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3 years ago

Sad but true.  My conclusion is that the reason for this trend is that it is easy to let our emotions stand in the way of reasonable judgment.  As soon as we allow ourselves to walk that path, eventually the end wil justify the means--after all, it's the 'right' thing to do.  The final result will always be a broken society because all systems regardless of nature work on a foundation of reason, not emotion, not wishful thinking.


When an organization allows emotion to be its operating currence, it is adrift and knows no boundaries.  Much like the difference between a democracy and a republic, it fluidly follows after the whims of its constituency rather than operating by any objective standards or possessing any particular substance.  It knows no limits on choosing its battles.  Just as when the only tool one has is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail, in this case, anyone possessing any animal becomes the enemy regardless of the amount of care which may be lavished on the animal in question.


It truly is a sad statement on the condition of our neighbors when they are ruled by their emotional zeal to such an extent that the attack a situation in which animals live better in human care than they do in the wild--especially when there is much genuine need and abuse to be addressed.

3 years ago

Well stated David.  The left uses this tactic all the time; their idea is to rule through emotional blackmail if nothing else.  Look at Obama; the success of his campaign, if it was that, is that he played on the heartstrings of women and students.  He already had the Black vote, but cemented that with emotional antics, too.  Right now he is trying to do the same over the "cliff".  Heard Harry Ried actually come out this morning and state that he was not getting any help from Obama; that the Republicans came up with an offer and he can't get Obama to even consider it.  Can you imagine that, Reid was caught making a statement of frustration with his fearless leader, Obama.  I had to sit down due to utter shock.

3 years ago

Linda, this could be our perfect storm.  Reid has already approached the scream for anti-gun legislation with a bucket of cold water.  Now the idealogue in chief won't listen regarding the fiscal cliff.  Reid is a 'good' party man, but it seems that he is about to slam on the brakes.  If he really is tired of it, he may well be our best friend in Washington for a while, strange as that sounds.

3 years ago

Reid comes from a state with a lot of gun ownership and a couple ranges that have and let people shoot full auto weapons. His political and economic career may well not stand that legislation.

3 years ago

Please everyone read the book "Leading From Behind."    It nails Obama.    He wants nothing to do with his name on a failed bill or anything that will "scar" his reputation.   As a young senator, remember....he voted "present" over 100 times.    Who does something like that?

3 years ago

Who does something like that?  A complete fraud who is fixated on his image as an artificially  manufactured product, who has no real goals other than promoting himself and his idea of right and proper which is to be promoted after he has succeeded at promoting himself sufficiently to impose it on others.  In the end, it comes down to self-gratification, not a sense of purpose.  He is nothing but living proof that you can take the thug out of Chicago but you can't take Chicago out of the thug.

3 years ago

The ASPCA lawsuit is very alarming.  Their advertisements are all over the tv stations and endless phone calls to give are coming in as well.  I have never been inundated by them before.  Now, this explains it very well.  Radical groups run by crazies are initiating excess litigation against circuses, etc.  by these organizations.  The fact that these once=noble organizations are now run by far left-wing radicals says it all.   This is just one example of one organization gone amuck.  They will do this to everything! 


I was totally unaware of the lawsuit against Ringling Bros.  and the fact they lost.  They are using emotional blackmail to get good people to donate to their organization and it will be used to be the 9.3 million they owe.

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