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GOP Conservatives Plan Revolt Against Boehner
5 years ago

Republican House Speaker John Boehner may be on his way out Thursday if some of his fellow GOP representatives can find someone to take his place, according to American Majority Action Spokesman Ron Meyer. “At least 20 House Republican members have gotten together, discussed this and want to unseat Speaker Boehner -- and are willing to do what it takes to do it,” Meyer told Breitbart News. “That’s more than enough to get the job done, but the one problem these guys face is they need a leader to coalesce behind.” Meyer says conservatives are considering House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia to take the helm. Cantor’s opposition to the Senate fiscal cliff deal, made between Vice President


Joseph Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is a sign that Cantor may try to take the Speaker seat. Other conservatives are aware of a rekindled effort to unseat Boehner, Breitbart reports. An unnamed source with inside knowledge of the efforts said the movement has “new focus and juice." The souce said if enough members tell Boehner they won’t support his re-election, Americans should “watch for him to resign gracefully.”

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5 years ago

I think this is a very bad move.  Boehner has been put through the ringer all around here.

These are all freshman, new to Congress who are doing this --- they are the same ones who Boehner stripped of power because they are obstructionists.   There are two sides to every story and I am well aware of this but Boehner has years of experience which they all lack.

5 years ago

Sheila, the republicans caved.    It hasn't been that long ago that the American people, in a tsunami vote unseated the spending democrats and replaced them with the no spending republicans who CAMPAIGNED on no more spending....this is the way it is done.   Boehner caved but we still have more work to do.   We will have to wait and see how this turns out.  


I feel like Boehner has been between a rock and a hard place.   McConnell was wrong IMO and he set the stage.   


Boehner has the experience but he,  IMO,  will remain in his current position.    This is hard duty Obama and Biden on their trek towards bankrupting America.  They are both stupid.   Something will take place over the next two months to correct the path we are on....and none of us know what it will be.....but what I know is that Obama will not continue to get a blank check with no semblance of a offer the American people.    It may well be that Americans will some way.....and make a statement that will resonate with the American people,  both republicans and democrats, that will will stop this fiscal trainwreck.   We can only hope it to be so.


Perhaps we will see real change and I believe it will start with a new congress in 2014....because that is the only way to correct and redefine who we are as a country.


Good article, Sheila.    Glad you posted this.    We are in trouble as a country like we've never been before.


Obama is doubling down on us.    And....he will take us to the brink of despair unless we shut him down in 2014.

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5 years ago

I think the markets will be very influential in correcting the imbalance; the markets will be the catalyst behind-the-scenes which will be working; I do not believe the govt. elected officials have all the power.  Big business, banks, etc. are influential and they will do what is necessary to prevent a collapse.  I do know many from Wall Street, etc. are also responsible for the collapse along with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac.   The blame is wide and spreading.


GOP Conservatist Revolt?
5 years ago

It is easy to look from the outside on Washington politics. One never really knows what goes on behind closed doors and who knows who, likes who, etc.
No matter who holds the position it will be an uphill battle to challenge the left.

How did the GOP loose so much standing in the eyes of America. How did the left take over corporate America and the media? It is amazing how these people who seemed like normal good Americans have blatantly changed towards socialism. Or is it that we were caught sleeping?

Even Kennedy saw it coming. He signed the bill that would have restricted the Federal Reserve the day before he was killed. Many believe that is why he was killed and Bobby too. Johnson sure was anxious to seal the records. One does have to wonder.

I think our greatest challenge is to stay alert, scrutinize our politicians as much as is possible and use the media as much as possible to expose the truth about anything.

Hopefully it will not be too late when the general populace wakes up the the fact that the Change they hoped for was not the altruism they got.

5 years ago

Ohio Rep. John Boehner (R) was elected to a second term as Speaker of the House. Unlike his first term, where all Republicans voted for him, nine GOP lawmakers either abstained or voted for someone else. They include: Georgia Rep. Paul Broun, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash and Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert.


California Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D) got 193 votes for speaker.

Boehner begins his 12th term in Congress today.

5 years ago

It would be beneficial if the Speaker has learned from his past many mistakes but I doubt that any more than McConnell learned from his. We shall see as the continued fiscal "crises" and other demands for radical "reforms" like immigration "reform" and gun grabbing comes along. Not optimistic, however. The GOP AND US would have been severed if Alan West was made Speaker since he could go toe to toe with Dear Leader. He didn't need to be a House member and his race would have negated that issue plus he is much more knowledgeable on most issues and is much more articulate than Dear Leader. Boehner's acceptance speech was bland and uninspiring.

