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Bidenís claim of brush with gun massacre questioned
5 years ago

By Dave Boyer, January 18, 2013

Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s claim that he heard the gunshots of a 2006 school massacre while playing golf is raising questions about his veracity or his memory.

Mr. Biden told a meeting of mayors inWashington Thursday that he was about a quarter-mile away from an Amish schoolhouse on Oct. 2, 2006, when a gunman shot and killed five students and wounded five others.

“I happened to be literally — probably, it turned out, to be a quarter of a mile [away] at an outing when I heard gunshots in the woods,” Mr. Biden recounted. “We didn’t know … we thought they were hunters.”

But a search of maps of the area in Lancaster   County, Pa., shows the nearest golf course to the site of the shooting, Moccasin Run Golf Club, is about five miles away. Rodney King, the golf pro at Moccasin Run, said Friday he was working at the course on the day of the shooting and never saw Mr. Biden, who was then aU.S. senator.

“There’s a lot of things here that I find hard to believe,” Mr. King said. “I looked in my database, and he [Mr. Biden] is not in my database.”

Even if Mr. Biden had played at the course that day, Mr. King said, “It’s very far-fetched that he would have heard it.”

“I know he didn’t hear those gunshots,” Mr. King said. “They were inside the school. Even if they were outside, he wouldn’t have heard them.”

A spokeswoman for the vice president did not return a request seeking comment Friday. Mr. Biden told the story as he was describing for the mayors’ group the Obama administration’s efforts to enact new gun-control laws.

Another golf course in the region, the Lancaster Country Club, is about 10 miles away from the site of the shooting. Mr. King said it’s more likely that a group of golfers including a senator would play there.

“I would be honored to have Joe Biden play here because he’s a public figure,” he said. “But I put myself in his shoes — Moccasin Run Golf Club would not be the golf course I would go to if I’m going on a golf trip. We are a public facility.”

Mr. Biden said after the shooting, he saw helicopters flying to the scene. Medical helicopters were used to transport victims on that day.

Mr. King said there is a sportsman’s club about a mile from his golf course, and golfers can hear the shots from time to time during target practice. The schoolhouse has since been razed.

While running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2007, Mr. Biden said in a debate that he had been “shot at” during a trip toIraq. Pressed by reporters, he eventually described three incidents on two separateIraq trips in which he felt that he was shot at or might have been shot at.

He ended up revising his description by saying: “I was near where a shot landed.”

Aides later said that on one occasion Mr. Biden heard mortars being fired a few hundreds yards away from the building where he was staying in the Green Zone, and on another occasion a bullet was fired at a helicopter in which he was flying.


Déjà vu: Hillary's claim of 'running from sniper fire' when there are photos of her just sauntering off the plane and being greeted calmly by a child reading her a letter.

5 years ago

I just love this, Sandy.  They would not know the truth if it bit them in the backside, let alone recognize it face-to-face.  Why must they lie?  There is a legitimate situation and it does need attention; we all agree.  So, let's stick to the truth and let's resolve it by addressing the issue rather than putting their own agenda "bandaid" on it and calling it fixed.  Banning assault weapons and limiting size of magazines is not going to stop violence in schools, or other areas that should be gun free zones.  Anyone intent on doing harm will manage to do so.  We need to consider other areas that could more likely contribute to he desire to do violence and correct that; we need to provide better security in these gun-free zones, etc.  One of these days someone is going to strap on a bomb (terrorist) and walk into a school, or another gun-free zone, and blow the place up and how, then, did this desire to ban guns resolve a thing?  Further, the idea that all gun violence is attritubed to mentally ill people I understand, but do they realize that a sociopath or psychopath is perfectly capable of this and they so often go undiagnosed as they can appear perfectly normal until you spend any real time around them.

The one area in Sandy Hook that has not been addressed is the community themselves.  We have heard from some that say that Adam was ill, that he was dangerous, so why were they not doing something to deal with it as well.  Why were they not taking some action?  I know that if there is someone in a small community like that that could be a threat to the safety of the community, that they could have increased security and formed a watch on him.  Law enforcement in larger cities are aware of those that are dangerous and so why not in Sandy Hook.  They watch these people in the larger cities so why not Sandy Hook?

My heart goes out to the parents and families of those killed; but let me tell you, if we can register and follow child abusers, why not someone like Adam that the community was aware had violent tendancies.

5 years ago

Joe Biden is an habitual liar...we all know that.....that man is a chameleon.   What a disgusting individual and to think that buffoon is a heartbeat away from the presidency.

Great article, Sandy!

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