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Does Anyone Recall What Romeny/Ryan's Tax Plan Was?
6 years ago

It looks to me like Boehner's attempting a compromise which would be at our expense. I don't think this was the plan that the R & R Team had in mind, by any stretch of the imagination.


Grassfire Nation Alert:
Dear James P,
Yesterday, House Speaker John Boehner delivered a  powerful one-two punch to Tea Party conservatives -- a punch that demands a strong and immediate grassroots response!

First, he proposed the Republican counteroffer to Obama's "fiscal cliff" -- a $2.2 trillion ten-year plan that raises more than $800 billion through what Boehner calls "Revenue Through Tax Reform" -- Republican-speak for tax increases.
Then for the coup de grace, he purged a group of Tea Party Republicans from prominent committees. Among those booted were Reps. David Schweikert (R-AZ) and Walter Jones (R-NC), who were both dumped from the Financial Services Committee. Representatives Justin Amash (R-MI) and Tim Huelskamp (R-K were removed from the Budget Committee.
According to several sources, Schweikert was told that he was ousted in part because his "votes were not in lockstep with leadership."
This bold exercise by Boehner caught GOP members by surprise and clearly shows that the Speaker is sending a strong message to "rebellious" conservative Tea Partiers.
+ + We're sending John Boehner a message!
James P, John Boehner had his say, and now grassroots patriots throughout the nation have an opportunity to send him a message of their own.
Grassfire Nation launched a petition opposing Obama's plan to tax all Americans, and now -- given Boehner's tax plan and purge of key Tea Party conservatives -- grassroots Americans must be heard!
We are moving rapidly to amass at least 50,000 petitions objecting to any plan that raises taxes. Our associates will be on Capitol Hill to hand-deliver these petitions to the House Speaker's office and other key players in this "fiscal cliff" battle, but we want to include you.
Here's what our petition says:
As an American, I'm signing this "No New Taxes" petition opposing any and all efforts to raise taxes to resolve the Obama Fiscal Cliff.
Big government and higher taxes are what got our country into its current economic mess. It is outrageous that politicians would use a deadline they created -- the so-called "fiscal cliff" -- to force tax increases on our nation. Given our current economic struggles, we must not raise taxes. I am calling on you and other members of Congress to rein in Obama's tax-and-spend policies -- rejecting his calls for higher taxes and additional spending.

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6 years ago

The Tea Party will be the demise of the republican party here.

Boehner is trying to save any remanants he can.

The majority of people close to 70% want the tax increases on the 2 percent.


I don't think the TP did any favors to help the GOP. The tax increases for the 2% should go back to Clinton era or compromise at 37% if it is even possible with Obama.


I guarantee the TP loses their seats.

6 years ago

Personally, I am not a huge tea party fan as I think many are so rigid and their intent is to take over the GOP as they want it and they are not willing to internally compromise.


The TP is all over the place, it is a fragmented group and many top leaders left in disgust with internal bickering.  Mark Meckler left and he was a founder and very smart, he conceded to a woman with very little experience and certainly she is no Mark Meckler.  He got very disillusioned with the fragmentation and that is the worst case scenario for any organization or plan.


Fragmented organization is internally doomed for failure.  A lot of these same people are the libertarians who deliberately hung Romney/Ryan out to dry.   I have no respect for these people, I will not partake in their games which are as deviant as Obama's games.  They deserve one another and may the best man win which will be Obama in this case.  I hate saying this but the progressive liberals are very organized and the fragmented tea partyiers are nonsensical at best. 

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6 years ago

Shelia the problem with the GOP is what we have seen with this alleged House "leadership" who is purging conservative both in primaries, the general election, and in committee assignments if elected. That is in addition to putting up POTUS candidates that are Dem Lite in their principles and willing to push stupid ideas on immigration, taxes, and even spending reductions. Boehner and his crew of House "leaders" are worthless and are a big part of the reason we have this so called "fiscal cliff" especially the sequestration part of that. They have failed in the last Congress to hold Dear Leader's feet to the fire by allowing the debt limit to increase, passing continuing spending resolutions without a new budget bill. and passing a "budget agreement" that got nothing at all. That has been true of whatever the House has done under the majority GOP leadership that has gotten less than zero from their "compromise" and "bipartisanship". It ain't the TEA Party but the RINOs that are and continue to be the problem. And they gain nothing in "praise" from the media, the DC establishment, and the Demagogues anyway as we can see from both the 2008 and 2012 elections and continued criticism.

