick state Gov. Richardson had run into the ground.  She tightened up the extravagent spending and stopped the duplicate programs and ended the patronage jobs and got the budget balanced.


Richardson was a popular politician at one time but now he is exposed as an incompetent.

I believe Susanna Martinez is a woman to be watched.  I like her and she is the type of person who can appeal to a broad spectrum in our population.  She looks like a potential winner.  

5 years ago

thanks for sharing that about Gov Martinez.   I'll do a bit of research on her.   She sounds like she has leadership skills.

5 years ago

Sheila, after watching and listening to Gov. Martinez during her speech at the RNC I have been saying that same thing.  There were so many that really require our attention and that could very well lead the Republican Party out of the mess they are in.  Mia Love is another.  But I agree 100% about Gov. Martinez; she so impressed me and she is Hispanic which would also send a message to those disenchanged Hispanics, too.  Paired with Rubio that could be very interesting.  Not getting ahead of the game here, just things to contemplate.

I have been considering a lot lately the validity of the fact that change only really comes about when we are threatened with the worst scenerios; that has been so real in American history from day one. That is what is going to have to happen, now, to open the eyes to the young people, too.  But their parents need their eyes opened as well, as it nothing else they have been very apathetic or they would have seen what was happening to their children and made more of an effort to show them the other side of the coin.

5 years ago

Linda:  I think there are some good people in the republican party who may take the WH back and this time, carefully scrutinize the nominees.  I understand that Rick Santorium wants to run again, he is a waste of time.  That is my personal opinion; I do agree that Rubio and Martinez deserve a chance as they are appealing and they made an outstanding appearance at the RNC.  I have seen both several times on Fox and Greta likes Martinez and will have her back as she is a person of interest now.


It is important to select a candidate who is really a conservative this time around and not a pretender.  You either are conservative or you are not and it is easy to discern the differences.

Also, the candidates records are important.  A governor has far more executive experience and they should be in the front running.  However, the pseudo-conservatives will be outed easily and this time around this country needs to be going to the traditional values and not the media glamour hype we have been addicted to these past years.


I have not and I know you and others are certainly not swayed by this ridiculous hype and we judge on actions not on words.  I hope others wake up and I think trying times will be the rude awakening.

5 years ago

I also don't believe the majority of Americans are satisfied with the Obama government as I said this country is hurting now and too many are unemployed and are not feeling right.

They went with the guy they knew and felt he would not hurt them as much as Romney.


Romney would have created jobs but the electorate did not believe him as much as they did obama.  I see so many mistakes with the past campaign.  Romney should have laid out a very clear plan on how he would rebuild manufacturing and open up new jobs.  I know Obama did not do this but he made sure those people who are unemployed would not be hurting as government aid was there for them.


This is how he got in and there is no great love for Obama either.  These next 4 years are very important as many people will decide now if they want more socialism or they want this country back on track.


Romney shot himself in the foot many times and his mistakes were never undone.  I blame that on a poor campaign.  I hope the republicans learned something this time around.

It is not only the candidate; it is the campaign and how the money is spent and I do blame the RNC as well. 

