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Obama's Bad Faith: The Cartoon
5 years ago

Obama’s Bad Faith: The Cartoon

Does Obama really want to jump off the fiscal cliff? That is what many observers think–what left-winger wouldn’t be happy to collect trillions in new tax revenue, and pretend it’s his political opponents’ fault? The inimitable Michael Ramirez illustrates Obama’s eagerness to take the plunge into higher taxes:

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5 years ago

Our Incompetent President is playing Chicago style political games.    He loves being the center of attention holding what he feels is all the power.     His massive ego and racist heart has been exposed.

5 years ago

Diane, I am convinced that is his and the Democrats plan.  They don't want to resolve this, they want to put it all on the heads of the Republicans.  They have had that game plan all along.  This is the wave of how they will play the elections from now on; make it all look like the Republicans fault so they are defeated over and over.  It is time to pull the plug and I guess that is why I feel they should let Obama and the Democrats  push their plan and vote "Present" only.

5 years ago

Diane:  I don't see anything different as the same people who saw what he was 4 yrs. ago are the same now and the others who voted for him are eagerly awaiting for their Lord and Savior to save us. 


Time will tell and time will be the great exposer of Obama's presidency.

I read your stats about the large percentage of people who want socialism in this country, 52% of the democrats and 28% of the republicans. 


All I can say is they will see a totally different kind of America and they may not be as happy as they think they will be as there will be a contrast which is evident in this transforation process.


Nothing happens overnight; this process is gradual and again time will tell the tale in the end.  NOthing has to be permanent; people have the ability to change things if they really want it.  I am not buying into this fearmongering that it is over; it is not.  The people are too apathetic right now and that is the problem.  No one is coming out strong, except Obama.

5 years ago

I honestly do not know what the American people are thinking they can take a young country, a country where millions of people every year want to live in America and change it to a socialist country.    I don't understand.   

5 years ago

Diane:  I believe the people, esp. the younger ones have been successfully indoctrinated.


We need to do something about the educational process because that is where it begins.

They know nothing else but what they are taught or indoctrinated into believing.  I see it here in MA and it is very serious as they continue the process from grammar school through college.


I don't think they have a chance sometimes and this is how people like Eliz. Warren got into power along with Obama and the rest of them.  They are drawn to these socialist do-gooders but fail to see the outcomes on this country.  They view capitalism as evil.  There are a lot of problems with both idealogies but capitalism is freedom and socialism is not because the government is more in control.


I think people got turned-off with capitalism when they saw all of the greed bring down the economy and I do blame that on the elimination of watch dog agencies and tearing down stricter protection laws.  There will always be those that break laws and want to be greedy at the expense of others and they need to be reigned in and that was a huge problem when many of these laws were eliminated and the Bernie Madoff's got rich the wrong way.


People saw the pendulum go far to the right and now they want it swung to the left.

There has to be a balance.  There will be eventually but there is a great transition going on now; again, people make changes when they grow weary of a system which is not working. 

It will happen but people now have to experience it the hard way to learn the lesson.

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