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David Gregory's Slobbering Obama Interview
5 years ago

By David Limbaugh

NBC's David Gregory interviewed President Barack Obama on "Meet the Press" Sunday, and a conversation ensued that would have been more fitting for a show called "The President Meets One of His Many Mainstream Media Enablers."

Let's take a look at just some of the exchanges and fantasize how different the nation's political and electoral climate might be if the liberal press were doing its job as watchdog instead of taking sides.

Obama said, "We're seeing signs of recovery ... in employment numbers improving."

Might Gregory have asked Obama how he can continue to put an unrealistically positive spin on such persistently dismal numbers? If this were a Republican president, do you think Gregory wouldn't have pointed out that the only reason these numbers appear to be slightly improving is that more people have actually given up looking for work altogether?

Obama said, "(Republicans) have had trouble saying 'yes' to a number of repeated offers."

Why didn't Gregory remind Obama that he has been the most intransigent in these negotiations? Why didn't he ask him about the Wall Street Journal report that he told House Speaker John Boehner he would give him nothing in return for the $800 billion in "revenues" Boehner had put on the table? "I get that for free."

Obama said that if no deal were reached, people might say, "We haven't seen the kind of deficit reduction that we could have had had the Republicans been willing to take the deal that I gave them."

Gregory should have said that if Republicans had accepted Obama's deal, there would have been barely any deficit reduction but that if Obama had accepted the Republicans' deal, especially Paul Ryan's plan, we would have seen serious progress on the deficits and debt.

Obama said, "Congress has not been able to get this stuff done -- not because Democrats in Congress don't want to ... cooperate but because ... it's been very hard for Speaker Boehner and Republican leader McConnell to accept the fact that taxes on the wealthiest Americans should go up a little bit as part of an overall deficit reduction package."

Why didn't Gregory pointedly ask Obama whether his plan was actually to go over the cliff and blame Republicans for it? What evidence is there that Democrats want to cooperate?

How could he claim to be serious about deficit reduction when he is demanding tax increases that would produce little revenue; is resisting reform of the main debt drivers, entitlements; is demanding authority for new "stimulus" spending and to exceed the budget ceiling unilaterally anytime he desires; and has resisted serious spending cuts of any kind?

Obama said, "I cut spending by over $1 trillion in 2011."

Why didn't Gregory laugh out loud?

Obama said, "I negotiated with Speaker Boehner in good faith and moved more than halfway in order to achieve a grand bargain."

What if Gregory had pressed Obama: "Mr. President, how do you define 'halfway'? Isn't it true that you've repeatedly rejected Boehner's offers as DOA and that he's been bidding against himself and infuriating congressional conservatives? What movement have you made, and how reasonable is it for you to be sabotaging the entire negotiating process with divisive class warfare rhetoric by obsessing on 'fairness' instead of addressing the issues that really matter -- the deficit and debt? But since you keep talking about fairness, is it fair that the bottom half of income earners pay no income tax at all and that the top 10 percent pay an extraordinarily disproportionate amount? How can you possibly say they're not paying their fair share?"

Obama said, "I also have an obligation to middle-class families to make sure that they're not paying higher taxes when millionaires and billionaires are not having to pay higher taxes."


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5 years ago

Why didn't Gregory tell Obama there has never been any GOP plan on the table proposing that middle-income earners pay higher taxes while millionaires and billionaires don't? Why didn't he tell him that his new Obamacare taxes are also going to hit the middle class?

Obama said, "If folks can't say 'yes' to good offers, then I also have an obligation to the American people to make sure that the entire burden of deficit reduction doesn't fall on seniors who are relying on Medicare ... (and) that families who rely on Medicaid to take care of a disabled child aren't carrying this burden entirely."

A true journalist would have replied: "Well, Mr. President, then why don't you quit resisting the types of entitlement reform the Republicans have offered that would best ensure that seniors don't lose their Medicaid and Medicare instead of continually obstructing reform and guaranteeing that all of our entitlement programs and the United States itself will go bankrupt in short order? Are you unconcerned about the Heritage Foundation projections that within 12 years, in the absence of major structural entitlement reform, 'the major entitlement programs and net interest together will eat up all tax revenues collected'? In view of your steadfast refusal to do anything about this, just what are we to make of your intentions? Indeed, what is your endgame?"