6 years ago

John:  there is a problem with both as one cannot say the other is totally unblemished.  The internal conflicts along with fragmentation is a killer.


Ron Paul libertarians are seizing the tea party movement and they play by their own rules.

Boehner is part of the GOP leadership and he is a decent man who is being kicked around like a football by his tp colleagues and Obama.


The WH is fully aware of the internal discord, the fragmentation and the inability to rally the people for full support.  The Bush Tax cuts did not create jobs and these points are continuousally raised by the media and proven.   Grovor Norquist pledge is the kiss of death for these TP republicans who have a congressional seat right now.


They will be gone in 2014 as they are not reading the tea leaves or the public's sentiment today. 

6 years ago




2 articles from MSM CBS which is delineating public response to this fical economic disaster.  Obama has public support here along with the strength of the MSM. 


The tp is tainted with lobbyist influence of grover norquist who is regarded as poisen.

This is a no-win situation.


4 yrs. is a long time and Obama will fail along the line but not in this one.

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6 years ago

Sheila, I agree with your comments above; Boehner is trying but not getting the support and it is people like McCain, et al that are keeping anything positive from happening in this case.  He is keeping the Republicans at odds and not doing anything positive; he has to go as he has outserved his usefulness and along with him a lot more.  John, maybe Boehner is right to boot them.  If they can't get the Republican Party together on this they will not accomplish anything and what I honestly see is that Boehner is being abused by his own Party.  It is not his leadership that is the issue, it is people like McCain that are so power hungry that they refuse to let him lead and foil all his attempts.  Read his blog and see for yourself, people.

6 years ago

Sorry Shelia but Boehner is a rather incompetent and inarticulate political hack whose main talent has been slithering his way up the GOP House political structure until he manages to luck out and become Speaker. He did nothing good after the GOP won a strong victory in 2010 but fritter those gains away with ineffective and stupid actions. he has managed to compound that with his declarations after Dear Leader stole or bought the 2012 election that he won so ObumblerCare is the "law of the land", we will rush to do "immigration reform" (whatever THAT means other than amnesty isn't clear nor is the need for doing that), and whose opening "negotiation" bid on the alleged "fiscal cliff" (looming partly due to his incompetence in the last session) was to give Dear Leader all he wanted in essence (except overtly agreeing to tax rate hikes) and was promptly rewarded with Dear Leader upping the ante significantly. That is addition to dithering on investigations into the Executive Branch malfeasance and going after the likes of Bachman and others concerned with overt Muslim Brotherhood infiltration into the government by effectively shutting them up. His performance on Fox News Sunday was pathetic as are most of his "news conferences" and policy statements. I have no respect for him since he is the same type of overbearing political climber and incompetent hack as we see on the other side of the aisle. There were concerns when he was elected Speaker in 2011 and those concerns were understated! He is a big part of the DC problem and none of the solution! BTW, haven't seen that much of the Ron Paul influence in the TEA Party since most there aren't keen on his alleged "national security" positions, drug legalization, and many libertarian positions.

6 years ago


I hope this helps, it is proof of the fragmentation and discontent within the only House the GOP has control of and I hope they are able to hold onto it in 2014.


The tea party does not give out good vibes these days and the MSM and Obama admin. smell blood in the water now.  I find some of the newbies in this party very disruptive and they are giving the party a bad name as a bunch of right wing fundamentalists who are scary enough.

6 years ago


Obama is not going to give in til the GWB tax cuts for the 2% is ended.

The majoritiy of Americans agree with him on this fact.

He will blame all of the GOP for going over the fiscal cliff because he made a campaign promise which is one he will not break.


I don't like Obama, I don't trust him but I am confident of his actions on this one.  He will not bend.  I believe it is a game to destroy the GOP controlled Congress and the democrats are all in unison because they want the ultimate power.


I also believe Hillary is running, I heard 57% of the country is  behind her campaign for 2016 and they are still blind and ignorant as to who the power is behind these figureheads.

