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White House Data Debunk Myths that Bush Cuts Caused Deficit
5 years ago

While President Obama insists the Bush tax cuts caused the recession and  record deficits, his own economists say otherwise.


He might want to consult their data for the truth.


Kicking off fiscal cliff negotiations last month, Obama said: "What I'm not  going to do is extend Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% that we can't afford  and, according to economists, will have the least positive impact on our  economy."

During the White House press conference, he added, "If we're going to be  serious about deficit reduction, we've got to do it in a balanced way."

Obama argued voters made it clear in the election that they don't want to go  back to Republican policies that "cost" the Treasury revenues and "blew up the  deficit," as he told them repeatedly during the campaign.


The Washington media by and large share these assumptions. And they're  driving the debate over what to do about the federal budget crisis before Jan.  1, when the tax cuts and spending programs are set to expire.

But the assumptions are faulty, based largely on political demagoguery rather  than hard numbers — including ones certified by Obama's own fiscal policy  advisers and bean counters in the White House.


Turn to Pages 411-413 of his 2012 Economic Report of the President, published  by the Council of Economic Advisers. They show that "the math," as Obama is wont  to say, in fact does add up for tax cuts.


After President Bush in late May 2003 signed the largest tax cut since  President Reagan — including dropping the top marginal rate to 35% from 39.6% — government receipts from individual income taxes rose from $793.7 billion to a  peak of $1.16 trillion in 2007, when the mortgage crisis began, a 47% jump.


Stronger economic growth expanded the tax base and brought in so much revenue  that Bush more than halved the deficit over that period. The budget gap plunged  to $160.7 billion from $377.6 billion, according to the president's report.

Perhaps the most impressive statistic appears on Page 412, one that undercuts  Obama's core argument against continuing the Bush tax cuts.


The post-tax-cut surge in economic growth and tax revenues helped drive down  the deficit from 3.5% of gross domestic product in 2004 to 2.6% in 2005, to 1.9%  in 2006 and to a manageable 1.2% in 2007.


Based on Bush fiscal policies, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office  projected budget deficits of 0.7% to 1.5% of GDP for the years 2008 through  2011. The CBO even predicted surpluses for the subsequent years through  2018.


Read More At IBD:

5 years ago

Isn't that just so interesting that they now realize Bush is not responsible.  But Obama won't acknowedge that the tax cut worked, Diane.  He is determined that he has the answers and it makes no difference what the math says, he is the only one with the right idea, he and his equally dillusional advisors.

5 years ago

Obama is unable to praise anyone but himself, Linda.   I believe over the next four years we will see a deep recession once again....this time on Obama's watch...a deep self inflicted recession and interest rates will soar....Jimmy Carter redux.....and no one to blame but himself.

5 years ago

I do not doubt this one bit, Diane and so I say protect your financial interests any way you can.

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