5 years ago

Nothing but drivel ever comes from Dear Leader's mouth and the majority of that is out and out lies! The alleged "mainstream press" is totally in the tank for Dear Leader since they have the same warped ideology as he has so any expectation of honesty or true reporting is a delusion on any thinking person's part. Not too surprising that the uninformed low info voters went for Dear Leader again especially when he showers them with goodies like ObamaPhones! The younger ones get their "news" from sources like the late night comedy shows and similar "sources" that aren't news sources but also aren't that much worse than the "mainstreams" when pushing the "progressive" propaganda line. The others do what their 'group think" leaders (unions, interest groups, "civil rights" leaders, etc) tell them to do since most follow the herd mentality and have the mindset that they are "owed" something.

5 years ago

John, dead center as usual.  The republic is dead.  It is just a matter of time.  We have reached the point at which there is no pretense being made of any form of honesty, over half teh voters don't care as long as they get their goodies at the expense of those of us who are productive, and the nation is being bled out by people who should be either in prison or else facing capital punishment as they would be if there were any honor left in our government.  Unfortunately, the wolves are guarding the henhouse and the barn at this point.  It is going to be a long winter.

5 years ago

I am sorry, gentlemen, but I am not going to throw in the towel.  I do not believe the Republic is dead and do feel that there is hope.  This Country has faced much worse situations and survived and it will again.  Yes, it is going to be a tough battle, but what worth having does not require a tough battle to achieve?  I certainly know the odds were against the colonists and look what they achieved.  Things looked pretty grim for the Union soldiers as well, but the war turned in their favor.  We faced a Great Depression and pulled out of that.  I do not believe that the spirit to survive is dead; I just think that it has to be fully awakened and Obama is going to wake that spirit up.  More and more people out of work is going to really have an impact and when that spirit is awakened, we will see change in the right direction.  

5 years ago

Linda: What from the 'fiscal cliff" fiasco and the performance of the Senate Minority Leader or House Speaker gives you your "hope"? There is an ultra left wing Demagogue Party, a wimpy GOP that apparently stands for nothing, an out of control bureaucracy that ignores even the limited oversight the House has tried to perform, a totally out of control incompetent/ideological/arrogant pseudo monarch sitting in the White House that has zero opposition now that he has been "reelected" (thanks to voter fraud, voter ignorance, and GOP incompetence), a press that is a Demagogue cheerleader section, out of control debt and spending, a currency in trouble, a declining economy, real national security concerns that are being ignored, and an totally arrogant "ruling class" in DC so I'm looking for the bright spots you seem to see. Our serious problems are more internal and broader than in the past but are coupled with equally serious external threats that are being at best ignored if not aggravated by the current regime. The Union really never was threatened in the Civil War since it had the advantage in manpower and economic power despite the stupidity of initial military action. We got lucky during the Revolution but were also a different people at the time. WW2 killed the Depression pretty much by killing part of the New Deal bad economic policies. I don't see any thing from this election and these series of government fiascoes that fail to address real issues to be positive about.

5 years ago

John, it is simple, I am not a defeatest and as long as I am alive I will do my best to find the best in any situation and will work to make sure that I have done something more than complain about he situation.  I am 66 years old, not that much younger than you, and I have seen some bad things and I have seen many good things in life.  I also have more faith in the people of this Country than you.  I was raised and taught that negativity was never going to accomplish anything productive or good in life and only a childish response to any situation.  You asked, that is why.  Reid and Boehner are only 2 people.  As long as there are  49% of the people of this Country that do not subscribe to the liberal mentality, there is hope.  Try looking a little harder, and remember, John, the cup can be half-full, it does not have to be half-empty.  