6 years ago


games and more games and it comes to who blinks first.  Tis a game of cat and mouse!

6 years ago


A lot of these tea party congressmen are first termers, brand new in office. 

They are also influenced by Koch Bros. who have a very bad name in the public.

Granted, the dems have Soros another bad name to contend with but two bad apples are not the answer. 


No one is completely wrong either.  But, in this case ... Soros and Koch bros. are not very popular advocates for good public policy upon our country.

6 years ago

Shelia you are buying in to the Demagogue Party, Obama, "mainstream" media, and "progressive" interest group party line as to the TEA Party movement, the Koch brothers, and their other boogie men. The TEA Party movement started out because of the out of control spending in DC BY BOTH PARTIES mostly from the bailouts and then the "stimulus" and ObumblerCare along with the understanding that DC had gone way to far in both grabbing control of too many aspects in the country and stamping on individual rights and. to a degree, the rights and responsibilities of states and local governments. Perhaps you can cite some real examples of the abuses by the TEA Party movement and Koch brothers. Don't cite a source that is some of the whining Libertarian Party members who are unhappy that some issues that have general reference for many people like fiscal responsibility and adherence to the Constitution that are really cover for the real agenda of unilateral disarmament, drug legalization, and license in many areas. The Ron Paulites were never the genesis of the TEA Party movement but people who were unhappy with what was going on in DC and the country as a whole. Most has been spontaneous with some people then forming local action groups that did work with the GOP in 2010 and 2012. Not sure if they will do that in 2014 since many, like me who has vote and supported the GOP since Goldwater (another one who wasn't quite what he portrayed himself to be based on later statements), since we are getting disgusted with overall GOP leadership. The ones causing the discord are the old guard RINOs that are too wedded to power and their limited influence in the Beltway/Coastal elite than actually working for the people and the country to solve real problems.

If they were serious they wouldn't be pushing more taxes for hoped for spending cuts (that never have happened since Reagen was fooled in the 80s), "immigration reform" (a Demagogue idea pushed by Teddy Kennedy in the 60s to build Demagogue voting power) that really is now amnesty, cuts to SS and Medicare while the real problem (in more than one way) has been all the transfer payment programs starting with the New Deal and added to with the Great Society and now ObumblerCare/more education grants/mortgage relief/etc from the Obumbler reign. SS was a cash cow for many years (due to both GOP and Demagogue "reforms" in the past) until both parties bought into the cut in payroll taxes in 2011 in the middle of high unemployment/declining incomes/increased usage of the program so never has been the problem with the accumulated deficits.

Boehner is now totally playing in Dear Leader's field since he has proposed what Obama did in 2011 as to $800M in "loophole closures" and what he gets is that isn't enough and won't work (now but would have last year) and rates need to go up. In addition, the discussion now is we can tax our way out of the problem and maybe tweak some spending (mostly defense and programs for seniors who paid into them) in the future even though the administration and the Demagogues feel spending cuts in all other areas aren't necessary (actually we need to "invest" more in "green energy"/education/"infrastructure"/unemployment compensations/food stamps/etc).

Been watching this farce for 50 years and it gets worse rather than better and the GOP IS part of the problem when it gets in the RINO mode. All you need as an example is the appearance of Bob Dole on Capital Hill to support the UN treaty on disability "rights". I know he has suffered from disabling war wounds but to put the UN and "rights" together in the same sentence, paragraph, document, treaty, etc ignores historical evidence such as putting some of the worse rights abusers on the "Human Rights" UN organization. That and Boehner's ineptitude as Speaker are just a couple reasons why the problem in the GOP lies with the old time, RINO GOP establishment.

6 years ago

John:  I joined the local chapter of the tea party and I agree with many principles but there is no clear leadership in the tp.  I did like Meckler and I do like Jim DeMint; there are some that are too way out there for me.  I joined because I did not like the Obamacare and the way Obama was taking over our country.  Yes, they are demonized by the MSM and I am mad right now because I see a great divide within Congress GOP ranks which gives into the demagouges and Obama and the MSM. 


It is clearly unwise to dislike Boehner so openly; not at this time.  Band together and stand in unison, they need to seek out economic help from Heritage not Koch bros. think tank.