5 years ago

I also watched the interview with Gov Martinez and was impressed with her logical and practical approach to taking the reigns in NM. Her history as well working in the family business at a young age gives her grounding that comes through with her administration of NM. She would be a prime POTUS candidate in the future and not for "diversity" reasons but because she has shown herself to be a real competent leader. Her review of the failed NM driver's license program for illegal aliens was another plus from that interview since it wasn't just a automatic negative reaction to the program but a real analysis why it has become a problem for all states with the fraud in how it has been handled and the fact that those with the license have gone to other states with more stringent rules and just done the exchange like any legal resident from any state can do. There are several in the GOP like her who can hold their own in interviews or debates because they can cite valid reasons for their actions that the Left will automatically attack for ideological or PC reasons. That has been a problem for both Romney and McManic since neither were really grounded in sound conservative governing principles which is why they couldn't respond effectively many times when put on the spot. It is hard to counter the promises and lies of the Left if you cannot articulate a valid counter argument and point out the deceit and flaws in the Left's position. That is especially hard to do if you, the candidate, hold some of the same ideas. McManic has been all over the place on taxes, national security issues, excessive government rules, and the like which made him a bad choice. Romney governed MA in a fairly "progressive" way and had real trouble both connecting with the electorate on issues or explaining his position on many issues since he had been all over the place on many of those issues prior to the last campaign. It's an uphill battle for GOP candidates as it is with the alleged "media" being on the side of the Demagogues and the long term indoctrination the alleged "education system" has been doling out as facts for so long without having a strong candidate that can take those hard core Demagogue support groups on with clear facts and well articulated policies and plans. That's why it is refreshing to hear the likes of Martinez, Allen West, Michelle Bachman, and even Paul Ryan who can cite real arguments to support their positions and point out the flaws of the other side. Unfortunately, the GOP establishment isn't in that mode at all and is doing whatever it can to kill any conservative movement in the party. Even though Allen West is out of the House at the end of this term, a GOP that really wanted to make a difference should elect him as Speaker since you don't have to be a member of the House to hold the position. Would love to see him and Dear Leader Obama go at it. Ears would have a big problem since West knows his stuff and doesn't back down like the current Speaker. He aslo refuses to take any guff from the media as well. No matter how good the potential GOP bench may be the current party power structure must go for anyone to move into the political limelight.

5 years ago

John, that is the points I can support 100%.  The current Party leadership has to go and that includes the "mouths" from the past, too, i.e., Gingrich and a few others.  McCain, has to go; nice enough guy but he was not able to debate the facts.  I do agree that Paul Ryan is a keeper, and I would add a few of the newer such as Rubio.  To that Martinez and Love are up and coming and know their stuff.  There was another woman that spoke at the Convention that was very well spoken and knew her facts and was a fighter, too.  Santorum and Perry as well as some others need to go as they didn't have the necessary strength nor the ability to put forth a strong position against the liberals.  I do like Allen West, as well.  What is your take on Pawlenty?  I do like Scott Brown from Massachusetts and hope he will continue in politics and not let the defeat by Warren keep him out; she is a joke.

Now we can look a the Democrats some and they need desperately to clean house, as well.  But as long as they keep their dead wood we might just stand a better chance.  LOL

5 years ago

Linda: Scott Walker yes, Scott Brown not so much other than in MA or as the next Senator from MA. Pawlenty really isn't that good of a choice and didn't do well this year when he was flirting with a run. Neither really are conservative and likely will suffer from the same problems of Romney, McCain, and Dole. The disturbing thing right now is the alleged GOP "leadership" in the House is actively purging conservatives, especially economic conservatives, from even setting on important committees particularly those that deal with taxes and spending. Not a good sign at all!!!

5 years ago

John, have you heard details as to which ones are being purged?  I will have to research more, too.  Agree, and thank you with the info on Pawlenty.  

5 years ago

Linda: has had a couple articles on this over the last couple days and Mark Levin had one of the GOP Reps purged on last night as well. Three purged from the Budget Committee were Reps Sweikert, Amish, and Huelskamp. This appears to have been done by the GOP House steering committee packed with leadership stooges and with the Speaker having five votes and the Majority Leader two adding weight to the decisions in their favor. Not sure who the fourth member purged was but I heard from the one on Levin yesterday that he was also thrown off the Ag Committee as well even though he is from a farm state. Looks like the alleged GOP "leadership" is just as heavy handed and willing to use Chicago tactics as Dear Leader Obama and his crew.

5 years ago

It certainly does and I would like to understand their rationale for this; why cave.  It is so easy to just let this proposal of Obama's go to vote and vote "present" and then deal with the spending by not funding the varioius agencies with more than necessary; making cuts in this fashion.  That is what they can do with Obamacare, just not fund it.

