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5 years ago

Although in theory, this might be a great idea,. But what happened to the FEMA that we've already had for the past several years? Did they all "UP AND QUIT?" Were they refusing to do what was expected of them? Is it easier to train young guys in their newest agenda?


Obama Quietly Launches New FEMA Youth Corps Division With 240 Inductees

Posted by Southern Girl 

Obama is gathering counselors for Camp FEMA

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Obama promised that he would create a civilian army in 2008 (see video below) that would eventually be as strong and as aggressive as the United States military. Here we see Step One towards accomplishing that goal. FEMA Camps did not start under Obama, but he may be the leader under which people will begin to be placed in them.

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From VICKSBURG, Miss.-- A historic new collaboration between two federal agencies to strengthen the nation’s disaster response capabilities was launched today as the nation’s first 240 FEMA Corps members were sworn into service at an induction ceremony in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Vicksburg, Miss., Sep. 13, 2012 -- Image from the Induction Ceremony for the inaugural class of FEMA Corps members. FEMA Corps members assist with disaster preparedness, response, and recovery activities, providing support in areas ranging from working directly with disaster survivors to supporting disaster recovering centers to sharing valuable disaster preparedness and mitigation information with the public.

 *** Is that word spelled properly? Or should it have been INDOCTRINATION?

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5 years ago

Jim, it's all a part of Obama's "Dream From My Father" a book written in Obama's own how do we stop this rabid dog?

5 years ago

Obama's Private Army from Now The End Begins on Vimeo.

At today’s induction ceremony, members of the inaugural FEMA Corps class took the AmeriCorps pledge to “get things done for America” and heard from agency leaders about the important work that lies ahead.  FEMA Deputy Administrator Richard Serino and CNCS CEO Wendy Spencer were on hand to welcome the members and thank them for their commitment to service.

“When I visit communities devastated by disasters like Joplin, Mo., I always find members of AmeriCorps lending a helping hand to survivors,” said Serino. “Today’s inductees are taking part in an exciting new pursuit -- combining the exceptional record of citizen service at AmeriCorps NCCC with FEMA’s specialized mission of supporting survivors with their recovery after a disaster. I commend and thank every member of the inaugural class of FEMA Corps for their dedication to helping communities in need.”

“I commend you for answering the call to serve and making a difference for people and communities in need,” said Spencer.  “As the nation’s very first FEMA Corps members, you are helping write a new chapter in the history of national service.  With your training, backed by your team, and inspired by your passion, you will bring much-needed hope and assistance to disasters survivors. As you help others, this year will help you – giving you skills, expanding your opportunities, and setting you on a lifelong path of service to others.”

Today’s induction ceremony marked the end of one month of AmeriCorps NCCC training and the start of FEMA position-specific training. After completing training this month, members will be deployed to their first assignments. FEMA Corps will supplement FEMA’s existing Reservist workforce in assisting citizens and communities who have been impacted by disasters.

After completing 1,700 hour of service, FEMA Corps members will receive a $5,550 Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to pay for tuition or pay student loans.  Members will gain significant training and experience in disaster services that can serve as a pathway to employment in the emergency management profession.

FEMA Corps members will be based out of five AmeriCorps NCCC campuses across the country: Sacramento, Calif.; Denver, Colo.; Vinton, Iowa; Perry Point, Md.; and, Vicksburg, Miss.  The program will engage 1,600 members annually when fully operational next year. source - FEMA

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5 years ago

"Dreams From My Father"'s all there in Obama's book in his own words.    Obama is anti-American.    And, yet, the liberals believe Obama set the moon and the stars.   The dumbing down of America by liberal Americans.

5 years ago

Unfortunately, Diane, I never did get a chance to read those books, but probably if I had, I'd have thrown up my much need nourishment as well.


Today, I bring up two items, and from what I recall, that would be at least two very DEADLY problems that this country will soon face. Not that we aren't facing them now.


Not only does it sound to me as though he is creating the BROWN SHIRT BRIGADE which none other than HITLER ran prior to Auschwitz and either before or during WW!!, but now it appears that in my other post, he's living up to what he wrote in another of his books re: "Should the Winds Turn UGLY" - this is getting nerve wracking. I've had my blood pressure under fairly good control since 2003 which is the result of having retired, having moved to a state which lives at a much slower pace than any state on the East Coast (In particular the states of New Jersey and New York, and I've had leterally no undue pressures on me either Financially, Physically, or with the condition of the country even though that has been going on for several years. That kind of stuff I'd gone through numerous times from the 60's through my retirement. We were always able to overcome those BUMPS in the ROAD.


This bump in the road seems to be a TERMINAL BUMP. IT's appearing that whatever medicines the doctors are feeding this country, are making it sicker and sicker.


SOMETHING MUST BE DONE and I'm afraid it can't wait until the next election. Adverse things are happening at to great a pace at this very moment.


Start ups of new projects, secrecy in the problems we're facing, coverups, infiltration into our houses and cabinets by questionable appointees. It's really getting to be a bit much.



