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Positive Acts Done by Obama ...
5 years ago


It has been a busy but very successful past few months here at POGO. Much has been accomplished, all thanks to YOU. For example, we were able to

  • Help Victims of Groundwater Contamination. Together we helped expose the Marine Corps’ 30-year cover-up of water contamination at Camp Lejeune, a Marine base in North Carolina, and to push for justice for those suffering from ailments as a result of being exposed to that contamination. In August, President Obama signed into law a bill providing health care for the affected Marines, families, and civilians. It is the largest known groundwater contamination on a military base in our nation’s history.
  • Achieve Victory Against Human Trafficking. POGO has long been urging improvements to expand the scope of anti-human trafficking policies. In September, President Obama signed an Executive Order (EO) strengthening the rules governing U.S.-paid contractors trafficking in persons. The EO requires contractors and their subcontractors to prohibit human trafficking-related activities such as fraudulent recruiting and charging workers fees that often result in modern-day slavery. Congress is on track to give anti-trafficking laws some teeth in the defense budget bill.
  • Increase Protections for Whistleblowers. In November, after a more than decade-long campaign led by POGO and supported by an alliance of diverse interests and ideologies, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act finally became law. In addition, President Obama did what Congress did not, and issued a Presidential Policy Directive extending to national security and intelligence community workers protections against retaliation when they use internal channels to report waste, fraud, and abuse. This is the first time many in those communities have had whistleblower protections. Yet there’s more to be done, and we’ll continue working to expand whistleblower protections even further.

None of this would have been possible without your financial support. As we approach the end of the year I hope you will consider lending your support once more to POGO.
donate_small_blue.jpg With wishes for a happy holiday season, db_blue_sig_2.jpg PS. We are on the cusp of several more significant achievements that I look very much forward to sharing with you as they occur at the beginning of next year.

Danielle BrianDanielle Brian Executive Director

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5 years ago



POGO is an independent organization.


Obama is doing his job on some very important issues as well as bipartisan team from congress and senate.


It is important to acknowledge some positive points instead of all negative.

I am not going down the path of negativity because Obama got in, it is not good for my health.   I am trying to find a few good things now and this is the right things he did.


I don't like his long-term agenda; but the Whistleblower Act is certainly in opposition to all of this so-called Benghazi cover-up.   I am going to do myself a big favor now and in the future; I am NOT going to take the word of Fox news as my only source.

Everyone has an agenda today!



5 years ago

One minor item (that is related to a military related failure - while ignoring the needs of those affected by the Ft Hood shooting since that wasn't PC to acknowledge), one item that is a "no brainer" even for the no brain in the White House, and one he ignores when it affects his misdeeds is hardly a sterling record!

5 years ago

John, not too clear on what you are saying above, but I agree that he failed in regard to Ft. Hood and still is following a PC agenda there.  That is so wrong for the families that were affected.  If he can't do it as commander-in-chief, he needs to step down or out of the way and let the military take care of it on their own  A Court Marshall is certainly warranted and a civilian trial is not acceptable.  Further, the guy is in the military of his own choice and has a contract with the Army that requires he live up to the dress code and his beard is outside the limits allowed and therefore he needs to get it within regulations.  He should be in acceptable Army prisoner's garb and not Islamic attire, too.  

No, there is no sterling record here at all.  As for positive things there have been some, yes.  The problem is the glaring failures overshadow them so badly that people don't see them.

5 years ago

Linda: My point on his first "success" is the military is responsible for an environmental disaster so that is a "two-er" for Dear Leader since it slams the military while addressing an environmental issue (justified as it was) but not likely he would have reacted the same if it was a "green energy" or another protected actor. The second item is hard to oppose by anyone and he ignores protecting whistle blowers if they are uncovering his administrations misconduct. They move them or hide them from congressional testimony like with Fast and Furious and the New Black Panther voter intimidation case.

5 years ago

Thank you John, now it is clear and I agree with  you.  Also Benghazi, it appears, he is protecting and hiding them from testifying, too.  You are so right.  He has also done what I feel is unthinkable, he has put his voice in areas such as the Zimmerman case when that is what I consider inappropriate as he used it to gain public sympathy and not to see justice served.

Thank you for explaining as I am not thinking as well as I should today; too much going on.  LOL

5 years ago

I am certainly in favor of the modicum of intellectual honesty required to acknowledge that some good things have been done, but the same could have been said for history's 'hall of shame' of the most reprehensible national leaders.  Hitler was known to be kind to children and animals, as well as providing much of the leadership required to bring the German economy back from the dead.  If it weren't for that inconvenient little detail about approximately 12 million people who were deemed surplus to the Reich's needs, he would have been considered a pretty decent leader.

In the end, I am all in favor of acknowledging a few good accomplishments with the caveat that they are far too few compared with the damage this man is doing to the republic.

5 years ago

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day LOL!!

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