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The Third Reich
5 years ago

Yesterday, I tuned into PBS and watched "The Third Reich."    Hitler came out of nowhere and a support base among the people that was extraordinary.   And in 52 days he had "fundamentally changed Germany."


I couldn't help but see the similarities between Hitler and Obama.


This is wide open for discussion.....

5 years ago

Lets see...both appear to have been of foreign origin relative to the country they ended up leading, both popped up out of the cracks in the concrete, both had a vision for the nation radically different than what any sane person would have knowingly supported, both appear to support an authoritarian police state, and both seem on track to thoroughly destroy the nation.  Oh, I almost forgot--both wrote books prior to ascending to office that should have told anyone with half a working brain that they were on a one way trip down the toilet with the man, but not nearly enough people read or took seriously the books to make any difference.

5 years ago

Don't forget that Hitler hated his Jewish heritage and Obama hates his white heritage; that is another one of their similarities.  Both are power hungry and narcissistic with egos that would and will not stop.  Both surrounded themselves with equally evil committee chairmen/cabinets. Both tended to shy away from people and were almost paranoid, as they did not trust those around them.  Neither had any loyalty nor real respect for the people they led, only enjoying being in the center of attention or limelight.  Neither were gifted public speakers, rather Obama uses a teleprompter and Hitler's greatest speach was comprised of one word repeated 3 times, Deuchland, Deuchland, Deuchland.  Both demand(ed) utter respect and could not tolerate anything less.

5 years ago

Linda, excellent points!  Those two are so much alike it's scary!  Even scarier is that over half of the population can't see it, and 3/4 of the remainder are cowed by ridicule they receive in the event of voicing the obvious.  After all, a 'sophisticated' citizen knows that none of this is true!  (For the obtuse or hopelessly leftist, that last sentence is dripping in sarcasm.)

5 years ago

It's an eye opener.     The Germans had no clue what they had just embraced until it was way too late.

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