5 years ago

John :  it is so unwise right now for this internal bickering to the death within the GOP.


this is going to be their undoing.  No one is completely right here, many of those people are pledged to Grover Norquist, a lobbyist and right now the public wants the 2% taxed back to the Clinton era when jobs were abundant.


There is absolutely NO proof that Bush era tax cuts proved successful and the media is pushing the facts to favor Obama here.


I agree with Linda, let Obama own everything.  How many times did Sen. Obama vote 'present' when he wanted no fingerprints on his record.  

5 years ago

Obama wants the fiscal cliff to happen.  He can then use the "blame game" again.  "Those lousy Republicans", etc.  Just once I want to see the Republicans stand their ground and just so NO!  And say it loud and clear. 


I agree - let Obama own it all.  Then, perhaps those insane people who voted for him will possibly see that "his way or the highway" isn't necessarily good for them.  It's high time for the American people to take off their blindfolds - just like the common sense people did when we threw out Jimmy Carter!


Don't know what will happen in 2016.  Perhaps they plan to put up Michelle so the dynasty of Obama will continue.  Now, that's a thought that will turn your blood to buttermilk!

5 years ago

Shelia: Look at the record on tax receipts, debt incurred, and GDP growth from the time the tax cuts were passed and 2007 and you will see that there were positives effects from the tax cuts, Now to be sure the housing bubble helped as did the tech bubble help Bubba's "surplus" (along with the capital gains tax cut pushed by the GOP). As to the internal fight in the GOP, the RINOs lost another election with their approach and is punishing the conservatives in the party as usual even though it was the RINOs' approach and lack of message that was problem. Once again, Boehner and his "leadership" team of RINOs have made a mess of their stewardship of the House over the last two years with bad agreements and caves to Obama and are again reacting by blaming the conservative House members. If you watch and listen to the "leadership", you can just see the incompetence, incoherence, and accommodation in their "message". If you cannot do your job as a leader then it is you that is the problem and not those you are supposed to be leading. I said a few days ago that they should throw the ball to the Demagogues and Dear Leader. There are several ways and one is to pass a bill to extend the tax cuts for all (for a year, for longer, forever, whatever) and recess. When they come back do not pass any appropriations bills except for defense (which I think they did) until the sequestration is addressed responsibly. Unfortunately that takes leadership which involves taking risks and having principles which the House GOP won't and doesn't.

5 years ago

Tara Jane, please don't say that....Michelle in 2016?    With her wardrobe LOL???   She isn't qualified to be a president any more than her incompetent husband was qualified.    I won't be able to sleep to night.


John, what we have going on in the White House today is pure political grandstanding.   They are holding the sequestration as an ace card....this is pure Chicago style politics.   Listening to Obama today I wanted to throw a brick through the TV.    He is a very dangerous man and has no idea what the results of his incompetency will bring the good citizens of the US.    Obama is running on pure ego and has doesn't have the intelligence to decide what is best for our economy.   We saw what he did during his first four years during his "on the job training."

5 years ago

This is why more and more people are getting sick; I find my stress level at an all time high now and it is better for me to not be watching the news too much.  I believe the grand scheme that Soros proposed is about to be implemented now and the stage is being set.


When I know something, I feel better as it is the anxiety of not knowing what is about to happen next.


By the way, our dear Ms. Rice, who is running for Sec. of State happens to be married to a big news producer from the MSM.... I will get link for you.... interesting isn't it???



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5 years ago

Yes, Sheila, interesting it is.    It is the "unknown" that saddles us lately is it not?    I'm so up in the air it's hard for me to find common ground with the political grandstandin going on in the White House.

5 years ago

Diane:  We have NO leadership; we have a puppet!

5 years ago

I hear you Tara Jane and John and I do agree; it is a very scary predicament we are in today as there is NO real leadership; it is totally unknown and the fluidity of events is like running water because they have no principles, integrity or platform.


Obama is the same old same old, give me the money so I can spend it!

It is insanity!

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