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Eric Holder’s Sympathy For the Devil—For the BATFE
5 years ago

By Mark Horne

I am almost bored hearing about how the Obama White House is going to use executive orders to impose some kind of gun control. Stop threatening and do it, already! Let the struggle begin.

But sometimes the news gets interesting. For example, recently Eric Holder tried to get us all to feel sorry for the impoverished agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. When discussing options, Reuters reports

“Those options will have to include a ‘strong and robust’ Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the chronically under-funded agency that enforces federal gun laws, he said.”

Poor, poor, BATFE! So weak and frail! So much in need of funds so they can do so much good…

Seriously? The BATFE’s body count is already strong and robust. Ruby Ridge involved other jackbooted agencies, but the BATFE was a major player. And then there was Waco and the David Koresh cult. They insisted on a grand siege rather than simply arresting Koresh when he was out jogging. Their self-serving decision, along with other bad decisions, led to the incineration of women and children.

Two years later, to the day, we had the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Mysteriously, the BATFE were warned not to show up for work. After the blast, while people were trapped and suffering and dying, time and again medical personnel had to leave the wreckage and abandon those they were helping because a “new explosive” had been discovered. It is likely those explosives were actually materials the BATF had been illegally storing in the building and wanted to move so they wouldn’t get in trouble.

But why am I digging up scandals from back in the nineties? The most incredible aspect of Eric Holder’s statement is his shameless pretense that the BATFE needs to be made “strong and robust” in the context of their most recent scandal. Strong and robust to succeed at what? Do they need to become strong and robust enough to sell hundreds of weapons to Mexican drug cartels so that they can be used to murder Americans and Mexicans?

They’ve already got that covered.

Just how much more empowerment does Holder thinks the BATFE requires?

If you want to see fewer gun deaths, a good argument could be made for eliminating the BATFE. This would, first of all, eliminate their contribution to firearm deaths. Even if we need a federal domestic police force, that doesn’t prove we need several of them. We have the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security. How does a third distinct agency give Americans protection? It just creates confusion.

I find it completely amazing that Holder can simply shrug off the BATFE’s lethal crimes—crimes that seem to implicate himself—and use the deaths of innocent children to portray the agency as a solution and not a problem.

Another question: does Holder think talking up the BATFE makes most Americans feel safe and secure? If I were a gun merchant, I would consider such rhetoric the best advertising I could possibly get.

5 years ago

The truth upon which Holder's position rests can be found when we consider that the same philosophy which brings us Holder, et. al., brought us the USSR, the PRC, the DPRK, and numerous lesser but equally virulent communist movements throughout the world.

Even though I am not wealthy and do not enjoy political privilege, I will still choose freedom and unequal blessing over repression and equal misery.

5 years ago

Well put David and I could not agree with you more; "Give me Liberty or Give Me Death" before I would live under Marxist-Socialism.  Eric Holder and all others in this Country that feel the freedom to follow such philosophy need to seriously consider moving to a country where they have their preference in govenance already in place and are free to enjoy it.  They have no right to impose their belief on the people of this country and we will resist them every time they rear the ugly head of Marxism.  So, the door is open for them to leave because if you live in this Country then you embrace and adhere to the Constitution of the U.S. and accept that we are not a communist country and have no intention of being one.  That has always been the way it is; live here and support and adhere to the Constitution.  

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5 years ago

Holder is a political hack in an administration filled with hacks that have been busy breaking the law and pushing weapons not only through Fast and Furious since we still don't know what was going on really in Benghazi since the administration ran a host of weapons to the Libyan "rebels" (some of whom likely killed the US personnel in Benghazi) and likely were running arms to the Syrian "rebels" (many of those also have radical anti US ties) out of there as well. BATF originally was a Treasury Department origination that was charged with collecting alcohol and tobacco taxes that was expanded to collect the fees mandated in the 1934 firearms act. They seem now not to be concerned with taxes but harassing firearms owners, dealers, "suspects", etc. It should go back to were it came from and restrict its activities to tax collection. Not sure why bomb tracing isn;t an FBI investigative function. If one remembers a while back there were a lot of problems with the BATF and some of its extracurricular activities with some of its parties and the like. Seems we are getting the same now from the Secret Service that also started out in Treasury as the ones responsible for the currency especially counterfeiting operations. It seems that some of the rearrangement of agencies after 9/11 including forming Homeland Insecurity were bad decisions that have cause some agencies to become more power hungry.

5 years ago

John, I am from the Pacific NW (Washington) and lived there at the time of Ruby Ridge.  The public has no real clue as to what happened there but it would disgust you to know.  A friend of our family is a U.S. Marshall.  He told us that that whole thing was meant as a training mission; that Randy Weaver had really not done anything that required what they did.  He had not paid Income Taxes, yes, but he didn't have the stash of weapons that they claimed he had.  He believed in self-sufficiency and privacy and so he and his family had moved to Ruby Ridge.  You would have to see the area sometime as it is beautiful.  I have seen it.  Up in the mountains and peaceful and quiet and private.  There were a few others that lived up there and they had absolutely no problem with Randy or his family, nor his buddy.  They were very peaceful people.  But there was no justification at all for what happened there and according to our friend it was nothing more than an exercise for training that went horribly wrong and he blames the people in charge, believing that they wanted to have the conflict as an excuse to arrest Randy and get the family out of the area.

Yes, they are corrupt; very corrupt.  This was before all the changes as you know, so it has been an ongoing problem.

5 years ago

Linda: You're right that they've been out of control for a long time as have many Federal agencies. The same thing was true of Waco where they were after alleged modified weapons that never were found. That was a Bubba/Reno "statement" to those gun owning religious conservative types that went wrong like Fast and Furious. Everything they do is ham handed and incompetent but they think they're the "experts" on how things should be done. I had an interview with ATF or whatever the were called in 1966 after getting my MBA and the job would have been watching distilleries in KY checking to make sure the proper tax was paid. Decided to take a commission in the Army instead. Didn't regret that move at all.

5 years ago

Speaking of Ruby ridge, I maintain that Lon Horiuchi should have been executed for murder.  Of course, that cold-blooded murderer was also present at Waco plying his trade, but it is more difficult to pin the tail on the donkey in the middle of that big of a shooting, although it is known that he fired a number of rounds.  Shooting a woman out from under her infant is inexcusable any way you slice it, but he escaped justice by appealing to Caesar (there is a federal law that allows you to have your trial in a local/state court removed to federal jurisdiction if you prefer, which is what he did, knowing the the federal government takes care of its own, which it did).

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