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News from the Middle East--not encouraging
5 years ago

I had much I intended to say, but being confronted with the loss of a great man in the person of our esteemed friend Cam, compounded with it happening on the first anniversary of my mother's passing is too much for me right now, all I can say is that I believe that January 4 is a date I will find myself hating and leave you to your own conclusions regarding Egypt and Israel.

5 years ago

I understand, David.   I believe Cam would want us to continue to move forward fighting the good fight.   He loved America and Americans.

I read the link above and what it actually tells us is that these people hate each other and there will always be more killing each other.   The temperature is escalating and it won't end peacefully.    To them it is unfinished business against each other.   No country will win in the end.    Just more blood will be shed fighting among each other.   

I hope the US will do the right thing for Israel.    I don't know what that is right now.

5 years ago

Diane, the history of the Middle East is just that, war and hatred of each other.  There is no trust.  Being nomanic people, they stayed in their various tribes and fought over the desirable land and to determine supremecy.  They do not know how to get along and they do not want to get along and that is where we have made our mistake in dealing with them, i.e., Iraq.  You can't force people with centuries old hatred to live in peace.  Left to their own devises they are right back to the fighting among themselves.  Probably the only thing they are united in would be hatred of the Jews and any of their allies, the U.S. being the biggest.

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5 years ago

I, for one, have zero sympathy for the Palestinians.  First, they would have been equal citizens of Israel had they not moved out to facilitate the attack from the Islamic neighbors that did in fact happen.  Their plan was to move out so the attackers could indiscriminately kill everyone they encountered without accounting for what happened in the event, specifically that the attackers got their tails handed to them, leaving the Palestinians as stateless people.  As it stands, the Islamic nations will not allow them to settle for two reasons.  First, they are a wonderful political football.  Second, most of their Islamic neighbors consider them human refuse while overtly championing their cause only because it fits into the larger cause of opposing the existence of Israel.  It works much like politicians who capitalize on the plight of the inner city poor yet wouldn't visit, let alone live among those people on a bet.  Further eroding any chance of earning my sympathy is the abuse of children.  The train their children to hate from the cradle and use them for props as they are injured or killed either by retaliatory fire (caused by firing on Israel from populated areas for the purpose of creating these casualties for propaganda purposes) or from Palestinians rockets falling short and hitting Palestinians, which still gets blamed on Israel (as was the case with the dead boy in the photo op with Mohammed Morsi).

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