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Are You Missing A Check From The Federal Government
5 years ago

From the Washington Guardian


Apparently, neither snow nor heat nor gloom of night could stop these postal employees from stealing checks.


The former supervisor at an Atlanta mail distribution center, a coworker and four others pled guilty this month in stealing $3 million in U.S. Treasury checks, including veterans benefits, tax refunds and Social Security Checks.  By the time authorities figured out the scheme, the small theft ring had stolen or cashed 1,300 federal checks, officials said.


And the Georgia workers aren't alone.  Between April and September of this year, 171 Postal Service Employees were arressted for theft, wilful delay or destruction of mail, according to a new report by the USPS inspector general.  The service has about 546,000 employees.


In 2011, Georgia "ranked third in the country in the number of federal tax refunds, social security and Veterans checks reported stolen by their intended recipients" as stated by the Inspector General. 


The thefts have prompted the creation of the U.S. Attorney's Stolen Treasury Check Task Force, a coalition of 14 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies to investigate the problem of stolen checks in northern Georgia.


The Post office is facing a multi-million dollar budget deficit and is looking for ways to save money but the Inspecter General said any measures aren't expected to affect investigations and the service's ability to respond to illegal behavior.



Well now you know why you didn't receive your Social Security Check and the annual fruit cake from Aunt Sadie! 

5 years ago

And the Inspector General of the USPS needs to tell his employees that this is not the way to make up their multi-million dollar budget deficit.  Well, now I know why it takes as long to get mail from Maryland to me as it does to get mail from Oregon to me; they are check too busy looking for Federal checks.  So glad I have my social security check direct deposited.  Not sure why these people that had their checks stolen did not do that, too.  You get them immediately and don't have to wait for the snail mail.

5 years ago

Linda, from what I understand - starting this year 2013 - those people receiving their checks via mail will have to change to the direct deposit method. 


There are some people who have their checks deposited to a PO box number because they do not have a checking account.  It would be interesting to find out how many people in this country do NOT have a checking account.



5 years ago

I agree; bet it is more that I woiuld think, too.  But it is hard to cash them, too.  You have to have some sort of an account almost to do that.

5 years ago

Maybe they go to those loan shark check cashing places....who knows?    I can't believe people that government workers would do this but they do.  

5 years ago

In the old days when mail was carried on the railroad, my grandfather was a postal inspector in the mail car on the Northern Pacific Railroad (Now Burlington Northern and Santa Fe).  He told us that the amount of stolen mail at the post offices was a major problem then; that there were times when people would get the box but the things inside were gone, the box was not torn or broken in any way, so they knew that someone had carefully opened it and taken the merchandise.

I don't understand why people have to do these things.  And Diane, I agree, taking someone's pension is pretty low.

5 years ago

The $60 billion a year in fraud and abuse in our country is absurd.    Our government continues to take the taxpayers dollars every year to pay for this fraud and abuse.   Why aren't they putting together a special task force to stop this?   Why do both republican and democratic presidents sit back and let this build up and go on and on?     This is a complete mystery to me.   Obama can hire hundreds to "police" Obamacare but why isn't he putting together a a special group to once and for all get rid of the fraud and abuse.    Think what $60 billion a year could do to increase welfare payments to those who desperately need it and give these people a cost of living increase to keep up with the current cost of living?   Why aren't we doing something about this?


Our veterans could use this increase in their disability payments.   This $60 billion in fraud is funded every single year by the taxpayers.    Isn't it time we attack this and do more for the veterans and other American families who could use a boost in their payments?

5 years ago

I guess I'm just a sage older person but things just didn't happen like this when I was coming along.  People didn't steal property that belongs to others.  Heck, people didn't even know about other people's mail.  We had a mailbox - slit in the door - the mail fell through, and, if we were lucky, Puddles, our dog, didn't get a chance to eat it before we got to it. 


Personally, I've always thought that the USPS should be turned over to the private sector.  Or, since UPS and Fed Express are eating their lunch why not turn it over to them.  Better delivery, better service and less fraud and abuse. 


Whenever money is involved - someone today is ready to pilfer what doesn't belong to them.  And, Diane, we as taxpayers should have a say into the corruption of the USPS.  But, if pigs flew!


By the way, I got my SS Check -- and I do hope that they pilfered that horrible fruit cake that we receive from a relative - name not mentioned.  LOL  They DO make good door stops though.

5 years ago

Tara Jane, I got mine, too,but it is direct deposit.  Now that is another issue.  The check comes to the bank for direct deposition on one day and they do not post it until after midnight on the next day.  The bank holds that check for a full day or so before they clear it to my account, gaining a day of interest.  There are millions of dollars banks gain from that one area.

Now, also, please don't subject the fruit cake to that kind of treatment; it is a helpless entity and deserves better consideration than it gets.  I can think of a few other things to bash.  LOL

I do agree that privatizing USPS would be a wise decision.  I know that the manner in which they provide service depends on one post office to another, some are great and then ones like here are horrid. There is no consistency at all and they do not do deliver the service.  I think that is one of their biggest problems, no consistency and poor service.  I can send something UPS or FedEx and have it to the West Coast in 3 days delivered to the person and yet to get somehthing there by the USPS takes 4 days on the Priority Mail which is to take 2-3 days and if not priority it takes 5-6 days.  Now I am not sure why things go from East to West slower than from West to East but they do.  I have had things come from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, and California and it makes no difference.  LOL

So, my vote is let UPS or FedEx bid on it and it goes to the best bid.  That or make some money for the Country and have they competitively bid to buy the service.  

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