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The AR-15, you donít need one and they are too dangerous to own
5 years ago

By Jorge Amselle

Sadly, so called “assault rifles” are getting a lot of negative press lately and are being subjected to a great deal of misinformation. This is not just coming from the usual anti-gun crowd, whom one would expect to lack knowledge about firearms and how they function, but also from supposedly knowledgeable gun owners and hunters, some of whom favor “reasonable” controls on firearms freedoms. Here are a few of the fallacies.

Why do you need that?

I need an AR primarily for self defense. Could I use another gun for self defense? Of course I could and the AR may not be the best firearm to use in all defensive situations. I could use a shotgun or a pistol, I could use a baseball bat or a knife, I could use a tennis racket, a golf club, my bare hands, or I could just try playing possum.

It is not a question of what I use to defend myself but my right and desire to have the best possible tool for the job at my disposal. I want a semi-automatic rifle with an adequate capacity magazine for the same reason the police want them; to be able to quickly and accurately engage multiple assailants should the need arise.|

The caliber is too weak to use for hunting. 

The AR is traditionally chambered in the 5.56x45mm NATO (interchangeable with the .223 Remington caliber) cartridge. The U.S. Military has been using this round as their primary rifle caliber for 50 years, through many wars and other interventions. If it was not effective we would not still have it. As with any firearm, the weight and type of bullet can be easily changed to deliver better performance and while not all loadings may be ideal for hunting, many are used on deer, feral hogs, coyote, and other game animals.

That does not even include the fact that the AR is the single most versatile rifle available. It can be converted to a muzzle loader for black powder, a crossbow for archery hunting, an air rifle, and can be adapted to fire over a dozen different rifle and pistol calibers. The design makes it easy to install optics and scopes, the collapsible stock allows the length to be adjusted so different statured shooters can comfortably use the same rifle. All of these features are why it is so popular.


5 years ago

Lets forget about self defense or hunting for just one second and what happened to the reason of I just might enjoy shooting at a target with a rapid firing rifle. What happened to the plain old enjoyment of shooting this kind of rifle.


 I have never needed a rapid fire rifle for the sole purpose to protect myself against crime [but it is my God given right to own one]. If that was the case then the PD, the mayor and the governor are not doing their job and just like any other government agency they should be held accountable as to why they are NOT doing their job of controlling crime.


As we all know, none in government are held accountable for their actions or lack of.

If they all were concentrating on their jobs instead of their paycheck and how they are going to milk the system to get more pension money, maybe, just maybe crime would be controlled.


If state speed limits on any interstate is 65 or 70 mph, then why do car manufacturers produce cars that go 120 plus mph. Isn't that against the law?. Do these government agencies pick and choose the laws they are going to enforce?


If we don't band together NOW we will lose more than our guns.

5 years ago

Apparently many but especially the radical left wing "progressives" (who are on a mega power and ego trip thanks to Dear Leader Obama) are totally unaware that the AR-15 is one of the primary rifles used in the National Match marksmanship program. Then again, they are totally unaware or deliberately "ignorant" that that the NRA runs the program and is the primary provider of gun safety programs as well. They also are "unaware" of why the program was started in the first place which was to promote civilian marksmanship due to the poor showing of those inducted into the military in several wars like the Civil War and WW1. Since the program is voluntary its effectiveness depends on interesting shooters in engaging in the program. Of course this administration, King Barack the Worst, his Demagogue Party, and his radical supporters (including many in his muslim "outreach program") aren't interested in enhancing military preparedness nor is anything to do with real individual personal safety as well and are doing everything in their power to demonize guns and shooters. Hence this push to ban guns starting with those "evil assault weapons" especially the AR-15. Now you can really understand how serious they are when the FrankenFrinestein bill excludes THEM!

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