5 years ago

Margaret, I agree with you.  We don't know the inner workings and only what the mainstream media whats to tell us or more correctly what they wish to spin and tell us which is quite often a distortion of the truth.  We need to not be so quick to buy into their manipulationa nd use our head and really look at things objectively.  John, Boehner has been between a rock and hard spot and I can imagine that he is pretty stressed right now; I think we should give him a little room here.  

GOP Conservatist Revolt?
5 years ago

Yes, Linda we do need to give him a little room.
I have not liked his decisions so far and think he did make a big mistake in giving into the left on the fiscal cliff deal, but then who really knows. I do think we lost a lot of leverage there though.

As with all things: Time will tell. And it will also tell about how Obama and the senate are backed in the near future when people start to catch onto the truth.

5 years ago

I received an e mail with the speech by John Boehner today when they were to be sworn in. I think it is worth everyone's time to read it.
Here is the link to find it:

5 years ago

Actually, John, I just read the full text of his speech and found that he really hit the nail as to the position of the members of Congress and I sincerely hope that these people took it in and really give it a lot of consideration.  Margaret, thank you for posting the link and I did find it well worth reading.  I believe that there is much more of value to John Boehner than some seem to believe; I get his blog once a week and again, if people want to really know what is happening I suggest that you go to

5 years ago

Linda sometimes I wonder if Boehner just really finds it difficult to deal with the type of people you see in the senate. They have a different set of ethics and have it seems no problem lying or twisting the truth to get what they want. You don't find that with Boehner, Rand and many others.

5 years ago

I understand that the things that happen behind closed doors in Washington are indeed murky, but the time for excuses ended yesterday.  Boehner talks a good line but the results appear lacking.  If I see the law against magazines with over 10 rounds capacity introduced by Rep. Diana DeGette come to pass, or see Dianne Feinstein's latest piece of anti-gun malignancy pass the House, it will be the last time I ever vote Republican barring a complete upheaval resulting in a return to conservatism.  Last chance so far as I am concerned.  After all, if leadership in the house of congress which controls the purse strings and must also pass anything originating in the Senate before it goes to the Oval Office is not sufficient to get a grip on spending and defend our rights, there is no purpose for supporting those who pay lip service and don't do much else.  Kudos to those who were kicked off their committees for standing on principle.

5 years ago

David would send you a star for that comment but can't since I sent one within a week. My concern is the same as yours since I don't see supporting a party that doesn't support my interests and displays repeated stupidity on a variety of issues. Currently we have enough issues with spending, taxes, and debt so both gun control and immigration "reform" are not issues that should be on the GOP. Keeping with the mantra that I hear when GOP candidates are supposedly overly concerned with "social issues", these two plus "gay rights" are "social issues" that are Demagogue and "progressive" social issues that should be off the agenda. No conservative "social issues" need apply then no Left Wing loony social issues need to either. The alleged GOP "leadership" in both houses need to stop playing in Dear Leader and his party's sandbox and push their agenda items which should be real fiscal reform leading to real economic growth.

5 years ago

John, it definitely sounds like we are on the same page.  I don't understand why it is so difficult to understand priorities.  This isn't even a close contest, but rather it is very obvious to the point with being analogous to seeing that we need to fix teh holes in the bottom of the ship first and fuss about what color we are painting the restroom walls later.  I am satisfied that if the GOP made the Constitution its flagship issue the rest of the problems would fall into place.  Simply eliminating government agencies for which absolutely no constitutional authority exists would put us solidly in the black (unfortunately I lost the paper where I did all the math, but it yielded a huge surplus--if I remember right, to the tune of paying off the national debt withing a very reasonable amount of time).


As Chicago celebrated its 500th murder before the end of the year (and that doesn't account for the bodies dumped in Hammond, East Chicago, and Gary which generally are not included in the count, even if murdered in Cook County) I am also reminded how necessary crime is for the leftist agenda.  Specifically, the leftists need bogeymen to use to scare the sheep into sacrificing their rights and deeper dependence on the government, never mind that the best the police can offer is a false sense of security.  After all, if the leftist way actually worked, Chicago would be a crime-free zone where you could let your 6 year old roam the streets alone without any concern in the universe.  I am not only concerned with the erosion of our rights, but also the potential spike in vioent crime.  Incidentally, even England has a higher violent crime rate than we do, and those of most other disarmed nations, like Australia, have a higher rate of crime committed with guns which are illegal there but legal here.  It has also crossed my mind that part of the agenda for reintroducing dangerous predators (four-legged types) which had been hunted out is to keep the sheep huddled in the cities where they are more controllable.