I know what teddie kennedy did with immigration as I put up a very revealing history of the plans the dems dreamed up along with LBJ.  It was purposeful and the intent is now being undertaken to enroll these illegals into the party.  They will opt them in with executive power and to heck with the immigrants coming in legally standing in line as they would probably enter the republican ranks anyway.   These people are cunning and devious and they are not driven by humanitarian principles but POWER and control. 


I am not emotionally well with this vote still.  I am very depressed and I cannot shake it; I am having much difficulty.  I cannot stand further stupidity and losses.  I know I said we need faith and hope but it is difficult as four more years is a very long time.  The UN is slowly taking over American rights and what is wrong with the people of this country.

I dont believe Boehner is in agreement with UN treaties being implemented as law of this land.  I feel he is being unfairly targeted from both ends.  These freshmen TP congressmen need to work with him and not tar and feather the man.  This is not giving into the MSM; it is a fact that has to be dealt with soon...

6 years ago

GOP leaders remove 4 from plum House committees

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WASHINGTON — House Speaker John Boehner's decision to take plum committee assignments away from four conservative Republican lawmakers after they bucked party leaders on key votes isn't going over well with advocacy groups that viewed them as role models.

Reps. Tim Huelskamp of Kansas and Justin Amash of Michigan will lose their seats on the House Budget Committee chaired by Rep. Paul Ryan next year. And Reps. Walter Jones of North Carolina and David Schweikert of Arizona are losing their seats on the House Financial Services Committee.

The move is underscoring a divide in the Republican Party between tea party-supported conservatives and the House GOP leadership.

"This is a clear attempt on the part of Republican leadership to punish those in Washington who vote the way they promised their constituents they would — on principle — instead of mindlessly rubber-stamping trillion dollar deficits and the bankrupting of America," said Matt Kibbe, president of the tea party group FreedomWorks.

Michael Steel, a spokesman for Boehner, would only say Tuesday that the party's steering committee chaired by the speaker made the decision "based on a range of factors."

Groups aligned with the tea party movement were generally big supporters of Huelskamp, Amash and Schweikert. Jones is viewed more as a conservative maverick than a tea party Republican. He has frequently siding against GOP leaders on a range of issues over the years. For example, he voted against the GOP budget because he opposed the changes proposed for Medicare.

Schweikert said it was made clear to him "I should vote for the team more."

"Look, we're walking into the 113th Congress with a smaller majority," Schweikert said. "I would have though the fixation would have been family unity. This isn't the way you start a family meeting."

"The GOP leadership might think they have silenced conservatives, but removing me and others from key committees only confirms our conservative convictions," Huelskamp said in a statement Tuesday. "This is clearly a vindictive move and a sure sign that the GOP establishment cannot handle disagreement."

All four lawmakers had voted against the summer 2011 deal negotiated between Republican leaders and President Barack Obama for extending the government's ability to borrow money in exchange for $1 trillion in spending cuts and the promise of another $1 trillion in reduced deficits. Three of the four, the exception being Schweikert, voted against the Ryan-written GOP budget blueprint that the House passed last March.

Their removal from key committees with jurisdiction over the two issues was viewed by some as a signal to other Republican lawmakers to look favorably on whatever final deal Boehner and Obama put together to avert a "fiscal cliff" combination of automatic tax increases and spending cuts in January.

"It's sending a clear message to get behind the leadership no matter what the policy is, and that is contrary to what the Republicans supposedly stand for," Freedomworks' Kibbe said.

"If it was intended to be a signal, it's going to be a weak signal because the majority of conservatives are going to do what they think is right based on principle," Jones, the North Carolina congressman, said.

Amash said he has not been told specifically why he was removed, only that it was not based on his votes and that he should go talk to leadership. He said he voted with the Budget Committee's leadership 95 percent of the time. He said the move is likely to make him more independent in the future.

"Being nice to leadership and playing well with them doesn't pay off," Amash said. "They expect a near total agreement with their approach."

6 years ago

John:  these same people dislike Paul Ryan as well; there is a problem here and I am not saying that they are all wrong either but it is not their way or the highway; after all they are freshmen Congressmen.  Paul Ryan and Boehner have bee in Congress for years, give them some credit here.  This is a case of the newbies wanting immediate recognition and not respecting those that have been there. 


