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5 years ago

This came from my friend Monique in Calfiornia. She doesn't know who wrote it, but we both agree that neither of us could have expressed ourselves this well.


Strangers In Our Own Land

I don't know who wrote this but I think it reflects the feelings of a great number of people.
   Aside from the death of my father and mother, this is one of the saddest days of my life. I always tried to respect others opinions, but I can't anymore. I have proudly flown our Flag in front on my house for 40 years. But today I have taken it down. It will remain that way until this nightmare is finished.
This is a day of true historical tragedy, when history's greatest nation of its own free will decided to commit suicide for no good reason whatsoever, an act of inexplicable mass insanity.

I can not socialize with anyone who voted for Obama. I am angry and seething with rage. Four years of listening to the bleating of a dumbo-earred socialist calling for "hope" and "change" while socializing with the likes of Bill Ayers, and Jeremiah Wright......I am so embarrassed to be American today!

Those of you who have read Ayn Rand's great work of prophecy, Atlas Shrugged, know what I am talking about. Those of you who don't, read it - now. Over 50 years ago, she predicted what is happening at this moment - only this is far worse than even she imagined.
In Rand's other great novel, The Fountainhead, the villain, Ellsworth Toohey, asks the hero, Howard Roark, what he thinks of him. Roark gives him a puzzled look and answers, "I don't think of you at all."
That is exactly what I propose we do regarding the Marxist Hate-America Gangster who was just re-elected by a majority of dopey American voters to lead them to their doom. we are in a whole new dimension of danger, of outright Brown Shirt fascist thuggery. Let's be very clear here. There was wild mass enthusiasm by Germans for Adolf Hitler who elected him Chancellor in 1933. Very few thought it was in their obvious interests to get out of Germany or otherwise protect their assets and freedom - even Jews.

We conservatives are about to become the new Jews - hated, reviled, persecuted, despised, outlawed and criminalized. The worse it gets - and the economy is going to get even much worse. The worse it becomes, Obama and those who voted for him will need scapegoats.
The terrible truth, the ugly reality, is that our country has been headed towards liberal fascism for a long time - slowly, step by step, until finally here we are, at the end of the road where there's a sign reading "Welcome comrades to Obama's America".
To those bitter gun clinging Bible thumping racist rednecks in Pennsylvania - you get the representation you deserve.
To all the Jews who voted for Obama - I wash my hands of you. I don't want to hear a damn word from you when Iran lets loose on Israel while B.O. shares tea and crumpets with All-My-Jihad. Shame on you. The blood of dead Israelis will be on your limp wristed hands.
I don't want to hear another peep about racism or affirmative action. We've got our first affirmative action president Elected twice!. White guilt? Take your white guilt and shove it where the sun don't shine. I don't want to hear any bitching when the New black Panthers become an even bigger part of an Obama administration - after all they helped him out in Philly so he owes the "Brothers". All race cards have expired and are no longer valid in this country.

I look forward to watching the KoolAid effect wear off over the next 4 years. It's hard to believe in "Hope and Change" when you're standing in the unemployment line. Free college education? Handouts? Free cell phones? Help with your mortgage? Dream on - you'll be lucky to still have a pot to piss in when the Dems get through with you.
Gracious Loser - no damn way. Not at the cost of my Country and the Constitution. Taking a cue from the "first lady" - For the first time in my adult life, I'm ashamed of my country.
We conservatives are now Strangers In Our Own Land
5 years ago

As much as I fully understand and appreciate the feelings of the author of this, I can't condone this, either.  This is filled with negativity and that is not going to accomplish one thing positive for this Country.  Romney lost, we know there was fraud and that it should not have happened. But we can't give up our faith, love and respect for our Country.  That flag does not represent Obama, it represents the U.S.A. and it should continue to fly high and proud.  It is a light of encouragement for all of us, not a sign of regret, sorrow and taking it down is giving up.

We are only strangers in our own land if we determine to be.  It is not a time to run away with our tails between our legs, it is time to stand up prouder than ever.  We know that none of us have anything to be ashamed of, but this kind of response to the election is making it appear that we do.  

Obama may have somehow pulled this off, but I don't think we will ever have all the details on this.  We have head all the theories, but they are just that, theories.  Everyone I talk to and everywhere I go I hear, "I voted for him and everyone I know voted for Romney, how did this happen?"  Just as we have never seen a birth certificate that passes without question, we won't have the truth on this, either.  But that is not a reason to give up.

We have an election in 2014 and it is important that we do all we can to get the majority in the Senate and the House and we can do that.  That will be the first step to showing that we have not given up and that the Republican Party is there and alive and moving UPWARD!!!!!

Sorry, this just is too negative for me and in it's own way unrealistic, too.

5 years ago

I can't blame you for not liking much of what he said, and for his, more or less taking a defeatist attitude, because it's really NOT ALL OVER. But he certainly is entitled to his own opinion. And entitled to make that statement - for we haven't lost those rights.

Perhaps, his article is going to get many others upset, and maybe, that's his intention as well. And hopefully, as a result, more and more people will work all the more at trying to resolve the "ELIGIBILITY" matter. I know that is going to be a NEAR IMPOSSIBILITY but it's something that none of us have ever gone through in our entire life time, and there is always a FIRST TIME for everything. No doubt this ELECTION and much of what has happened throughout, is going to be in the HISTORY BOOKS of this country, 10 years 50 years and maybe for hundreds of years. Only time will tell.

Keep working as you have been, and stay OPTIMISTIC in that something, somehow, someway, it going to go in our favor and in the favor of this country. What more can anyone do?


5 years ago

I can empathisize this author's feeling but he is a defeatist and that is not good either.

Without faith and hope in the future being brighter and wrongs will eventually get corrected; there is nothing to look forward to and this is bitter negativism which leads to self pity and contempt.  It is unhealthy in the long run.


History has always had dark days and it is people who are motivated to change which remedied these conditions.

5 years ago

I suppose we all need to address the question of at what point to we quit preaching the truth to people who refuse to listen, realize that no amount of reason can penetrate into the heads of those who vote for largess rather than a sustainable future for the nation, and go buy a shovel and be ready to pick up the pieces after the inevitable runs its course, never mind that it is entirely avoidable if we could motivate people to use their heads for something other than hat racks.

I will grant you that there is a strong melancholy tone to the originally posted material, but there is much truth there.  The question is that of what we are going to do with that truth.  I would also suggest that this is an individual question for which each of us will have to reach a separate conclusion that may or may not be similar with the conclusions reached by the others.

5 years ago

Thanks David and I agree. We can't just accept that there will be defeatist attitudes out there, but then again, it has happened and it will continue to happen. And nothing will result from that in a positive manner unless a majority of people take steps to correct it. We can't stop what has happened, because it's happened already, but certainly we can look to correct whatever wrongs have been or are being committed.



5 years ago

It is disheartening and what is sad is that all the young people and Obama voters who are truely clueless.  They are part of the pack which Obamasim is founded upon and the MSM cleverly feed them messages and not news. 


The only hope for change from all of this is education and how do they get it with the progressivism take-over of education?

There are plenty of authors and books who are out there and spell it out but they are not reading.  Fox is disliked and Fox has been maligned deeply with Obama's re-election.

I don't have any answers, I hope people become disillusioned and that is the only hope I can see in the near future.


I detest the lies and deception Obama perpetuates and this new attack on the Republican House is disspeakable.  The MSM sways the public which rely upon them and that is a very sad fact.  When I read that Obama enjoys 57  %  favorability rating which is highest since Osama bin Laden take down, I wonder how stupid, STUPID is and that hurts!  

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