When it is all said and done, the GOP has seriously dropped teh ball where finances are concerned, including Boehner caving on the storm relief bill, even though FEMA already had plenty of money for the time being and the bill contained a huge abundance of pork for both sides of the aisle.  We aren't ever going to get anything changed for hte better if we keep getting more of the same and getting pushed into voting for it out of fear of even worse from the other side of the aisle.  On that note, I am not feeling too comfortable with our newly-minted Democrat senator, but he can't possibly be any worse than Richard Lugar who rightly earned the title of Obama's favorite Republican.  One thing I can see with the D's doing well in elections is that if the R's are not going to stand up and take action toward restoring the nation to a workable condition, it is going to collapse.  There is simply no alternative if we continue the direction we are going, and if the choice between parties is collapse sooner or a little later, I would prefer it sooner while I am still spry enough to deal with it.  It is almost enough to get me to support the D's.


For anyone who is doubting my appraisal of the situation, I recommend studying the events which led up to the French Revolution of 1789.  You will find it to be almost identical with our present situation, including the catayst being the Third Estate delegation to the Estates General which was made up of a group analogous in most ways with the Occupy movement.  To put it a different way, if we don't fix the holes in the bottom of the ship, it eventually will sink.  There is no alternative if the repairs are not made.

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5 years ago

I'll never be a democrat, David, LOL!    I do agree that we need to fix the holes in the bottom of the boat.   My hope is that 2014 will bring concerned Americans to the voting booths and deliver another tsunami vote to get a republican congress.   That's the first step and it's a giant one.

5 years ago

Diane, I agree with you on this.  What we need to realize is the world, as we have known it is changing and it will require rethinking a great deal and it will require that we are willing to change with it or we will be left behind.  That is a place we are not used to and so the choice is ours, do we lag behind and never see the greatness we have experienced or do we make responsible changes in order to remain in the game.

But I agree, Diane, we have to start somewhere and repairing the boat and getting back in the water is the only way to go.  

So, David, my question to you is what should we be doing, personally, to fix the holes in the bottom of the boat?  I certainly know that sitting around talking about it is not fixing a darn thing.  Complaining about it is only putting more holes in the bottom of the boat.  And probably the one thing I see different between the two parties as far as Congress is concerned is that the Democrats are 100% united; there are those that do not always agree with their Party members, but they do not make public statements nor actively jump ship.  The Republicans seem to be very accomplished at the opposite; they can't even agree among themselves let alone put forth a united position.  They make this very public and they jump ship repeatedly.  What does that say, then, about their policies and goals; they have no faith and confidence in them.  So who is destroying the Party?  They are themselves.  

So, as Diane says, 2014 can be a good start and a basis for a solution.  What it will require is for the Party to first determine just what they really stand for and are willing to unite behind and then we make sure that those that agree and can do this are elected or re-elected and those that can't are voted out or not elected.  Very simple.  And if you want my opinion, like it or not, at this point in what happened in 2012, that is exactly what happened, there was no unity in agenda and there were too many differences being expressed and so who could get behind anything.  It was not fair to Romney and Ryan for that the Republican Party as a whole is fully and completely responsible; not the MSM, not the Democrats, and not women, students and young people, nor Hispanics.  They simply cashed in on the disorganization and disunity of the Republican Party.  It took me awhile to figure it out, but that is where I believe it truly lies.  No one is going to support or vote for a Party that doesn't believe in their own policy or believe enough to support it 100%.  

Just look at the potential candidates, Bachmann, Powlenty, Santoros, Perry, Cain, Gingrich, Romney and all the others that I fail to even remember now; there is naturally some differences, but those differences should be toward how to approach the goal, not the basic goals.

This is not the Republican Party, at least not the Republican Party of Reagan or even Bush Jr.  Where do I feel some of the worst of the Party resides; of late I think it is time for people like Gingrich and John McCain to take a leave and go find something pleasant to do in retirement completely away from and out of politics to start.  My gosh, even Bill Clinton, who has not been an Obama fan, was able to get behind the candidate for the sake of the Party and has not lost sight of the Party's objectives and goals.  In this McCain, especially, has failed and failed miserably.  Yesterday's statement was just a classic example.

I have so much more to add, but this will do for now.

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