It takes two to tango!

6 years ago

Sheila---I understand what you are saying about the Tea Party.  I joined VERY early on.  Back when they actually stood for something. 


I have now resigned the Tea Party here.  The in-fighting and the smearing of Romney during the primaries divided party members and good friends.  Some who are still not speaking to each other.  And, the Ron Paul group has also infiltrated this group to the point that instead of Tea Party perhaps they should call it the Libertarian Party.  I hated to go to the TP meetings because there was so much anger.  Mostly because many of us refused to accept Ron Paul! 


And to think I was one of those 150,000 who took the trip to Washington.  Since then -- no more!  I am totally dis-enchanted!

6 years ago

Once again it isn't the TEA Party but the old establishment RINOs that continue to purge anyone who doesn't go along with their incompetent accommodation line of "governing". We are in this "fiscal cliff" pickle of tax cuts and tax change expiring and the sequestration because RINOs set the conditions up by being wimpy. It was the like of McCain (who was pushing for other GOP members of the Senate to pass the UN treaty on "disability rights" even though it was agreed pretty much by all in the Senate that it wasn't needed by the US based on our laws and the vagueness of the treaty provisions) that didn't want the Bush tax deal and insisted on the
"compromise" that sunset the legislation in ten years. It was Boehner and the GOP Legislative Branch "leadership" that arranged the sequestration debacle out of incompetence and weakness on their part. It hasn't been the TEA Party or many of those elected by their efforts in 2010 that cause this except by going along with "leadership" in those bad deals done in 2011.

Shelia: One TEA Party backed rep voted against the Ryan plan and said he was responding to his constituents. Some thought it didn't go far enough but it was really academic anyway since everything from the House dies in the Reid controlled Senate. The TEA Party movement was in response to the lack of real leadership in DC and never was a real party per se. Keep in mind as well that the House is a collection of district elections at a rather local level and the effect and support of those associated with the TEA Party movement varies by district and who actively participates in the election support process.

Tara Jane: Romney wasn't a good candidate even though he is a good person and does have economic grounding from his business background. Many, including myself, were very skeptical of him during the primaries especially the tactics of his campaign and PACs against his primary opponents. The amount of money spent on nasty ads against those opponents wasn't matched by his campaign and PACs against Dear Leader in the general as I and others predicted. He ran an somewhat incoherent and wimpy campaign and certainly didn't take much of an opportunity to go back against Dear Leader in the last two debates. This was evident in his failure to pursue the Libyan fiasco in the foreign policy "debate" and his agreement with most of Dear Leader's policy and actions. His post election activity haven't increased his stature among those that supported him reluctantly in the general.

The Left is concerned about the TEA Party movement to a degree since it has had results and represents a more conservative point of view on some issues like debt, spending, taxes, and individual freedom. Like most new movements it is erratic at times and is more of local group of concerned people than a real cohesive organization. Care must be taken by each group to not be subverted by Paulites, RINOs, or others that wish to turn the group to their way of viewing things or to embarrass the movement. The local one in my area did a good job in 2010 of presenting all GOP candidates for the local House job and supported the primary winner who happened to be not the most conservative and was the GOP establishment's choice. Keep in mind that the Left and the Demagogues have a vested interest in trashing any and all opposition especially any that is pushing ideas that counter their aims.

6 years ago

John, in the case of your assessment of Romney, I still do not agree with you on this and the only reason I am commenting is that I feel that I still maintain my right to voice my opinion and to not do so is as much as saying I agree with you on this.

There are many issues that need to be corrected, yes.  In that we can fully agree. 

6 years ago

I'd like to jump in here.    I believed Mitt Romney was the right candidate.   Today, I feel like he had the wrong VP pick.    Had Romney had a high ranking military person, I believe it would've cemented the deal.   However, we just don't know.  


John, I will agree that the left has the edge on the right when it comes to the media stomping the republicans.    We have to get a handle on this and soon.   

