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Liberals - Fiscal Cliff - Keep The Money Spigot Wide Open
5 years ago

The fiscal cliff is the government’s fear that taxpayers discover that we have the power to cut them off financially. Whether you like Bush or not, at least he recognized that the government is just the middle-man, and they work for us. Liberals believe the opposite.

We jumped off the fiscal cliff a while back. Government stopped caring what we thought decades ago. We only get glimpses of political sanity, when it comes to reduction in taxes. Generally speaking government taxes, then taxes some more, and it never quits spending.

Our Gross Debt to GDP Ratio 105.13 percent. This means if the government taxed us 100 percent, we could not pay our debt, which as of this writing was around $16,067,580,487,904. Tax revenue is $2,431,400,318,190. The debt per citizen is $51,648, and the debt per taxpayer $141,734. If you are reading this, the likelihood is you are a taxpayer, taking care of at least two “citizens.” I suggest you investigate a subscription for Damitol.


Obama and other elitist Liberals will do anything to keep the money spigot wide open. Your money is what they use to buy off the thieves who keep the elite entrenched in power. It is for this reason debt is rewarded. Paying your bills and living within your means is crazy in Obama’s America. Debt keeps one needy. Liberals don’t really believe we can spend our way out of debt. But what they do know is if we stop spending, they will have to face the reality of decades of Liberalism that has led to communism. If they stop feeding the zombies, the zombies will feed on them. Fiscal policy problems do not solve themselves. The bingo caller at does not just call out your magic number and suddenly you’re a winner. That only works for games. This is not a game. Instead, the Federal debt just builds and builds.


So Liberals kick the can.


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5 years ago

Diane, I would concur with this, we went over the fiscal cliff already, we are not about to do so. And I still maintain, let the Democrats fail this time.  The Republicans need to step back and let them try their program and when it fails, let them figure out what to do about it, all the time with a proven means ready to implement when they come crying because they can't fix it.

5 years ago

I would agree, Linda, that the republicans should step back and let Obama have his way....all the way.....and let's see where it takes the next four years.    If Obama intends to add another $1.4 trillion on top of spending any new revenue raising taxes, the death tax, etc brings in let him have a whirl at it.    In 2015 I will predict that our country will be in the toilet financially and then the republicans will rise again.


I honestly feel like we need to "let go" in order to get the republican party back.   Let the country see what eight years of a socialist incompetent president looks like.   The republicans didn't get out and vote so quite frankly they deserve the leadership they have right now.


I am a patient person.    Give Obama enough rope and history will write about him being not only the most dangerous president in our history but the most incompetent.


The liberals eat Obama up with a silver spoon.   Everything he says is "golden" to them...he can do no wrong in their socialist eyes.    So, remove the opposition so that the playing field is visible....make it all pure Obama and Tiny Tim Geithner.   Bring it on....recession, inflation, two more credit downgrades, more terrorist attacks on American soil, and allow Iran to become the super power while the rest of the middle east uses chemical methods to destroy their own people.  


It's time to watch the show.   Meanwhile the republicans will be gathering steam again and should be absolutely very careful about the candidate we put before the American people in 2016.    My only focus is the election in 2014.    We must encourage republicans to do what they do best and that is rearrange congress.   They did it in 2010 and they can do it again.



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