John, I have lived a very tough life, 2 marriages that were both physically and emotionally abusive, and if I had wanted I could have thrown in the towel.  I refuse to do so and I have survived and will continue to survive.  I have met some pretty abusive people, but I have met many, many more that are wonderful, caring and supportive people.  It depends where you chose to look I guess, or what you prefer to look for in life.  I have a 76 year old Aunt that lived through the depression, as did my parents and grandparents and if they could do that I can handle what is happening right now as it is not there yet. 

I suppose the one thing I would ask yoiu to consider is, how important is the US to you and how much are you willing to get out there and fight for her?  I know that you served in the military and that is admirable and I greatly appreciate that.  My fiance', Dad, brother, daughter and son have all done that as well.  My fiance' was in Vietnam before we were supposed to be there with the knowledge that if he or his unit were captured the government would not acknowledge them nor do a thing to help them; they had to walk into the Country from another.  My son's Army vehicle was hit with enemy fire and he is lucky to have not been seriously injured, and so I understand what all of you experienced.  But the point is you survived that John, not much could be worse.  And no matter what we have done for our Country, we aren't to stop and we are to continue to do so in whatever manner required.  That is where I find my hope, John  This is just another wrinkle.

Oh, and you forget, what killed the Depression, John, was the War in that it created jobs, badly needed jobs, that got the people working again and increased spending allowing the economy to flourish.  People forget that Wars don't just take money from the economy, they stimulate it and create jobs.  Maybe that is what is needed right now (joke, honest).

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5 years ago

Things get worse before they get better; are you alluding to a possible war?  In the minds of the liberals that is the worst of the worst; but it maybe inevitable with the rate Iran is going at it now.


5 years ago

Sheila, I don't advocate war but I suspect we are close to one and it will be a granddaddy of a war I suspect.  Our biggest battle as it will encompass Muslims in a way we have no idea; it will be a war of Muslims against Israel and it's allies.  Will it happen?  Hard to say but the rumblings are not good.

5 years ago

Well Linda: I asked what you are optimistic about and I really didn't get any specifics just a "hope in the American people". Unfortunately, they haven't acted too rationally over the last two general elections and only briefly in 2010. This "agreement" is a farce and now it appears Dear Leader is winging his way back to Hawaii at our additional expense and not signing the bill before hand. Rubbing everyone's nose (especially the clueless GOP congressional "leaders") in his disdain for us. I tend to deal in facts and the logical progression of where those facts go and, as a result, am not optimistic as to where those facts are taking us including the facts that the people elected this arrogant rectal orifice TWICE despite not knowing his background in the firs case and ignoring his record, actions , and abrasive demeanor in the second case. I also look at the record of those in his Demagogue Party, those he has put into his administration and positions of power in the government, and those he surrounds himself with and see no changes on the horizon. Bad as the current Sec of State and Defense maybe what is waiting in the wings is worse. And the alleged "opposition" party is making the Three Stooges look like a competent alternative.

We just went though a lot of soul searching on the election loss and one common theme kept coming up on how too many either went along Dear Leader to get goodies or because Romney/Ryan "didn't relate"/"put forth a bad budget plan"(details unavailable on why that was)/"TEA party issues" so the base didn't come out for the GOP. Based on that I'm at a loss as to where the change in public opinion by the American People will come from unless reality hits them in the face. Too many are still looking for their goodies and for the "rich" or at least someone else to pay for them; continue to be clueless on issues like Benghazi or Fast and Furious; continue to buy the "it's GWB or the GOP's total fault"; and continue to buy the hype that the media/Dear Leader/Demagogues continue to push so the facts continue to make me less than optomistic.

5 years ago

Linda, I don't doubt that we will get through it, but it is going to separate the men from the boys.  We have not faced such a serious threat since the War of 1812, and then, almost all of the population was on board with the cause.  Not so today.  I do not see any outcomes that will not be reminiscent of Yugoslavia circa 1995.  There are too many people who stand to gain too much, at least in the short term, to avoid a catastrophic failure of the government.  That said, even under such circumstances, we will still be Americans just as we were in 1774.

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