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End of Reset Russian Orphans Get the Shaft
5 years ago

This  Christmas, Santa Claus delivered what is likely the biggest lump of foreign  policy coal that any U.S. president has ever received in his stocking: Barack  Obama's "reset" policy with Russia collapsed almost as spectacularly as did the  USSR.

Where  to begin, where to begin?  Perhaps with the threats of World War  III?

In  the week leading up to Christmas, Russia threatened to break  off diplomatic relations (Russian-language link) with the United States and launch  unilateral attacks on U.S. warships sailing through international waters in  the Black Sea.

These  bloodthirsty statements from high-ranking officials in the Russian government  came in response to further efforts by the U.S. to bolster its missile defense  shield in Eastern Europe and to the enactment of the so-called Magnitsky Act,  which sanctions Russian government officials who participate in the abuse of  basic human rights.

Sergei  Magnitsky was a crusading anti-corruption attorney who was arrested and tortured to death in the  dungeons of Vladimir Putin, apparently because his investigations were getting  too close to Putin's inner circle.  Russia responded to the passage of the  Magnitsky Act in shockingly neo-Soviet fashion: by having its parliament approve  a law denying American parents access to Russian orphans.  When a petition  was circulated on the White House website calling for Russian legislators who  voted against their own country's orphans to be added to the Magnitsky  blacklist, the Russian parliament called for escalation in the form of severing  diplomatic relations.  The poll has already collected fifty thousand  signatures, more than twice the number that forces Obama to  respond.

Tellingly,  a different kind of  petition is circulating in Russia and has generated similar support:   one to rename the city of Volgograd after Josef Stalin, one of history's worst  mass-murderers.

Seemingly  just for spite, the Kremlin dropped  all charges (Russian-language link) against the sole remaining suspect being  investigated in connection with Magnitsky's murder.  In a press conference,  Putin denied that Magnitsky was tortured at all and venomously  attacked the U.S. as being guilty of far worse transgressions of human  rights.

And  there was more  to the Kremlin's anti-adoption law than was widely reported.  It also  contains draconian new restrictions on U.S.-funded NGOs, making it a crime for  any organization that receives U.S. funding to participate in any Russian  political activities.  It even imposed radical changes on the rights of  Russian-U.S. dual citizens, barring them from any form of political leadership  in NGOs.

Russia  continues to provide aid  and comfort to the vicious dictatorship in Syria, spurning  the united worldwide efforts to pressure Russia's last ally in the region,  Bashar al-Assad, to surrender power.  It continues to seek common cause  with China, essentially in hopes of establishing a neo-Soviet Warsaw Pact. All  around the world, from Cuba and Venezuela to North Korea, Russia actively seeks  to frustrate American interests whenever and wherever it can.

If  a picture is worth a thousand words, then  one making the rounds on Twitter summed up the situation best: a Russian calendar  put out on the KGB (now known as the FS showed the KGB's seal landing on that  of the CIA, causing the latter to shatter and burst into  flames.

5 years ago

As I have mentioned before, in 1961 my mother told me that there would be a WWIII and it would take place in the Middle East.  If you were to read Revelation in the Bible this is predicted and it will be the force from the North coming down on the the nation of the Jewish people, that being Israel.  This will automatically bring in the Western allies to aid Israel against the Russians and if this is to be the case, it will be interesting as that would pit the Arab Nations against the Western allies and they would be on the side of Russia.  

I certainly hope that my mother was wrong in this prediction, but a few of her other's have come true already.  

My question is where exactly is Obama taking us in this?  Why is he and his administration stirring up the pot with Russia?  I thought that he met with a Russian representative and said that once he was re-elected he would have more lattitude or whatever he called it.  So what is the game he is playing now?

And if he is allied with Russia, what are they doing?  What game are they playing?

I do know that there is one thing that the Russians desire and need more than anything else and that is a water way that allows them to get their ships moving all year long.  They have problems during the winter due to freezing around their ports. So you can see how victory in a war in this area would benefit them.

5 years ago

Well if anyone had been paying attention they would have noticed that Russia has been probing our defenses on both coasts, have regular flights of bombers off the East Coast in particular, and have been playing footsie with Hugo Baby in Venezuela along with Iran. Of course we know they have been helping Iran with its nukes and stirring up trouble in Eastern Europe as well as upgrading their nuke and military capabilities so there never was a "reset button" unless the "reset" was to go back to the Cold War mentality.

5 years ago

John, as much or more present along the West Coast.  Remember how close they are to Alaska.  They are in Puget Sound with their subs quite often but the Kitsap Sub base keeps good control of that and they don't get as far down as Seattle very often.  They patrol along the West Coast all the time, as well as Hawaii.  Nothing has changed and we are fools if we think it has.

5 years ago

This Russian situation sounds like a vengeance situation? Why, all of a sudden are they denying thousands of babies that need good homes, the opportunity to find them? Perhaps, that OPEN MIC deal has blown over and "O" hasn't responded as he'd agreed to so Putin says, OK, be that way, We'll fix you. And on and on it goes.

Does anyone think that PUTIN can be trusted on his world anymore than "O" can be trusted on his?

I do not like the sounds of this whole situation at all.


Good Luck to all of you and us in the New Year.



5 years ago

I just told that mean Mr Putin a thing or two.

Here's his email if you are so inclined:

Here's where to translate English to Russian:

If by some coincidence you never hear from me again, was nice knowing you.

5 years ago

You go, girl!!

5 years ago

Elizabeth, I am impressed, really impressed.  Will see what I can do.

5 years ago

aw shucks . ain't nuthin.

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