6 years ago

Does anyone here think that when Crowley and Obama pulled the trick during the debate on foreign policy where they colluded on Obama's characterization of his statement that he called the Benghazi action as a terrorist attack the day afterward that a Newt, Santorum, Bachman, and the like would have taken that lie and folded with a whimper? Do you think any one of them would have agreed that Obama's foreign polices were good? Sorry, but Romney did not do a good job and, Diane, it had nothing to do with Ryan in those debate performances or in the campaign staff that Romney chose. Not sure who would have been a good candidate in the end but Romney did not fight aggressively, allowed himself to be demonized early on, and did not articulate his policies and agenda that well. As to media, just today the NBC crew was treated to a visit to the White House and there has proof of coordination between the Obama people, the media, and "progressive" groups on themes and issues. It wasn't an accident that Stephanopoulos came up with the birth control question during the one primary debate or Crowley was there with the "transcript" of Obama's statement just when he brought it up in the debate with Romney? This is more than an "edge" but has been active collusion since before he ran in 2008 and has become more strident as they all circle the wagons to protect the "progressive" and marxist agenda.

Linda: You have your right to express your opinion whenever you want as does anyone here. All I ask is people to look at the facts of what has been happening, what went on in the election cycle, and what is going on today and think a bit about those facts in a logical rather than emotional manner. Things are very bad and it is important to keep up with what the Left is doing and what the GOP isn't doing in response or to expose the consequences of the Obama and Demagogue's policies and actions. Going along to get along and purging those in your ranks that object to that course of action is a non starter in this environment. Besides being bad policy much of what the GOP is doing or proposing is incoherent and idiotic like the mess they made of both the lead up to the "fiscal cliff" and their response as well as flirting with "immigration reform" at this time.

6 years ago

Okay, John, then I will support Diane here and give you some facts.  Working on the Romney campaign in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee I will tell you that what I heard from those people (approximately 100 a day) that I called or visited door to door, they were all for Romney until he named Paul Ryan his running mate.  They did not like Ryan's Budget proposals feeling that they were not as realistic and they should have been and that he was just too uncompromising on this and therefore, they were changing their opinion; they would not vote for Obama, but rather they would either 1) vote Libertarian or 2) not vote at all.  I heard this and hoped and prayed it wasn't true.  I tried to explain as best I could why a non-vote ws not a good choice and that they needed to remember that Romney would be the president.  They reminded me that Ryan would be President of the Senate and that scared them.  That is factual, John.  Can't get much more factual than hearing it from the mouth of the people themself.  They repeated, over and over, they liked Romney, they did not feel comfortable with Paul Ryan.  

Now, that was not my opinion on Ryan, but that is what people were saying and so, yes, Diane, I think what may have hurt him in the end was his choice of VP.  It is too bad, but people are worried and they still are worried and rightfully so.  Did they make a mistake?  In my opinion, yes.  But that is what they were feeling.  They would all agree with cut backs in entitlements, but they were not ready to see entitlement programs completely cut out of the budget and felt that this was Paul Ryan's stand on the issue.  They were not getting any indication from Romney that he was not about to cut these programs entirely and they also knew that the States would not be able to assume them immediately or even for a number of years.  You have to remember, people are out of work and hurting. A lot of them are not sure how to feed their families and no matter what they are doing, it is not enough.  As many as could were working parttime jobs and that was not enough, so there was the need for some sort of assistance through these times until things started to grow again.

It may not be written in black and white, but John, these were the feelings and thoughts of people.  I talked to people in Washington State, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, Arizona, Texas, Maryland, West Virginia, Minnesota and Wisconsin and heard the same thing; not just in my neck of the woods.  I like Paul Ryan, but apparently I had not realized that it is a case of either you do or you don't like him and there were many that did not like him and that affected the Republican vote.

Tara Jane, not sure what you heard in Florida, but that is what I was hearing.  It was hard as I didn't quite realize until it was too late how people were feeling and I didn't quite know how to offset their fear, either.

