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Majority wants Road to Citizenship for Immigrants??????
5 years ago

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Poll: Majority Wants ‘Road to Citizenship’ for Immigrants

A sizeable majority of Americans – 62 percent – support allowing illegal and undocumented immigrants to earn citizenship, compared to 35 percent who are opposed, according to a poll from Politico/George Washington University.


Among Republicans, the idea receives plurality support, with 49 percent in favor and 45 percent opposed. Democrats favor the idea 74 percent to 24 percent. And among independents, 61 percent support it, while 35 percent are opposed.





My opinion here:  I don't know if I believe these statistics.  We want the illegals to start paying taxes but they appear to be going on more of the freebie programs.


Anyone know that yest. the first illegal in Chicago got his kidney transplant while serving time in prison.  More illegals scheduled for transplants, liver, etc.


What happened to american citizens on list?  They lose out!

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5 years ago

If true all the stats show is people are really more uninformed or stupid than I realized. Why during a severe economic downturn with a high unemployment rate (masked to a fair degree by the way the unemployment rates are calculated), run away transfer payments, and a huge deficit largely due to same transfer payments do we need to make those who came here illegally and frequently use forged or stolen identification citizens? Oh yes, they become Demagogue Party voters and wards of the government using more "services" and "benefits".

5 years ago

John:  my sentiments exactly and this scares me that people are that thick.


In an economic downturn and with a president who wants to spend more monies on green energy which does not create jobs that the electorate want the illegals to become citizens now.


It makes no sense as they won't be paying taxes unless the tax codes are reformed and everyone starts paying into the system.  I see a VAT tax coming and that means more suffocation and no growth.  Just added revenues for Obama and the demogogues to spend on more useless programs.


something has to change here and I see no good coming out of any of this at all.

NOTHING but total damage.

Imagine if the healthcare industry acted ike this, patients would die in significant number and the mistakes would be very apparent.

Maybe, govt. needs to be run like a hospital and the president needs a surgeon's scalpel to dissect the disease and erradicate it, that goes for the whole govt.

5 years ago

Won't happen with this president.  He is the problem and he would be killing off all the people that oppose him.  With not significant cuts to spending we will get no where and Obama is not even willing to budge here; his Democratic Senate will make sure he doesn't have to, either.  So, what are your suggestions for taking care of this.  We identified the problem, what is the solution.  And please, it is not to get rid of Boehner and old school Republicans; that will hand it to the Democrats as they are the only ones that are trying to keep this from happening. Here are some links to read.





This should get people started.  This certainly is not what the media is sharing.  There are attempts, there is effort being made, there is hard line and some compromise; nothing is going to fly unless Obama wants it and that is the real issue, he doesn't want to solve this not matter what he and his media claim.

5 years ago

Linda: The GOP establishment (and the alleged "conservative" Beltway media types like Kristol) have pushed this in the past like the big move back in 2006 that caused a huge backlash and have indicated since the election that they are ready to give Dear Leader his "immigration reform". Both Kristol and Boehner have made those exact statements right after the election as did that likely 201 6candidate Jeb Bush. Sorry, but they need to go but it may well be too late since both sides seem to putting the pedal to metal for it now. Now the current tax rates are due to expire on 1/1/13 and will if nothing is done since that legislation is law (partly due to RINOs like McCain when the initial bills were passed). It was Boehner and McConnell who agreed to the spending cuts from the alleged "budget deal" that cuts defense and likely SS and/or Medicare but not the real wasteful programs like "green energy" or the huge increase in "means tested" programs over the last four years starting with the alleged 2009 "stimulus" which has become part of the on going spending and is the real driver of the deficits. I see nothing in the GOP establishment nor those in DC "conservative: media that wish to address. They also don't want to address the effects of illegal aliens and low skilled legal aliens on wage levels, tax receipts, and abuse of "benefit" programs including ER room treatment costs one of the excuses for "health care reform". There is no way we can change where the country is headed unless we change the power structure in DC which includes both parties and their supporting media, foundation, and (for the Left) academic support structure that push the move to consolidate power in the Federal government. You find the same sentiments toward "immigration reform" in the likes of the Weekly Standard and much of the Wall Street Journal as the likes of the NY Times and "progressive" media sources even if the arguments may differ.

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