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Clinton Benghazi Hearings
5 years ago

I had to dvr the hearings and have only been able watch an hour so far of this morning's hearings. Right off the bat I am annoyed and frustrated. Hillary makes an attempt to conflate other attacks against American facilities with Benghazi. I am yelling at the TV - Did those facilities also ask for more protection 15 times? Were those facilities also attacked on the anniversary of the worst attack on American soil, when security SHOULD have been heightened?????? She and every democratic senator are trying to deflect the ISSUE at hand by discussing all the fabulous measures she has since put in place. Fine and good, Hilary, but that's a discussion for another day.

5 years ago

Elizabeth, what we know after watching Hillary ERUPT is that she is NOT presidential material.    So, I believe we can safely and confidently take her off the ticket in 2016.   She was highly emotional and defensive.  

5 years ago

This is one more of her dramatic episodes that do prove she is not presidential material; she does not have the emotional make up for the job nor is she at all honest.  

Disgusting is the best for now, she is disgusting.

5 years ago

She lied like a real "progressive"!!!!! All the lies at the time that it was the "video" that caused the attack and the follow up from Dear Leader at the UN. the alleged UN ambassador on the Sunday "news" shows the weekend after the attack, Shrillary's comment to the father of the slain CIA agent/former SEAL, and the shameful "apology" on Pakistani TV all related to the "video" and she never mentions that and claims it was terrorism from the first before the committees. Lies, lies, and more lies. Most of the GOP senators did not acquit them selves that well.

5 years ago

Poor Hillary.    Obama set her out there to take the fall blaming the republicans for cuts in the budget cuts that the democrats voted on.    "Leading from Behind, Obama" is what this is about.   Obama sits back and takes no credit although he will tell us something very different.

Liar in Chief.   

5 years ago

She lied. She skated. And she got away with it!
I do not think Benghazi will hurt her one bit if she runs in 2016.
She's so damn smart. Why can't she see that liberal policies do not work???????
How can otherwise smart people let ideology trump reality and logic????

5 years ago

Elizabeth: She's not smart; she's ideological and arrogant like Dear Leader Obama. As a result the foreign policy of the US over the last four years has been a total disaster, Benghazi and Algeria should wake up the drones, even those in the alleged "media", if failures with Russia policy, Mid East policy, Iraq, China, Pakistan, North Korea, Afghanistan, "Egypt, Libya, etc wasn't enough already. She has been the biggest failure of as a Sec of Stare ever! That's saying a lot when some of the competition is the likes of Madeline Halfbright.

5 years ago

At the very least, Hillary is very crafty smart. That's all it takes to win elections these days.

5 years ago

The fact remains that 4 Americans were left to die and still no one was held accountable for this lack of action to save them.

 This hearing produced less than nothing and her fake emotional interuption in her speech was well played and it seemed like the Senators asking her questions were not looking for the truth but were just following protocol and nothing else. 

She is a true politician. 

This will all be swept under the rug with all the rest of the blunders this administration has created and will create.


The question still remains as to "Why would they leave these Americans to die, for what underlying reason????????????? ........Will the truth ever surface?


It seems like a deadly cancer has taken over the American body of politics and this cancer is spreading and if it is not controlled and stopped.........this cancer will kill the whole American body!

5 years ago

Elizabeth, I would agree with you on that one.  She has proven, to me, that she does not have the knowledge to deal with foreign affairs.  She has the social graces but that is as far as it goes.  She is not a Margaret Thatcher or an Indira Ghandi by any means whatsoever.  She does not possess the integrity of these two women and thus is not presidential material.  

John, I do believe that the smart that Elizabeth intended is one I agree that Hilliary possess, she is able to manipulate and play political games as well as and better than most.  She is what kept Bill in office in my opinion and I am not alone in that assessment.

I do not think, Elizabeth, that she got away with anything.  She was fighting to save her political career and she lost that yesterday.  It will hurt her, Elizabeth, as the political machine is not going to touch her now and without that she has no prayer of running successfully for president.  Remember, the liberals know the disaster of a stained political image; look at what was done to G. W. Bush Jr.  It was not all his fault at all but he was the scapegoat and his career was so stained that the Republicans were pulling away from him as they didn't want his reputation to touch them or their career.  That is what is going to happen to Hillary now, too.  No one is going to lay the full blame where it needs to be and the person that needs to take responsibility is not going to do it; no matter what she did or didn't know, she is the scapegoat and she is the tarnished and stained politician now that no one will touch.

