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Is Eric Holder Being Groomed For President in 2016?
5 years ago

by Giacomo


If I was asked to make a list of the top five Democrats I would not want to see in the White House in 2016, they would be: Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Maxine Waters and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  They are the most dangerous people in the Democratic Party next to Barack Obama.

Yet, according to Dr. Jerome Corsi, one of those five may be the next Democratic candidate for President in 2016.  Supposedly, US Attorney General Eric Holder may already be the person that the Democrats are grooming behind the scenes to take over the helm in 2016 election.

Corsi describes how Obama was elected in 2008 and 2012 through the efforts of David Axelrod and his group.  He describes how Axelrod strategically appealed to the blacks and Hispanics and even women voters, which are three of the main groups that helped to defeat Mitt Romney.

According to Corsi:

“The Axelrod group are experts at running African-American candidates.  It was Axelrod who made Obama. Axelrod is not going to graduate to Hillary Clinton. He beat Hillary Clinton with Obama, and I think Hillary would have to think twice about whether she really wanted to undergo that.”

“Even through the election of 2012 applied their logic, their rhetoric: tax the rich; this isn’t fair – All that’s Saul Alinsky class warfare.  That’s what, in fact, we are experiencing from the Democratic Party.”

When you think about it, it only makes sense that the nation’s top crook, I mean top cop, would be selected to replace the top imposter of all time.  Neither man holds the US Constitution or law with any respect or regard.  They both have repeatedly defied federal law and the Constitution and did things their way.  The only real difference between Holder and Obama is that Holder was born in the US and that both of his parents were US citizens at the time of his birth.

With the Republican Party left in shambles after this year’s election, I’m not sure if they have anyone at the moment that could defeat Holder.  Perhaps Sen. Marco Rubio or former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice could give him a run for the money, but it would be a very tight race.

pray I’m wrong, but these are the early indications that seem to be surfacing at the moment.


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5 years ago

Sorry, I had to leave the I was sick to my stomach.


5 years ago

I don't believe another African American will be elected for decades.  

5 years ago

Diane -- sick to your stomach - perhaps you have the Benghazi Flu - like Hillary!  LOL


Looking at that list of potential candidates, I have only one thought.....


God could not be that cruel to this country again!

5 years ago

First, Pelosi and Reid are too old, that won't happen.  Holder will find his boss turning on him I suspect, before long...just a feeling.  Irregardless, he won't happen either.  Hillary won't run, so maybe this is the method they are using to keep her from considering it, pushing Holder, who knows.  And the other two, just too ridiculous to consider.  LOL  I could see Kerry making another bid, possibly, especially if he gets Sec. of State.  That makes it worse not better.

5 years ago

If Kerry runs again -- I can hear the son in the distance.


"Swiftboats are a coming, their sails are in sight."  LOL

5 years ago

Pelosi is a freakin lunatic and Harry Reid is right behind her.   Neither one of those idiots can be considered.    As I stated above, I believe with Obama being in the White House for eight years with the worst presidential record of any president in decades.....Obama will become a flash in the pan....been there did that.    It didn't work.

5 years ago

And, heaven forbid we would have to look at Wasserman for ANY amount of time.  She makes old Harry look downright handsome.


And they'd have to add a room on the whitehouse for Pelosi to house her "Botox Injecter In Chief."

5 years ago

Tara Jane, you don't think that Obama made Kerry Secretary of State so that he can run again in 2016?    Do all of you remember how unsociable and snobby his wife is?    Many said she killed any chance he could've had to run....but then Obama won and he has Michelle...go figure....


5 years ago

That sounds like a list of most wanted criminals or escaped mental patients! Other than Holder with his pat list of lies, none of the others can express a coherent thought. Contrary to popular propaganda Shrillary's record is not that strong either.

5 years ago

Well the "Witch of Ketsup" sure didn't make any friends.  And, if I remember she also had a very fluid dirty mouth.  But I guess she figures with all her money she can say whatever comes to her mouth. 


Speaking of Michelle --did anyone see her in the picture with Obama in Hawaii?  If I didn't know better I'd think she was PG.  At least her dress made it look like it.  Or we to have the pitter patter of little feet in the whitehouse -- or maybe that's just Bo.  Wonder if Bo went on the trip.  Maybe they sent him in a special plane - like they did once before.  At taxpayer expense.


Hope Bo didn't leave any boo boos on the plane. 

5 years ago

Tara Jane, Michelle is an interesting person on many levels.    She, perhaps, is the most transparent person in Washington, DC LOL!

5 years ago

Good point Diane, that is true.  You look at her face and know exactly what she is thinking and what she feels about everything.  I had not thought of that.

5 years ago

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama Photo

5 years ago

I checked date on above it is a year ago, it must have been more made-up stuff on the Obamas but that photo is oct. 3, 2012.  



Quoting Michelle Obama:


You see, at the end of the day, my most important title is still "mom-in-chief."


What can this possibly mean? “In-chief” implies a chain of command, a martial order, as if Michelle Obama were ready to lead legions of subservient moms to do battle against producers of unhealthy snacks. Or else she is the ultimate mother, and we are all her children, which would, admittedly, be spectacular news for the American gene pool. In any case, if your metric for “better off” involves an educated first lady who is not afraid to appear threatening before a liberal audience, the last 12 years have not been kind

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