5 years ago

Jim, I want you to read that one book "Dreams From My Father."   Honest to God above, in Obama's own words he revealed himself and the American people elected him anyway.   That's our problem in this country....why Americans thought that Obama was electable based on his anti American heart.

5 years ago

Speaking about the problem (s) in our country, what it sounds like to me is just that the people are becoming dummed down like there is know tomorrow. I think that was mentioned earlier toay and on a number of occasions over the last few months.


It's almost like I saw this person heading for a Psyciatrists Office the other day, and asked the lady why she was going there. She said that people have been calling her dfirty names, and she's trying to findf out why. So I asked her who she voted for and when she told me, I just blasted out "You dumb ingorant blonde"  She said she wasn't dumb and ignorant,, so I asked her to let me know what the Doctor tells her after her visit and I promisedf to buy her lunch.

About an hour later, she comes out ranting and raving, and says that maybe I was right.


So I took her to the local Cracker Barrel and she started telling he what her problem was.

He did tell her that she wasn't really a mental cas,e, but apparently there were some outlying reasons or factors causing her to be Doltish, Boorish, Dull, Fatheaded, Ignorant, Imbecilic, Impassive, Lethargic, Numskulled, obtuse, phelgmatic, simple slow-witted, sluggish stolit, thick torpid, knucle headedf, pig headed, moronic, banal, confused, dopey brain Dead addle brained and buffaloed. Otherwise, she was perfectly fine.


Could that be what is wrong with that 51% of our population??



5 years ago

I would say that this is not the beginning of the end.  We are further along than that.  You will find that there are going to be three targets, and they will be freedom of communication, freedom of movement, and freedom to be armed.  The Fourth Amendment as now practiced is a joke, and the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Amendments in practice have been usurped by NDAA.  Observation of the First, Second, Ninth, and Tenth are basically a joke.  We have an unchallenged executive order giving the Big Zero free reign to nationalize most any assed deemed 'necessary' in time of 'emergency' as he defines it.  We have TSA VIPR teams setting up shop on the highways--oh, but don't worry, they are only bothering truck drivers, at least for the time being.

You may recall that the two things targeted by the British immediately before the revolution were privately-owned weapons and the Committees of Correpsondence and/or their messages in transit.  In a situation in which the government can shut off most all sources of remote communication with the flip of a switch, inhibiting freedom of movement is necessary in order to deny communitcation.  Some of those with a little 'maturity' behind them might also remember before the interned when the basic alternative source of information other than network news and newspapers was the driver sitting at the table at the truck stop.  I find it no surprise that the present administration wants to make it untenable for Americans and replace them with foreigners on work visas who don't give a damn about the United States.

They have had checkpoints on the highways for decades but people didn't notice them because most people are not required to stop.  That could change, too--and it is.  One of the recent crackdowns has been on pickup trucks which are at a progressively lower threshold being required to submit to the same nonsense as what you would generally consider to be 'trucks'.  One critical effect is eliminating privace and freedom of movement.

Somehow, I think I know how Obama has in mind to deal with the additional manpower needed for his expansions into the realm of eliminating any privacy we still have left.  I also suspect I know why the federal government is buying enough ammunition to kill every man, woman, and child in the United States in calibers that the military does not use, but federal law enforcement does.

5 years ago

Why would the government buy enough ammunition to kill every man, woman and child in the United States?

This is a conspiracy theory.   Other countries have banned guns and they didn't do this.   What am I missing here?

5 years ago

Unfortunately there is no theory about it.  DHS issued one contract for 400 million rounds of .40 S&W hollowpoints and another for 200 million rounds of 5.56x45.  I heard an additional report but I am not sure if it is a third contract or a duplicate of the previous information.  In any event, that is sufficient to kill every man, woman, and child if their marksmanship is any good.  Definitely enough to make enough examples to cow the sheep.


When you take the NDAA (making it legal to roll up any of us without charges, without trial, and in complete secret indefinitely) and a nice presidential order that, in fairness, predates Obama, but he modified it to make it worse that allows confiscation of most any personal property or real estate that the government deems itself to need in a declared emergency (on its own terms, of course) we already have an instant police state just add the word from the Big Zero.  The left is constantly screaming that we are overpopulated.  Kill off the dissenters and the autocrats and the enviro-loons all win.  The remaining sheep loose big time.

5 years ago

I missed the deployment of the FEMA Corps in the Sandy storm aftermath since they graducated two months before the storm hit. Perhaps someone else here can point out how they "helped out" in any area after the storm. As to the ammo purchases (and arms as well), there have been news stories about such government "law enforcement" agencies as the Department of Education, NOAA, and the Social Security Administration also arming up. Then there has been all the funding of armored vehicles for various agencies and police departments as well. Coupled with the huge push to disarm the average citizen, unilateral "executive actions" by an out of control Executive Branch that doesn't seem to what to execute valid laws, and other assorted power grabs this is more than disturbing.

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