John, I agree fully with your assessment of Hilliary's performance as Secretary of State, have never liked nor trusted the Clintons, especially Hillary and the idea of her being considered for President is something I do not want to think about.  I do not think she stands a chance now, especially and for the very reason I stated above.  Even Bill will not talk her out of this one.  She just got hung to dry one more time by Obama and the Democratic machine and I believe her time is past.

5 years ago

(The question still remains as to "Why would they leave these Americans to die, for what underlying reason????????????? ........Will the truth ever surface?)

I'll take a stab at it. I can only surmise that any doubt whether the environment was safe, which would justify more security, took a backseat to their ideological driven agenda that AL qaeda was on the run, that obama, the snake charmer, had transformed the folks into a peaceful, America tolerant mindset. And maybe ( the most offensive explanation of all) they didn't want to appear like bullies.
And then when the attack was in progress, they put the concern of muslim collateral damage above the concern of helpless Americans. That's why there was no air response.
This is derangement.

5 years ago

(Remember, the liberals know the disaster of a stained political image; look at what was done to G. W. Bush Jr.)

My gosh, Linda
Who's going to tarnish her image? FOX?
Only republicans suffer this way. Hillary will be supported by the media.

5 years ago

Elizabeth, I don't think that she has the clout that people seem to still think she has.  If she did she would have beat Obama hands down in 2008.  Even with the women behind her, she was not able to do what I believe is still a long way off; become the first woman President.  I just do not believe that this will happen for some time, yet.  Further, she has history and that history is getting worse all the time.  If I didn't know better, I would think that Bill doesn't want here there, either based on things he says and does.  His ego cannot stand having his wife share the top position and he I don't think he wants second best, First Man.

5 years ago

I wish you were correct in everything you've written, but I can't deny what's been happening in our culture.
For one thing, her approval rating is great! And another thing, the only thing better to liberals than the first woman president is the first black president. With that accomplished and with BO out of the mix, I see a clear path for Hillary.
I want to live in your world, though. I really mean it.

5 years ago

Also... I don't think Bill will be a roadblock for Hillary. I bet she reminds him daily that he owes her big time. And I think Bill might be a little afraid of her too......

5 years ago

It's very easy to be "smart" like Shrillary and Dear Leader "are' if you have practically no one opposing you and pointing out the lies. mistakes, bad decisions, etc that you make! That's really neither "smart" or "crafty" but is being the correct ideological stripe ("red" these days) which is the same as the alleged "media". The GOP, as we saw in these "hearings" was also either so cowed or so beltwayized and largely fail to press any hard questions or challenge the outright lies like claiming both clowns said it was terrorism from the first and didn't push the phony "video" story! What makes this so bad and such a debacle of an "investigation" is there are so many issues that should have answers from the lack of security in the area, the total failure to mount any response, what was really going on in Benghazi, why were military personnel who were going to respond anyway canned, was this a covert action to arm Syrian rebels to was the support for the Libyan "democratic" action a disaster along with the whole "Arab Spring", what is happening in all of Sub Sahara and North Africa, and was the recent Algerian terrorist raid (with ties to the same Benghazi terror groups) another outgrowth of these "failed" policies that is good prediction of more serious trouble to come? This has been a total failure of two branches of our alleged "government" along with the supposed "watchdog" mission of the so called "media". There is something a lot darker here than anyone really wants to touch be it the real policy of Dear Leader and his administration or just their total incompetence and arrogance. We are to accept Shrillary's assertion that "it is all over" and just "move on" once again when the "progressives" (with another Clinton again deep in a mess) tell is that "there isn't anything to see here"???? If this is to be the standard for what is going to be US policy in all areas from now on then things are much, much, much worse than even the most skeptical (like me) believe they are and things may really get nasty very, very soon!!!!! The radical leftist have their pedal to the metal and the GOP is proving not even to be a speed bump as the country goes over the cliff in more was than just fiscal issues!!!!!! Don't look for some mythical miracle in 2014 to save us either since it may very well be too late if what has gone on in so many areas since December are any indication.

5 years ago


She had plenty of opposition in that hearing, the same opposition she'll face in 2016. She still managed to manipulate, deflect and avoid looking bad. That's a 'smartness' in my book.


