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Will Obama Have a Third Term?
5 years ago

January 8, 2013 by Philip Hodges


Democrat Representative Jose Serrano from New York has reintroduced a bill  that would abolish presidential term limits by repealing the 22nd  Amendment. The bill proposes“an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the  twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the  number of terms an individual may serve as President.”

This isn’t the first time Serrano has proposed this idea. He’s done it  multiple times in the past under Clinton’s administration and even George W.  Bush’s. In fact, he’s introduced this amendment every 2 years since 1997.

George Washington set the precedent by only serving two terms. In his  farewell address, he said that he actually wanted to retire after his first  term, and that he never actually thought of himself as qualified to be president  at all. (Oh, to have such humility in candidates running for president  nowadays.) But he was compelled by those he trusted and was convinced that it  was his duty to serve a second term.

It seemed to be the prevailing opinion among the founding fathers that the  president’s term be limited so as to prevent a monarchy. Jefferson wrote in 1807  that “if some termination to the services of the chief Magistrate be not fixed  by the Constitution, or supplied by practice, his office, nominally four years,  will in fact become for life.”

But it wasn’t actually proposed to be law until 1947 after FDR’s  3rd term. FDR actually won a 4th term but died a few  months in. The 22nd amendment was finally ratified in 1951, which now  limits presidents’ terms to two.

People are saying that such a bill would never pass with a GOP-controlled  House. That’s probably true, but as people’s dependence on government increases,  and people’s perception of the president gravitates towards one of a monarch or  a benevolent dictator, the American opinion will gradually be more in favor of  eliminating presidential term limits. If there’s any president under which the  22nd Amendment would be overturned, it would be Obama. Has there ever  been a president that has been compared to Jesus and has been called our “savior” as many times as Obama has? Has there ever been a president that has  received as much blind and cult-like support from people (mostly those with high  melanin content) as Obama has?

If there’s any president that could sell this to the American people, it  would be Obama. I’m sure his supporters would relish the idea of a  3rd Obama term and even riot if they didn’t get their way. And  predictably, anyone not in favor of a 3rd term would be called a  racist.

Representative Serrano has introduced this joint resolution many times, but  perhaps this time will be different. But let’s hope that it doesn’t make  it out of committee. 

5 years ago

Sandy, I had posted another on this a few hours ago.  It points out how many times since FDR there has been an attempt to do away with the 22nd Amendment and it has not been successful.  It requires substantial agreement of the House and the Senate as well as each State's legislature.  I believe that this is one that would not make it.  Of course he could try this by his executive order, but I don't think it would work as I believe it requires a constitutional amendment.  I don't think Obama is good enough to sell it to the people; other things yes, but not this and if he continues with all the efforts on the ban on guns he is liable to be facing impeachment first.  LOL

5 years ago

Noted & read.   Didn't see your previous post.    "I don't think Obama is good enough to sell it to the people."  I hope you're right.  He managed to get elected to a second term despite the economy, etc. by too many clueless Americans.  


Really hope you're right.  I just don't put anything past this corrupt President, his corrupt administration and the many "power hungry rather than what's best for the country" Democrats.

5 years ago

No problem and I do hear you, Sandy, I do.  But I think that the fact that people will now see that Obamacare as sold by Obama is going to cost them money and not be affordable like promised will go further than words; people have to feel it in the pocketbook; they have to see Obama's claims and promises not helping them first hand; they will not listen but they won't have much choice when all of this goes into affect and they are "stuck with it".  

5 years ago

Don't think this one will go anywhere since it requires too much support among elective bodies in too many places. The Demagogues don't have enough votes in either house of congress nor do they control anywhere near the number of state legislatures to do this. They couldn't even do this when they held both houses of congress back in 2009/2010 and more state legislatures. Keep in mind the limit was done during a period of time that the the Dems had a lot of power and even they weren't too happy with so many years of FDR.

5 years ago

"Don't think this one will go anywhere". 


Sure hope you are correct John, but the "Demagogues" seem to always come up with support.  Perhaps there is blackmail involved.  Or something worse.  Remember, this administration was born and created in Chicago.  I wouldn't put anything past their desire to want a "Supreme Ruler".  It's truly a scary thought.  And, I don't think the Dems during FDR's days could ever have been as bad as what we have today.


And, if it were put to a vote of the american people - we have millions of low informed idiots who voted for "His Majesty" - not once but twice.

5 years ago

Low informed voters....there's a "mess" of them as we would say in the south.

Obama's Third Term
5 years ago

As the American people(according to the electorate ) did not vote for Obama,this fool will ride out the Presidency with a history of being a 2 term President. Instead, all he deserves is a footnote in history.

5 years ago

Allan, welcome to Political Derby!!   I'm so glad you joined our group of concerned Americans.  

We absolutely agree and that is "history" cannot be kind to Barack Obama.   And, there's NO WAY that Obama can write his own history....this is out of his ability to do so.

5 years ago

This is introcuded like clockwork and always gets dropped down a black hole.  Even if it did come up for a vote, I cannot see 2/3 of each house of congress voting in favor of it, and even if such an incredible thing were to happen, I cannot see 3/4 of the states ratifying it.

5 years ago

David, I would agree with this as somewhere in all of that they just would not succeed.  However, I would not put it past him to try.  Therefore, get ready for the ride if so and get ready to march on the offices of our Congresssional representatives and senators in our own states, as well as our state governors and congress; this cannot happen.

5 years ago

Hopefully, the voter fraud you posted Linda will take care of any possibility that Obama can run again.

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