6 years ago

OK I give up. Then let the GOP just be "progressive" light and purge the conservatives and kill any budget that cuts any program but defense and raise taxes on all those in the 50% who pay taxes and the GOP will thrive and the economy will rebound and the deficit will disappear because uninformed and misinformed hear what the media and the Dems say with their spin and believe what they say. Since you talked to them what specifics did they give you and since you working on the campaign what was your response or couldn't you respond with anything since you weren't familiar with the Ryan plan and the campaign didn't provide any information to assist you? Where they looking for more cuts, faster reductions of the deficits, or where they concerned that their piece of the pie was going to be cut? Ryan being being President of the Senate means nothing unless the Senate is split 50-50 or didn't they know that? Don't they know too that the budget proposal goes to the Senate and isn't the inal product until that body has its say? Did they like Dear Leader's budget or maybe Harry Reid's (who had none in his body at all)? Did they realize that the Demagogues hadn't passed any budget since they passed the FY2009 almost nine months late and contrary to law? Those same people didn't vote in a GOP Senator in VA even though the candidate had been a senator and a governor there before nor did those in WI and most of the states mentioned except TX unless the senator was an incumbent. Well Ryan was Romney's pick but I guess that was Ryan's fault too since Romney ran such "good" campaign! Guess the ignorance was all Ryan's fault and he should be taken off as Budget Chairman since he is so incompetent. Things are more hopeless than I thought.

6 years ago

There was voter fraud in the election and a lot of it and no one is doing anything.  Obama had a great ground force and he had his computer program system in effect for 8 yrs. and all the bugs were out and it was very fine-tuned and effective.


It is hard to unseat an incumbent.

Also, he campaigned for  yrs.


I understand there may be 16 running in the GOP for 2016 and Hillary has 1 or 2 and those numbers are not good for the republicans.  They need to get very serious and whittle it down to the best.  I know they all have a right to run.  I think right now, Hillary wins.  I am so pessimistic and down, sorry!


I think 3 of those freshmen congressmen voted against Ryan proposal and 1 supported it.

Boehner is the House Speaker now and to unseat him now shows division and weakness.

They need to band together and get the best from the republican party e.g. think tanks for advise. 


The republicans will be blamed as they were in the 90s for the govt. shutdown.  I am sure of this fact and the democrats are betting on claiming the House, Nancy Pelosi is antsy about her seat. 


Remember the 90s, the GOP lost their seats and were blamed for the mess!!!

The dems are great at the blame game and the MSM backs them up.  Fox does NOT have the combined views that the MSM has and their audience is bigger.    


I believe the GOP will get power back in 8 yrs.  but a lot of damage will be done by that time.  Again, we will spend more time undoing a mess and not providing competent growth and the govt. suffers.  People are ignorant.


I see where Ryan and Rubio are reaching out which is a good thing. 


Romney did not listen to outsiders who had a bad taste on how he was running his internal campaign and there are a host of reasons why he lost but taking on an incumbent who was running for 4 yrs. is the bottom line.


The dems play the race card also and it is very hard to undo Obama.  I am so sick and tired of all of this and I don't think another black will be so easily voted into office again as they are using race way too much with Obama.  People are sick of this but are not stating it openly.  He won by 350 mil spread in those battleground states.  He never shut down those offices he had up and running in 08 and they know how to run a great ground game.


The tea leaves and the cards were on their side, it was always an uphill battle for the GOP.  Romney was very tarnished by his own during primaries and Obama continued the name calling effectively. 


Look at that God awful cartoon by the CA fed. of teachers on the rich urinating on the poor.  That is the message out there and it is hard to undo that message.  It is now indoctrinating our kids.  Forget CA, the state is doomed as is MA, RI, NY, NJ, VT, possibly ME and NH now.  It is wrong and I blame parents for not getting involved also, they are turning a deaf ear to what is being taught. 


We are breeding a generation of extreme progressive liberal democrats.  From cradle to college; they are being brainwashed effectively by the demagouges.   

6 years ago

I still dont't think Hillary is going to run and those that maintain she is are simply hoping.  she has maintained for some time that she won't.  We will see, but if she does I doubt that she has a chance of winning.  There is too much history now and her being on Obama's team was not a good thing for her, either.  She would be a McCain now in my opinion.

6 years ago

Linda;  I hope you are right and 4 yrs. is a long time and images can get tainted.


I am hopeful today that Jim DeMint will become President of the Heritage Foundation.

I believe that is promising as he has a mission and I believe this man is truely a patriot.

I think what he states he does and he is a man of action and few words.

Hope is alive and well today!

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