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5 years ago

What an actress!  Turn on the tears talking about hugging the families of the slain Americans.  Being indignant & angry at other times.  She should be nominated for an Oscar.  She was so full of horse manure!


Favorite Hillary quote: “Was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans?”  “What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.”


Well, madame, it makes a hell of a lot of difference to the families of the murdered Americans and to the American people. 

5 years ago

23 Jan 13: Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) was fearless today during the Senate hearing on Benghazi. The Kentucky senator lashed out at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blaming her for the mistakes in the lead-up to the Benghazi massacre. "Ultimately, with you're leaving you are taking the culpability of the worst terrorist attack since 9/11"

5 years ago

(“Was it because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night who decided they’d go kill some Americans?” )

I wish someone had reminded Hillary that it's because it was a terrorist attack, and the fact that she failed to heed the warning of those expressing apprehension of such an attack, that she was there in the first place answering questions

5 years ago

Actually, ladies, all of this is sooooo good for the 2016 election.   Hillary has just shown the world she isn't up to being president, vice president or anything else.   She is spent and Joe Biden never knows where in the hell he is.....

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5 years ago

Diane, it is so appropriate that Paul Ryan has come out with an official statement regarding the election and why he and Romney lost.  I think it is well worth reading and I also think that he is the very man to make the suggestion that should seriously be considered; bring Mitt Romney on board the Republican Party to fix their problems and get things in order before the next election.  I hope people will read the thread and give feedback, especially Tara Jane who worked so hard for the Romney campaign.  I do think Ryan is right, since Mitt Romeny will not run again, he is in the position to know and see the problems and to do what he does best, fix problems.  

And I do think that Paul Ryan is definitely not out of politics himself.  He learned a lot himself and it will be interesting to see how he continues to stand up to Obama over the next 4 years.

5 years ago

I have watched these hearings - I have laughed at her absuridity, I have questioned her honesty, and I have listened in disbelief at her statement -- the one that ended in "What does it matter now."


I ask Hillary this question - how would it have appeared if Richard Nixon had said -- " Was it just a plain burgalry or just some bored guys who decided to just go out and rob Watergate.  No one was killed.  What does it matter now?"  Can you imagine the uproar from the Democrats. 


I ask you, why is it that all of the men in Hillary's life seem to get her involved - poop on her and then let her take the fall.  Sounds like she's not as strong as some people think.  I hope someone thinking of running for President in 2016 - writes down that statement or has a recording that they can bring up during a debate.  I'm just waiting for that one. 


As to Romney coming on board to help the Republican Party -- I am prejudice but I think it would be an incredible decision.   In my estimation it would be great to have him meet with members of the Chamber of Commerce and other business leaders for an ongoing consortium.  And, also, meet with people in the small business world.   Share ideas and work to let the Republicans show that they are behind business and job creation.


Certainly would be a feather in their cap for the future.  And we definitely need some future planning.

5 years ago

I listened to Rand Paul take her apart on the stand and he said if he had been president he would have fired her for not being more diligent and reading the e mails, etc. that were sent calling for help.

He also noted that no embassy should have been established in an area of such violence without military guard.

Hilary's reply can only be taken as a political speech as usual. She has no defense for her negligence. Nor does anyone else for theirs. She is attacking those lower in rank and they will loose their job, but no one at the top will suffer. This is a total disgrace but then look at who is in charge.

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5 years ago

I feel sorry for him, ladies, because Obama and his minions threw her under the bus in 2008 to pave the way for this radical socialist let's put America in her place president.   She had to endure that humiliation and now she is standing out there all alone and that is exactly what Obama wants for her.

I do agree with Rand Paul but when I think about the underhanded way Obama has orchestrated everything cutting down what he considers "the weeds" to change our country, I do have an element of feeling sorry for her.   

5 years ago

Carol, posted and noted and I may have gone a little overboard but I just can't believe that 4 lives were of so little importance.  I do want to know how those that support her and support Obama would feel if this was the treatment and comment made if it were their family member that, in service to the U.S., had lost their life because no one felt it important to respond to the cry for help.

5 years ago

 Carol, this is one of the best Hillary ones I have seen.  Answer to her, "it makes a great deal of difference, especiall if it is your family member this died"!!!!!

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